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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Jars of Clay - Inlandia: The Remix Collection 2014 English Christian Album Download

Jars of Clay - Inlandia The Remix Collection 2014 English Christian Album Download
Inlandia: The Remix Collection is the latest Christian Contemporary Remix album released by American Christian Contemporary Rock band, Jars of Clay. This album was released on March 04, 2014 and released under the label, Grey Matters.

Album Details ::

Album :: Inlandia: The Remix Collection

Artist :: Jars of Clay

Release Date :: March 04, 2014

Genre :: Remix, Contemporary

Label :: Grey Matters

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA.

Jars of Clay - Inlandia The Remix Collection 2014 Biography and History
History ::
“Ar scath a cheile a mhaireas na daoine.”
An old Irish proverb, as translated: “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”

It is among our most basic of needs.
... And like the other simple building blocks of life – air, food, water – it can take on many forms. It can be physical or spiritual, close-in or far-flung, untested or time-honored.

For the men that make up the creative force called Jars of Clay, this season has tested their perceptions, challenged their beliefs, underscored their experiences and opened up the possibilities for new definitions of this necessary component.
And now it’s time to share their vision of The Shelter.

“Cast off the robes you’re wearing, set aside the names that you’ve been given…”
Writing songs about community as an aspect of shelter wouldn’t seem like a revolutionary idea. Neither would recruiting talented friends, both long-time and brand new, into your working environment. But for Jars of Clay, long-known as a self-contained creative organism, opening up the doors to let new voices speak into the process wasn’t the easiest decision.

Jars of Clay, historically, has been this kind of compact creative environment; we’re known for doing everything from the songwriting to the producing to the artwork,” says guitarist Matt Odmark. “This was a push in a totally different direction. We brought people in on the songwriting side of things, and we knew in the beginning that we wanted as many voices as possible in the record.

“We wanted to make a record about community, and we wanted the recording process to be community. We wanted it to be an expression of what it was trying to articulate from a concept standpoint,” Odmark continues. “It wasn’t going to work any other way, and it didn’t make sense to us to write a record about community that was just us talking to one another.”

So the call went out to the creative community Jars has long been part of, but hadn’t felt led to truly tap into previously. Songwriters they respect, like Laura Story, Thad Cockrell and Phillip LaRue, injected new lifeblood into songs that had been percolating for more than a year, and long-established, readily recognizable voices, like those of Mac Powell, Amy Grant, Brandon Heath, Leigh Nash, TobyMac and more, lent timbre and texture to this new set of Jars of Clay songs.

And yet, the motivation was there to make them more than just a set of Jars of Clay songs.
“We wanted the songs to sound like a group of people more than ‘there’s Toby, there’s Leigh, there’s Mac,’ so we brought in a choir,” says keyboardist Charlie Lowell. “Steve did a great job of rallying a bunch of independent musicians from around the Nashville area,” including Katie Herzig, Andy and Jill Gullahorn, Sarah Masen Dark, Julie Lee, Trent Dabbs and Kate York.

“I should really be in A&R,” interjects guitarist Stephen Mason.
“He directed the choir, as well, so not only did he get ’em in the room, he told ’em what to do,” Lowell continues. “I should really be a V.P.,” Mason laughingly concludes, to the amusement of his bandmates.

“It’s out of my hands, it was from the start…”
Another of the challenges of trusting this new method of creating was not only asking others into the The Shelter process, but also convincing them to bring their own imprint into the project.

“One of the great parts, too, was to let the artists who weren’t able to physically come into the studio with us, just let them loose where they were,” says vocalist/lyricist Dan Haseltine. “I think a lot of artists create in a very controlled environment, where they’re taking cues from people on what they should be singing and how they should be singing it. We said to them, ‘What we really want is your instinct.’

“It doesn’t speak to the idea of community to tell them ‘sing this exactly like we did on the demo.’ We wanted them to do it how they’d do it, sing it how they’d sing it. If you hear other things that should be in the song, put them on there, then we’ll piece through it and figure it out what’s working with other peoples’ instincts.”

Even if it meant sometimes getting the exact opposite of what was asked for. “One of the ironies – at least I think it’s irony because I’m still confused by Alanis Morissette – was that some of the people we told to let loose would send back exactly what we sent them, and then others we’d tell ‘we need you to sing this exact part’ and they’d send us back something totally different,” Odmark says. “It was an interesting look in the mirror... ‘Oh. So this is what we’re like.’”

“Where you lead us, we will follow…”
What emerges on The Shelter is more of Jars of Clay’s signature sonics, informed by the season of their last project The Long Fall Back To Earth but echoing all the way back to its much-heralded self-titled debut, meshed with an heretofore underexplored inclusiveness of lyric that encourages the listener to join in on the song.

