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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tobymac - Eye On It 2012 English Album Download

Tobymac - Eye on it 2012 English Album Download
Eye On It is the christian Pop Rock album released by American Christian recording artist, music producer, rapper, singer-songwriter, and author Kevin Michael McKeehan better known as TobyMac. This album was released on August 24, 2012 and released under the label Fore Front Records.

 Album Details ::

Album :: Eye On It

Artist :: TobyMac

Release Date :: August 24, 2012

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: Fore Front Records

Location :: Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Tobymac - Eye on it 2012 biography and history

History ::

Since it’s release in August 2012, Eye On It has entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1, and won a GRAMMY® and Billboard Music Award, while TobyMac has received an American Music Award for Favorite Christian Artist and KLOVE’s Artist of the Year Award

With 11 million career albums sold and 6 GRAMMY® Awards to his credit, TobyMac refuses to settle on past accomplishments, as he delivers a diverse album built on honest struggle.  He remains passionate about his desire to write songs at the intersection where life and spirituality collide. He calls his new album, Eye On It, which he also calls a complete labor of love.

From his early days in influential group dcTalk to his very first solo album, Momentum, Toby has worked hard to inspire his audience with words of conviction, hope, empowerment and the redemption found in his faith in God.  He furthers that vision on the thrilling Eye On It, produced by Toby, Christopher Stevens, David Garcia and Jamie Moore.

“What is it like to live a life of faith? It doesn’t look perfect, I can promise you that,” Toby admits. “We’re all struggling. We’re struggling to mend relationships, to love people well, and to love God. But the gift of walking this life of faith is that you can make it right each day. You can turn and start over, determined, with your eye on it.”

The follow-up to 2010’s Tonight (which debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200), Eye On It, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, is an elevating collection of 12 tracks, all of them written or co-written by Toby—and many of them deeply personal.

The album’s first single, “Me Without You” looks at the importance of God in one’s life. Toby wrote the song from the perspective of who he might be without his faith, instead of who he is because of it. The result is an inspired bit of songwriting.  “I’d be a mess,” he says with a self-depreciating laugh. “I’d be insecure, self indulgent and probably doing all the wrong things.”

“Made For Me” chronicles the love-at-first-sight courtship of Toby and his wife Amanda, driven by a passionate but poppy vocal and a jangly beat. “I stand in awe that I have this amazing woman as my wife. “

Still, he admits the pair has their differences, and even sings about them. “We’re opposites in a way and see things very differently. She’s from a third-world country and I grew up just outside of Washington, D.C., in Virginia. She’s a morning person; I’m a night person,” he says. “But we are committed to laying down our minor differences and holding on to what brings us together.”

With five kids, family is a cornerstone of Toby’s life, so it’s fitting he titled a song as such on Eye On It. But “Family” isn’t an exaltation of his wife and children—instead, it’s a glimpse into the everyday disagreements between two people who love each other. “The song ‘Family’ comes from personal experience. There are many times my wife and I are sitting there, with a wall between us, trying to figure out how we can get back to being unified. Inevitably, what penetrates the wall is that we both want the same thing: preserving our love, our family and our faith in God. We are on the same side,” Toby says.

Yet each song on Eye On It—even those that deal with Toby’s home life—has universal appeal, speaking to the flawed human side in all of us.

“I want my music to depict what I’m going through. I want to write about the things that upset me, move me, hurt me and haunt me. The things that are real,” he says. “With Tonight, I was determined to live more passionately with God. I was throwing down the gauntlet. Eye On It is a continuation of that. It’s saying, ‘This is the person I want to be and I’m going to keep my eye on it, God willing!’ I am going to remain focused on what matters to me.”

The vulnerable “Forgiveness” (which features Lecrae) epitomizes that sentiment. With its unforgettable hook and yearning chorus—we all make mistakes some time, and we all steps across that line—the song is a plea for something we all crave: not only forgiveness from God, but forgiveness from others and from ourselves. “There are two sides to forgiveness. There’s asking for it and there’s offering it,” Toby explains. “But before you can be forgiven, you have to confess. In a lot of ways, this song is a confession. We’re all going to cross that line one time or another, but the important thing is recognizing it and turning around.”

Toby has clearly been taking all the right steps, moving through the often prideful music business with a sense of humility that belies his success: To date, he has sold more than 3 million albums as a solo artist and over 11 million overall. In “Thankful for You,” he details his ascent to the top of the Christian music charts—the Tonight single “City on Our Knees” spent a staggering 8 weeks at No. 1—giving a shout-out to the spare bedroom in which the aspiring hip-hop artist-producer first experimented with two turntables and a microphone. Sings Toby: It’s never been my dream to see my face in magazines, it’s always been about the music, hoping God would use it to set some people free.

“Every line I write, I’m thinking about how to serve humankind, whether they’re people who share in the faith I have or not,” he says, citing one of his chief influences, reggae icon Bob Marley.

