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Sunday, April 19, 2015

August Rush 2007 English Christian Movie Download

August Rush 2007 English Christian Movie Download
August Rush is a christian drama film directed by Kirsten Sheridan and written by Nick Castle, James V. Hart, and Paul Castro, and produced by Richard Barton Lewis. This movie was released on November 21, 2007 and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Movie Details ::

Movie :: August Rush

Artist :: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Release Date :: November 21, 2007

Genre :: Christian, Drama, Music

Rating :: 7.6/10

Director :: Kirsten Sheridan

Producer :: Richard Barton Lewis

Budget :: $25 million

Box office :: $65.3 million

Language :: English.

August Rush 2007 English Christian Movie HD video
Storyline ::

This is a story of a music prodigy. Lyla is a renowned and beautiful cellist and Louis is a guitar player and vocalist at a club. Lyla and Louis fall in love once they meet each other following the music. Since they have different lives, they have to separate without seeing each other again. However, Lyla has had their baby - Evan, a prodigy born to music. Lyla has an accident and bears the baby but Lyla's father gives the baby to an orphanage without telling her, for fear of affecting her career. After that, both Louis and Lyla give up their music careers. Eleven years later, poor little Evan believes that his parents are waiting for him and goes to New York to find them. In New York, his musical gift leads him to success but also gives him some trouble. A monger uses Evan to make money and prevents him from achieving success. He escapes and runs into a church and people there are surprised by his gift and send him to the best music school, Juilliard.

August Rush 2007 English Christian Movie history

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sukhappeduthunna Karthavu 2007 Malayalam Christian Album Download

Sukhappeduthunna Karthavu 2007 Malayalam Christian Album DownloadSukhappeduthunna Karthavu 2007 Malayalam Christian Album Download
Sukhappeduthunna Karthavu is one of the famous christian devotional album released by Divine Retreat Center. This album was released in 2007 and still these songs are pretty and touching. So, listen to these songs and be blessed.

Album Details::

Album :: Sukhappeduthunna Karthavu

Artist :: Divine Retreat Center

Language :: Malayalam

Release Date :: 2007

Genre :: Worship

Music :: Anthony Fernandez

Lyrics :: Anthony Fernandez, Ramesh

Location :: Kerala

Tracklisting ::
  1. Message: Fr. Mathew Thadathil
  2. Rogam Varumpol
  3. Makane Ente
  4. Kristhuvine Prathi
  5. Dushtathayude
  6. Ente Aathmave
  7. Angu Enne
  8. Parisudhathmave
  9. Aaradhana Aaradhana

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

PHIL WICKHAM - CANNONS (2007) English Christian Album

PHIL wickham - cannons 2007
Phil Wickham is one of our favorite artist on the top ten innovative Worship leader List. Lyrically and Musically Phil Wickham’s singing style sets a new bar in Christian Music. Recently he allowed a free download off of his blog for a 15 song live album. It has a vast collection of originals, plus some old school worship favorites.

I'd like to highlight some of the songs from his recent release “Cannons” which came out last year. This is an album that starts out with “Must I Desire” which a powerful description of an authentic conversation with God. Everything about this song fits from the melody to the music. “Desire” is a great song about the passion for reaching out to others for Christ. It proclaims that Jesus is all and everything.

One of the most powerful songs on this album, and in Christian Music overall today, is “True Love.” There is not much to say but to post the lyrics and let you read for yourself. Along with the music the dynamics and feel of this song will stick with you.

Album :: cannons

Artist :: Phil Wickham

Release Date ::
October 2, 2007

Genre ::

Label :: INO Records

Producer :: Pety Kipley


1. Must I Wait
2. After Your Heart
3. Desire
4. Cannons
5. Sailing On A Ship
6. The Light Will Come
7. Shining
8. Beautiful
9. True Love
10. Jesus Lord of Heaven
11. Home
12. Spirit Fall

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