“Marley was a writer who understood spirituality, society and music. We might not see things exactly alike when it comes to our faith, but I learned a lot about how to write socially and spiritually connecting songs to people’s lives,” Toby says. “That is the purpose of the music that I make.”

And nowhere is that purpose more evident than during Toby’s live performances. This year alone, he is projected to play to more than 2 million fans, and his on-stage energy has set the bar for what it means to be a touring Christian artist.

“I’m wired for the live show,” he says. “That’s the way you get your music out there and every year we’re doing 100 shows or more. The most amazing feeling for any artist/songwriter is to take a song that came from your heart and have the audience sing every word along with you. That is a sweet humbling moment.”

“The music is a labor of love that I create for people to enjoy; and hopefully be inspired by, it’s not a self-indulgent thing. It’s my way of serving the listener he says. “I hope Eye On It, and all my albums, point people toward something deeper, something more hopeful.”

Toby believes that’s already happening.  The way he sees it, faith songs are breaking into the mainstream.

“The wall is coming down for sure. I’m watching bands that have these delicate, wonderful messages of hope and faith in their music. There is real purpose in that,” he says. “Gospel/Christian artists are an important part of society and our voice needs to be heard, for all the right reasons.”

Thus, TobyMac’s latest album.  With its messages of perseverance, determination and hope, the record is further proof that music can better lives, reassuring listeners that it is indeed possible to find grace, if only they keep their Eye On It.

Tobymac - Eye on it 2012 singing live in his tour
Tracklisting ::

1. Me Without You
2. Steal My Show
3. Eye On It
4. Forgiveness (feat. Lecrae)
5. Speak Life
6. Unstoppable (feat. Blanca from Group 1 Crew)
7. Lose Myself
8. Family
9. Thankful for You
10. Made for Me
11. Mac Daddy (Tru's Reality)
12. Favorite Song (feat. Jamie Grace)



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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AG2+AGA - BGOTN Noel Sean Telugu Christian Album Download

AG2+AGA - BGOT'N Telugu Christian Album Download
BGOT'N is the latest christian telugu rock album released by AG2+AGA, sung and music directed by one of the best telugu christian rock singer, music director, artist, Noel Sean. This album was released in 2012 under VEL records produced by Prem Gollapalli.

Album Details ::

Album :: BGOT'N

Artist :: Various Artists lead by Noel Sean

Release Date :: 2012

Genre :: Telugu Christian Rock, Western Christian Music

Label ::
VEL Records

Music :: Noel Sean

Location :: Andhra Pradesh

AG2+AGA - BGOT'N Noel Sean Biography
History ::

Noel Sean, became very popular in recent days for his work in christian music ministry, singing devotional songs, composing songs, releasing albums, and participating in many christian events. He is blessed with his voice and he can compose and sing the songs in western popular genres. In this album, he composed 3 songs in rap, hip-hop styles that really caught peoples attention towards him. Inspite of all his professional career, he is actually interested in christian music and christian ministry.  May God bless this person and we can expect more and more albums from him.

AG2+AGA - BGOT'N Noel Sean with Don Moen during India Visit
 Noel Sean with Don Moen during India Visit

AG2+AGA - BGOT'N Noel Sean singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

1. Jesus Prayer
2. Elshaddai
3. Yese Naa Jeevitham
4. Mama Stare feat Micheal Hans
5. Running
6. Yese Naa Nija Daivam
7. Yese Margam

Yese Naa Jeevitham Ne Yesuke Ankitham - Noel Sean

Kindly Buy the CD to Support the Ministry. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thrahimam 2012 Telugu Christian Album Download

Thrahimam 2012 Telugu Christian Album Download
Thrahimam is the latest Christian Telugu Hymnal album consisting of 7 favorite songs from Andhra Christian Hymnal (andhra christhava Keerthanalu) sung by various artists and music given by Pranam Kamlakhar. This album was on  August 19, 2012 and released under the production, Impact Zone India. This album was released world wide on August 21, 2012 and is available in iTunes and Amazon.

 Album Details ::

Album :: Thrahimam

Artist :: Various Artists

Release Date :: August 19, 2012

Genre :: Traditional Gospel, Andhra Christian Hymnal

Label ::
Impact Zone India

Music :: 'Pranam' Kamlakhar

Location :: Andhra Pradesh

Thrahimam 2012 Telugu Christian Album History
History ::
Thrahimam is a latest Telugu gospel album meaning "my soul cries out in thirst to the divine", produced by Impact Zone India. Thrahimam consists of 7 favourite 'Telugu Keerthanas' that are traditionally sung in churches across Andhra Pradesh. These 'Keerthanas' (Andhra Christhava Keerthanalu) are more than 50 years old and some of them have been around for more than 150 years since they were first sung. The cover photo for the album is a portrait drawn by Georgina Flood one of the finest artist from Dublin, Ireland. 

You can buy this album from Amazon or iTunes

You can also order by phone by calling 040 - 49669630 or +91 9840787215.

Dr. Aiswarya Rao, Thrahimam 2012 album producer
About Producer ::
Dr. Aiswarya Rao, the producer of the album ‘Thrahimam’ is a Pediatrician by profession and has worked for more than 12 years in the implementation of the HIV/AIDS treatment, and prevention programs for the Government of India, TN and AP. She has also worked with other specific groups of persons such as People with Disabilities, and Gender Minorities. Advocating for the rights of marginalized communities, enabling their environments and equipping them to lead enriched lives is a core belief of the organization of which she is a Trustee and also Head – Strategies. Her transition from the field of medicine to music was inevitable given her involvement in spiritual and creative activities all her life.

About Impact Zone India ::
Impact Zone India is a music production company that was set up for enabling, enriching and equipping people from diverse backgrounds through education, art and culture as medium. It evolved out of the parent organisation 'Dorcas Research Centre for Education, Art and Culture' which was founded in 1992 by the late Shri. G. Bhujanga Rao IAS. Since then they have been very active in the empowerment of depressed and marginalised people on the fringes of society, such as people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS and persons from the sexual minorities. They have always used the arts as a medium of reaching out to people thus enabling behavioural change and effectively advocating for their rights and needs.

Thrahimam 2012 Telugu Christian Album Tracklisting and Credits
Tracklisting ::

1. Yahova Na Mora -Sudha & Revathi
2. Thanuvu Naadidigo -Sudha & Revathi
3. Maargamu Choopumu -K. S. Chitra
4. Thrahimam Kreesthu Naadha -(feat. Rita & Kalpana) Sudha & Revathi
5. Kreesthe Sarvadhikari -(feat. Sai & Pavan) Sudha, Revathi, Ramya & Ramyasruthi
6. Jeevithanthamu Varaku  -Sudha & Revathi
7. Randi Yuthsahinchi Paadudhamu -(feat. Pavan, Sai & Ramya)

'Yahova Na Mora' Music Video - 'The Indian Classical Dance' version


Christian Album Download

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Дом Хлеба - Избранное 2012 Русская христианская скачать песни

Дом Хлеба - Избранное 2012 Русская христианская скачать песни
Избранные являются последней русской христианской коллекции Песни выпущена русская христианская евангельское служение, Дом Хлеба. Этот альбом был выпущен в 2012 году под собой этикетку.

Альбом Подробнее ::

Исполнитель: Дом Хлеба

Альбом: Избранное

Дата выпуска: 2012

Жанр: Прославление, поклонение

Формат/Качество:МР3 / 320 kbps

 Размер: 163.01 MB

Дом Хлеба - Избранное 2012 Треклист
01. Ибо так возлюбил Бог этот мир
02. Наклони небеса и сойди
03. Everyone Needs Compassion
04. Благослови душа моя Господа
05. Милость Твоя
06. Окружи меня Дух Святой
07. Совершенство Твое
08. Ты ждешь когда я приду
09. Сильней чем жизнь
10. Мне нужен Ты
11. Я хочу исполнить волю Твою
12. Я сокрыт в Тебе, Бог!
13. God of the City
14. Славь Душа Господа
15. Хвалите, хвалите Бога небес!
16. Unto the Lamb


Elizabeth Bedford - Elizabeth Faith EP 2012 English Christian Album Download

Elizabeth Bedford - Elizabeth EP 2012 English Christian Album Download
Elizabeth Faith EP is the latest Extended Play album released by American Christian contemporary pop artist, Elizabeth Bedford. This album was released on 27 December 2012 and released under self label.

Album Details ::

Album :: Elizabeth Faith EP

Artist :: Elizabeth Bedford

Release Date :: December 27, 2012

Genre :: Contemporary Pop

Label ::
Elizabeth Bedford

Location :: USA

Tracklisting ::

1. Maria
2. I Get God
3. My Love, My Dove
4. Find a Friend (Acoustic Version)
5. Women At the Well (Spontaneous Song)


Tony Larremore - Heaven Shine 2012 English Christian Album Download

Tony Larremore - Heaven Shine (2012) English Christian Album Download
Heaven Shine is the latest Christian alternative rock album released by American Christian Rock artist, Tony Larremore. This album was released on April 10, 2012 and released under the label Tony Larremore Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Heaven Shine

Artist :: Tony Larremore

Release Date :: April 10, 2012

Genre :: Alternative Rock

Label ::
Tony Larremore

Location :: Birmingham, AL, USA

Tony Larremore - Heaven Shine (2012) Biography and History
Biography ::
Keeping it all in perspective:
It's interesting how strongly we associate worship with music, when some of the greatest acts of worship have nothing to do with music.

Leading Worship and Music, is a huge part of the mission/responsibility God has given me in this life. However, I find true worship has less to do with music and more to do with a life of love and obedience to Him. What I mean is action! Both are important in our lives! Music is a huge way to express and enhance intimacy with the Father. However, It's one thing to minister to the Lord and people using music, and another to meet their tangible needs.
I always think of these words in the parable of the Sheep and the Goats: Matthew 23 - This is what the Lord will say to us in the end...

34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ And in verse 40, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 

It has always intrigued me that He never said, you wrote or sang wonderful songs to and for me... enter into your rest. It was acting out what he did trough love and obedience that got the sheep their reward. Jesus showed his Worth to the Father by spending time in fellowship with the Father, speaking truth, and caring for needs of people... like feeding 5000, etc... 

I spent years working in ministry with the greater infuses on praise and worship music for a corporate sunday morning experience. This isn't bad, but not a good balanced or good management of the life and time God has given me. I've since been able to better manage and reversing this in my own life. Focusing and working for the poor and needy, then secondly making sure we have a God inspired experience though our Sunday worship times. It's funny... the one greatly enhances the other when put in the right priority.

To Worship in Spirit and truth starts with Fellowship (music and scripture enhanced) :) Then followthrough in actions. Living a selfless life of giving ours away to the sake of Gods heart. That's what Jesus did.

The point: Spend as much time with Jesus and then give your life away for the needs of others. The needs of the least.

Here's the past and present:
I have been leading Worship for 20 years. @Teen Mania, Tulsa, OK/ Storehouse/River of Life, Crossroads College ministry, Hattiesburg, MS/ Oasis Worship Center, Nashville, TN/ Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, AL/ Currently @ NCF/ Restoration Place, Pinson, AL and traveling... working with various Churches and worship team and leading worship for camps, retreats, conferences, etc...

Tracklisting ::

01. The Movement
02. This Generation
03. Heaven Shine
04. All I Want to Know
05. Worth It All
06. You Change Everything
07. Where You Go
08. Purify
09. Dreamer
10. Selah

"Worth it all" Single - By Tony Larremore


Friday, November 30, 2012

Mercys Well - Bethlehem Sky 2012 English Christian Christmas Album Download

Mercys Well - Bethlehem Sky 2012 English Christian Christmas Album Download
Bethlehem Sky is the Christian Christmas album released by American Christian Gospel Rock band, Mercy's Well. This album was released on November 27, 2012 and released under independent label.

Album Details ::

Album :: Bethlehem Sky

Artist :: Mercy's Well

Release Date :: November 27, 2012

Genre :: Gospel, Rock, Christmas Songs

Label :: Independent

Location :: Greensboro, NC, USA

Mercys Well - Bethlehem Sky 2012 Biography and History
Biography ::
Originally organized in 1998 as a duet, Mercy’s Well, under the leadership of group founder, Brad Strider, soon made the natural transition to a trio. The group’s first three single releases paved the way for their first Top 80 single in 2005. Throughout the past six years, the group, which is based in Greensboro, NC, has continued to produce chart topping singles and has gained national attention from fans, music critics, pastors and promoters alike.

The group’s most recent recording, POWER, promises even greater success, as it excels with creative excellence, a testament to the recording’s production team and producer Donna Beauvais (Hope’s Call), as well as Mercy’s Well members Strider, Greg Gainer and Kyle King. POWER is filled with moving messages, first-class production and rich vocal harmonies. The recording, like each performance by Mercy’s Well, is a testament to the versatility of this talented trio, as it encompasses a variety of musical genres, without compromising the Gospel message.

Mercy’s Well is carving their own unique niche in today’s Christian music scene. This exciting vocal group is comfortable performing on concert stages before thousands, as well as in a rural churches across the nation. The group’s versatility makes them a favorite among young audiences and older music lovers alike. Their ability to adapt to any setting, without compromising the message they present, makes Mercy’s Well a favorite wherever their music is shared.

Mercy’s Well continues to reach new plateaus, as they consistently strive for perfection in their musical presentation of the Gospel message. “We believe we are constantly reaching new levels, lyrically, vocally and spiritually,” Strider explains. “We believe that’s what God expects of us, and our greatest desire is to please Him in all we do.”

Mercys Well - Bethlehem Sky 2012 band members
Band Members ::
  • Brad Strider - Tenor
  • Greg Gainer - Baritone
  • Kyle King - Lead
Mercys Well - Bethlehem Sky 2012 photoshoot during interview
Tracklisting ::

01. Caroling, Caroling
02. Sing Joy
03. Christmas Instead
04. A Little Peace On Earth
05. Angels We Have Heard On High
06. When a Savior Dreams
07. Ordinary Baby
08. Let There Be Light
09. Face of Grace
10. Heaven and Nature Singing
11. I'll Be Home for Christmas
12. I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day

Mercy's Well at Blackbird Studio youtube video




Jeremy Camp - Christmas: God With Us 2012 English Christian Christmas Album Download

Jeremy Camp - Christmas, God With Us 2012 English Christian Christmas Album Download
Christmas: God With Us is the latest Christian Christmas album released by American Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Rock artist, Jeremy Camp. This album was released on September 25, 2012 and released under the label BEC Recordings. 

Album Details ::

Album :: Christmas: God With Us

Artist :: Jeremy Camp

Release Date :: September 25, 2012

Genre :: CCM, Rock

Label :: BEC Recordings

Location :: Lafayette, IN, USA

Jeremy Camp - Christmas, God With Us 2012 Biography and History
Biography ::

Jeremy Thomas Camp (born January 12, 1978) is a contemporary Christian musician from Lafayette, Indiana. Camp has released seven albums, four of them RIAA-certified as Gold and two are live albums, and 17 number-one hit songs. His original music is a mixture of ballads and rock.

Jeremy Camp was born on January 12, 1978 in Lafayette, Indiana. His father Tom, the pastor at Harvest Chapel (a Calvary Chapel church in Lafayette), taught him how to play guitar. After completing high school, Camp attended a Calvary Chapel Bible College in Southern California for two years. After one of the worship leaders heard him play in the kitchen of the school he urged Camp to become a part of the worship team. Soon he led worship and played all over Southern California.

Camp has scored fourteen No. 1 Christian music hits (six from his first album, Stay). His first single was "Understand". He has made nine music videos: "Understand", "Walk By Faith", "Take You Back", "Tonight", "Give You Glory", "Let It Fade", "I Am Willing",a song which was not included on any of his albums, "Speaking Louder Than Before", and "The Way". He also has video devotionals for several songs on YouTube and GodTube. He has also released a DVD (In24) which chronicles a regular day on tour. Live Unplugged from Franklin, TN also includes a DVD of the concert, which was recorded for the live album. He also has scored a musical number "This Man" and his video can be seen on YouTube. This video was made with clips from the movie The Passion of the Christ.

Jeremy Camp - Christmas, God With Us 2012 performing live in stage
Tracklisting ::

1.  Jingle Bell Rock
2.  Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
3.  Joy to the World
4.  O Little Town of Bethlehem
5.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
6.  Let It Snow
7.  Mary Did You Know
8.  God With Us
9.  O Come, O Come Emmanuel
10.  Away in a Manger

Jeremy Camp - Christmas: God With Us latest album youtube video


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daniel Ludtke - Filhos de Israel 2012 Portuguese Christian Album Download

Daniel Ludtke - Filhos de Israel 2012 Portugese Christian Album Download
Filhos de Israel é o mais recente álbum lançado pela Cristã Contemporânea Português pastor adventista, ministro de louvor, compositor, jornalista, Daniel Ludtke. Este álbum foi lançado em e liberado sob a etiqueta Tempo Novo.

Detalhes do álbum ::

Álbum :: Filhos de Israel

Artista :: Daniel Ludtke

Data de Lançamento :: 2012

Gênero :: Música Cristã Contemporânea

Etiqueta :: Novo Tempo

Localização :: Brasil

Daniel Ludtke - Filhos de Israel 2012 a photo shoot in israel
Biography ::
Nasci em 28 de maio de 1984. Quando me perguntam de onde eu sou, fico até com preguiça de responder! [rsrs]. Como filho de pastor, nunca tive raízes num lugar fixo. Digo que sou nordestino. Mas na verdade eu deveria ser capixaba, porque meus pais moravam no Espírito Santo. Mas acabei nascendo do outro lado da divisa, em Minas Gerais.

Após meu nascimento, minha família só morou mais dois anos no Espírito Santo - terra natal do meu pai, pr. Moizés Lüdtke. Ah, e só pra esclarecer, meu sobrenome veio dele, tá? De ascendência alemã, meu pai nasceu na segunda maior colônia de alemães no Brasil: Laranja da Terra, ES. Só pra ter uma ideia, a primeiro idioma que meu pai aprendeu não foi o português, mas o pomerano, um dialeto alemão).

Meu pai, então, foi transferido para Pernambuco, terra da minha mãe Ayte Mércia Lüdtke (que também é filha de pastor e sempre rodou o mundo!! rs). Assim que chegamos lá nasceu minha irmã Lisley Lüdtke, hoje com novo sobrenome acrescentado: Cintra (deu pra entender que ela casou, né? rs). Moramos no ENA (Educandário Nordestino Adventista), em Caruaru, PE, Campina Grande, PB, Maceió, AL e Aracaju, SE.

Em Campina Grande nasceu meu irmão Aldo Lüdtke – e finalmente a família ficou completa. Deus não poderia ter me dado pais e irmãos mais especiais. Foi dentro da minha casa que aprendi a amar a Deus, que cultivei meus princípios, que me apaixonei pela música, que aprendi a valorizar o trabalho, que decidi ser um pastor… Enfim, tudo o que faço e amo hoje, aprendi em minha família!

Aos 14 anos, quando meus pais moravam em Aracaju, fui fazer Ensino Médio no IAENE, instituição de ensino da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia. Lá passei três anos maravilhosos. Lá conheci meus melhores amigos e, conheci a Marla (que na época também estava na classificação “amigos” rsrs).
Em 2002, aos 17 anos, comecei as faculdades de Teologia e Jornalismo no UNASP AN/EC (Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo campus Artur Nogueira/Engenheiro Coelho). Nesse campus me envolvi e me apaixonei totalmente pelas três áreas em que atuo: ministério pastoral, música e comunicação. Ah, esqueci a quarta área: Marla. Foi no Unasp que a nossa amizade finalmente foi “colorida” pelo Senhor!! Bênção do Céu.

Formado, em 2008 atuei como pastor da Escola Adventista de Maceió. No final dessa ano, Marla e eu nos casamos e em 2009 fomos trabalhar em União dos Palmares, interior de Alagoas. Foi nessa cidade que Deus me disse para escrever o projeto Salmos. Logo começou 2010 e fui chamado para ser o pastor universitário do IAENE (Faculdade Adventista da Bahia). Lá compus a maioria das músicas e em julho apresentei as composições à Gravadora Novo Tempo. Milagrosamente, em dezembro o o DVD estava gravado (e foi lançado em julho de 2011).

Em 2012 fui chamado para ser líderes de jovens na Bahia. Tem sido um trabalho extraordinário!
Deus guia minha vida! São tantas bênçãos… nem dá pra contar! E pra completar a alegria… agora em agosto sai o DVD “Filhos de Israel”. Louvado seja o Senhor!!

Daniel Ludtke - Filhos de Israel  2012 performing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

1-Eu te Escolhi
3-Nao vou te deixar
5-Deus de Israel
6-Caminho entre as aguas
8-Exodo 20
9-Somente a ti
10-Suas asas
13-Josue l

Caminho entre as águas - DVD Filhos de Israel


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Disciple - O God Save Us All 2012 English Christian Album Download

Disciple - O God Save Us All 2012 English Christian Album Download
O God Save Us All is the ninth studio Alternative metal album released by American Christian Hardcore Metal band formed in 1992, Disciple. This album was released on November 13, 2012 and released under the label Fair Trade Services formerly known as INO Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: O God Save Us All

Artist :: Disciple

Release Date :: November 13, 2012

Genre :: Alternative Metal, Hardcore

Label :: Fair Trade Services

Location :: Knoxville, TN, USA

Disciple - O God Save Us All 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
Disciple was formed in 1992 by high school friends Kevin Young, Brad Noah, Adrian DiTommasi and Tim Barrett. In late 1993 Disciple signed a two year deal with Warner Brothers /Slain Records and released their first CD, What Was I Thinking months later the band set sail for an eighteen month worldwide tour which contained 42 sold out shows (twenty two of those performances were throughout Germany, Prague and Japan). In 1995 Disciple suddenly lost their original bassist Adrian DiTommasi due to "a change in my career paths" as he stated in a sit down interview with the recording company.

In 1997, Disciple released its five-song EP, My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy and the band toured non-stop as a trio until 1999. In mid 1999 bassist Adrian DiTommasi returned to the band. Disciple signed with Slain Records with whom they released their second full-length album, This Might Sting a Little. This album garnered them two GMA Dove Award nominations and two No. 1 Christian rock hit songs.

In 2000, the band released their third studio album titled By God which went on to win the Inspirational Life Award in 2001. By God earned them two No. 1 Christian rock hits, and two Dove Awards nominations. Moments after not appearing at the Dove Awards ceremony, bassist Adrian DiTommasi announced to the record company and the press of his withdraw from the band Disciple due to personal issues. When asked, Adrian only stated "it's personal and no, it isn't business related I can assure everyone of that. Needless to say the nature of my decision is based upon my personal life which I tend to leave at the other spectrum, far away from my business life."

The band later released Back Again in 2003, which earned two No. 1 Christian rock hits. Kevin Young agreed with the album being called the band's "Back in Black" album in a 2008 radio interview with The Full Armor of God Broadcast and it was briefly mentioned that Adrian DiTommasi was deeply missed, doing very well and that the members still frequent each others homes and keep in very close touch with one another. In October 2003 Disciple added bassist Joey Fife to the trio.

Disciple signed with INO Records and released their self-titled Disciple in 2005. This album featured three No. 1 Christian rock hits, and two Dove Awards nominations.

They released Scars Remain, on November 7, 2006. The song "After the World" was the eighth most played song on Christian Hit Radio stations in 2007. Scars Remain, the album, has so far earned No. 1 one Christian rock hit and two Dove Awards nominations.

On January 8, 2008, Kevin announced in a "Disciple: The Alliance" email that Brad and Joey were stepping down as band members as well as Adrian did years before. However, Kevin said that Brad "has decided to still be a part of the songwriting process and even play on the recordings." He also mentioned that "the songs that [Brad] has been writing for the new Disciple project are somewhere between hard rock and southern rock." Also in that announcement was the addition of two new band members, Andrew Welch on guitar, and Israel Beachy on bass. With a new line-up, Disciple set off on the Cross the Line Tour with Superchick in March 2008. In April 2008, the band also announced the addition of Micah Sannan on guitar as well.

They released Southern Hospitality on October 21, 2008. Also in 2008, the band appeared on WWE The Music, Vol. 8, providing the track "In the Middle of It Now" as the entrance theme for wrestlers Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

On April 28, 2010 Disciple announced a new album on RadioU. The new album is called Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and was released on September 14. However, fans could have purchased and downloaded the digital album prior to the release at their website They recently revealed that they are re-recording the album's lead single, "Dear X (You Don't Own Me)", with Howard Benson. They also revealed that they are accompanying Thousand Foot Krutch on their Welcome To The Masquerade tour, and afterwards tour with RED on their Nothing & Everything tour. They also had a tour with Ivoryline and Emery. They had their headline Rules of Engagement Tour with Project 86 and Write this Down in early 2011. Later, they joined Kutless and Newsboys on the Born Again Experience tour. More recently, they joined Skillet for their Awake and Alive Tour beginning Fall of 2011.

O God Save Us all is to be released on November 13, 2012, with the first single, "Draw the Line", released on August 14 on iTunes. Lead guitarist Andrew Welch will be leaving the band in mid September. In November 2012 the band released a live music video featuring Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo and Fozzy.

Disciple - O God Save Us All 2012 Band Members
Band Members::
  • Kevin Young - Vocals
  • Israel Beachy - Bass
  • Micah Sannan - Guitar
  • Trent Reiff- Drums
Disciple - O God Save Us All 2012 performing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

01. Outlaws
02. O God Save Us All
03. R.I.P.
04. Once And For All
05. Someday
06. Draw The Line
07. Kings
08. Unstoppable
09. The One
10. Beautiful Scars
11. Trade A Moment

 Disciple - Lay My Burdens Video


Monday, November 12, 2012

The Seeking - Yours forever 2012 English Christian Album Download

The Seeking - Yours forever 2012 English Christian Album Download
Yours Forever is the latest Christian Alternative Rock, Post-hardcore album released by American Christian Metal band, The Seeking. This album was released on November 06, 2012 and released under Razor & Tie Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: Yours Forever

Artist :: The Seeking

Release Date :: November 06, 2012

Genre :: Alternative Rock, Post - hardcore

Label :: Razor & Tie Recordings

Location :: Sacramento, CA

The Seeking - Yours forever 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
Sacramento, CA based band, "The Seeking" was officially formed in March of 2011. In August of 2010, Bassist Kyle Baker, and Drummer Ben Wood started playing music together. They began looking for a guitarist and vocalist, and through a mutual friend, they met Vocalist Taylor Green and Guitarist Dylan Housewright. The band was almost complete, and in March of 2011, Grayson Smith joined forces with the other four, and The Seeking was officially formed.

In the short time they have been a band, the have recorded their first song with Colby Wedgeworth (Ten After Two, The Maine) and have started playing local shows. They hope to continue playing shows in the Sacramento area, and gain more exposure. They are also a Christian band, and they hope to spread a positive message through their music.

The Seeking - Yours forever 2012 Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Taylor Green: Vocals
  • Dylan Housewright: Guitar/Vocals
  • Grayson Smith: Guitar
  • Shane Tiller: Bass
  • Ben Wood: Drums
The Seeking band with guitars
Tracklisting ::

1. Only A Moment
2. Yours Forever
3. Restless
4. You Won't Bring Me Down
5. Narrow Lines
6. So Cold
7. Change My Ways
8. Take It From Me
9. How Did You Know?
10. Alone

The Seeking - Yours Forever Take It From Me With Lyrics


NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 Russian Christian Album Download

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 Russian Christian Album Download
В нас есть свет является последним христианским поп / рок альбом, выпущенный русской христианской поп / рок группа, NDay. Этот альбом был выпущен 10 ноября 2012 года и выпущен под лейблом Gloria записи и производства.

Альбом Подробнее ::

Альбом :: В нас есть свет

Исполнитель :: NDay

Дата выпуска :: 10 ноября 2012

Жанр :: Christian Rock, Pop

Этикетка :: Запись Glorira и производство

Расположение :: Запорожье, Россия

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 Biography and history
биография ::
Все началось в 2007 году в г. Запорожье, Иван Цымбалов (бас гитара, вокал) и Андрей Годун (гитара, бек-вокал) тогда уже один год играли в группе, на тот момент без названия, вскоре к ним в группу присоединились Денис Чубренко (гитара, вокал) и Владимир Новиков (ударные). В таком составе попробовали исполнить несколько песен, автором которых являлся Денис Чубренко, получилось довольно неплохо, но чего-то нахватало, а именно клавишного звучания. И вскоре в группу пришел Даниил Сёмичев (клавишные), этот момент и является днем рождения группы. Таким составом группа начинает свою деятельность. Вскоре парни увидели, что начинает образовываться полноценная музыкальная группа и было решено придумать ей название. Было пересмотрено много вариантов, но выбор пал на имени NDAY (Новый День) т.к. именно это словосочетание, наиболее точно, показывало то, что хотела донести группа своими песнями, а именно, показать людям, что всегда в жизни есть надежда на лучшее, после тьмы всегда наступает рассвет и он может наступить в каждом сердце, если мы этого захотим. Все участники группы являются христианами, посещают церковь и ведут здоровый образ жизни и вера в Бога для группы является не просто объединяющим фактором, а именно движущей силой в их творчестве.

Первый концерт прошел в спортзале, где проходил «Волейбольный турнир», группа исполнила около восьми песен, эти песни так и не вошли ни в один из альбомов группы.

Группа продолжала двигаться дальше, участвуя на различных фестивалях и играя сольные концерты. В 2008 году когда группе исполняется один год, группа записывает демо-альбом в который входят пять песен написанные Иван Цымбаловым и Денисом Чубренко, бюджет альбома был мизерным и это было ощутимо на качестве звучания, но тем не менее многие песни уже тогда полюбились слушателям и завоевали их сердца. Группа продолжала работать над музыкой и писать новые песни и это подтолкнуло ее к следующему шагу, записи полноценного альбома.

С зимы 2009 года группа начинает записывать свой первый дебютный альбом на студии «Music Band» (г. Запорожье), вокал и клавишные партии решили записывать на домашней студии Анатолия Рубеля. В это время в группу приходит новый участник, давний друг и отличный гитарист Евгений Школенко, он быстро вливается в коллектив и помогает ребятам записывать свой первый студийный альбом. К лету 2009 года альбом был готов, и группа поехала с первыми концертами в поддержку этого альбома. Первый тираж составлял 200 шт. и он быстро разошелся.

Осенью 2009 года группой заинтересовался известный украинский лейбл «Gloria Recording & Production» и ребята подписывают с ним контракт на изготовление (тиражирование) альбома. В ноябре было произведено пересведение и ремастеринг альбома на студии «Gloriarec» (на которой записали свои альбомы такие известные исполнители как: Олег Майовский, Валерий Короп, Наталья Шпигельман, Влад Канашин, "Братский совет", "Воанергес", "Тёплый дождь", "GoodLife", "Jacob's Ladder" и др.), директором которой является Сергей Курочкин, звукорежиссёр группы "Новый Иерусалим", free lance звукорежиссёр Русланы, солист группы "Братский совет".

Зимой 2010 года группу покидают Денис Чубренко и Владимир Новиков. Это связанно с тем, что Денис переезжает жить в Киев, а Вова переезжает жить в г. Васильевку. И уже весной в группу приходит новый барабанщик Александр Батюто. С новым составом группа отыграет большое количество концертов, учавствует в различных музыкальных фестивалях и на многих занимает призовые места.

В это время группа занимается активной благотворительной работой. Зимой 2011 года вышел «ЕР» альбом «Изменим мир». Альбом был выпущен при поддержке благотворительной организации «ТЕМА» и изначально планировался распространяться на благотворительных концертах в помощь социально незащищенных категорий детей.

В альбом вошли четыре новые песни группы из которых главной стала «Изменим мир». Запись была сделана на студии «Gloriarec» г. Киев.

Осень 2011 года, стала переломным моментов в жизни группы. Группу покидают сразу два участника: Даниил Сёмичев и Александр Батюто. Группа занимается активным поиском новых музыкантов и приглашает давнего друга, барабанщика группы 4GIVEN, Сергея Свинцицкого и одного из лучших клавишников города Запорожья Александра Лугового, который так же играл в группе 4GIVEN. Таким составом группа записывает несколько новых песен и снимает свой первый видео клип на песню «Зона комфорта».

Летом 2012 года, группа записывает свой второй полноценный студийный альбом под названием «В нас есть свет». Этот альбом как говорят сами участники вышел самой качественной работой, потому что все партии в нем писались живьем. Запись проходила на двух качественных студиях города Киева, под руководством звукорежиссера Игоря Гайдалова. Саунд продюсером этого альбома выступил гитарист группы Евгений Школенко. 10 ноября состоится официальный релиз нового альбома и его можно скачать на сайте:

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 band members
Участники группы ::
  • Иван Цымбалов (вокал, акустическая гитара)
  • Евгений Школенко (вокал, гитара)
  • Андрей Годун (бек-вокал, гитара)
  • Александр Луговой (клавишные)
  • Сергей Свинцицкий (ударные)
  • Дмитрий Боярчук (бас гитара)

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 performing live on stage
Трек-лист ::

01. Скоро рассвет
02. Этот мир
03. Зона комфорта
04. С тобою навсегда
05. Одна любовь.
06. К своей мечте
07. Люди без лица
08. Чёрно-белые будни
09. Между небом и землёй
10. В нас есть свет

NDAY - Зона комфорта видео YouTube

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