In short, these songs are designed to be sung aloud, with others, within the parameters of that listener’s own shelter.

For some, including the members of Jars of Clay, that will entail bringing them into the church environment proper, something that hadn’t really been a purposeful part of the band’s work before.

“One of the things we’re excited about with this record is to offer, with humility, what we’re excited about within the church,” Mason says. “We’re all big fans of the church. We attend church, so part of the passion we want to get to the people is that, hopefully, this is the language we can use to rejuvenate the way we speak about God in terms of each other.

“What has been, graciously, changing us is this idea that when we look around we see God in other people and in what they’re doing. We are the hands and feet,” Stephen continues. “We’re trying to find new language to describe stuff that we’re all probably in some regards cynical or bored about, because we want to believe there is life in those places.”

“In our weakness let us see, that alone we’ll never be…” Sometimes the hardest part of following the path you think you’re being led down is finding that motivation to keep going. And more often than not, that motivation comes from a place you least expect. Crafting The Shelter project has dominated the work thoughts of the men of Jars of Clay for more than a year, but it was the massive flooding in the Nashville area the first weekend of May 2010 and the subsequent aftermath that brought the idea of both a community in need and needing your community into stark relief.

The band experienced flood-related setbacks both personal and professional. Its recording studio suffered significant damage, as did Dan Haseltine’s home. But it was in that moment when the ephemeral idea of taking shelter within your community became concrete.

“When we were discussing making a record about community and really celebrating that, this story keeps coming up in my mind, because I realize that community can be inconvenience,” Haseltine says. “I’ve experienced that at my own house with people showing up with shovels and gloves and doing work that I couldn’t have done without them.

“A lot of us have experienced that; we’ve seen the character of our community,” Dan continues. “But we need Jesus to remind us sometimes that when we stop, we’re actually part of a great privilege, a privilege to be a community, a privilege to see God’s hand working and moving through us and for us.”

Pull out the roots we’ve dug in so deep, finish what you’ve started…help us to believe…

It’s never easy to change how you do what you do, especially after a decade and a half and a fair amount of success and acclaim. But tapping into new wells of creativity has long been a hallmark of Jars of Clay’s career, and letting go the reins and letting in a trusted community of talented people has generated one of the richest projects in the band’s long history.

It’s simply part of reacting to a change in the culture. “It used to be, when you met somebody new, the first question you asked was ‘So, what do you do?’” Haseltine says. “It’s becoming more and more that first question asked is ‘So, where are you from?’ Which means that we’re becoming a culture where we feel like our identity is more woven into the places where we live rather than the things we do for a living.

“So we hope this project will reflect this shift and reaffirm that as a more important thing, what we’re connected to as a community,” Dan concludes.

It’s a community that Jars of Clay has worked hard to build and engage with, and one that covers, comforts, strengthens, nourishes and emboldens. Like any good shelter should do.

Jars of Clay - Inlandia The Remix Collection 2014 Live video album
Tracklisting ::
01. Loneliness & Alcohol (Jt Daly Remix)
02. Inland (Five Knives Remix)
03. After the Fight (Speak Remix)
04. Pennsylvania (Careful What Your Remix by Flibbityflu)
05. Age of Immature Mistakes (Kyle Rictor Remix)
06. Human Race (Eric Sharp Remix)
07. Reckless Forgiver (Charlie Lowell Remix)



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Monday, November 12, 2012

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 Russian Christian Album Download

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 Russian Christian Album Download
В нас есть свет является последним христианским поп / рок альбом, выпущенный русской христианской поп / рок группа, NDay. Этот альбом был выпущен 10 ноября 2012 года и выпущен под лейблом Gloria записи и производства.

Альбом Подробнее ::

Альбом :: В нас есть свет

Исполнитель :: NDay

Дата выпуска :: 10 ноября 2012

Жанр :: Christian Rock, Pop

Этикетка :: Запись Glorira и производство

Расположение :: Запорожье, Россия

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 Biography and history
биография ::
Все началось в 2007 году в г. Запорожье, Иван Цымбалов (бас гитара, вокал) и Андрей Годун (гитара, бек-вокал) тогда уже один год играли в группе, на тот момент без названия, вскоре к ним в группу присоединились Денис Чубренко (гитара, вокал) и Владимир Новиков (ударные). В таком составе попробовали исполнить несколько песен, автором которых являлся Денис Чубренко, получилось довольно неплохо, но чего-то нахватало, а именно клавишного звучания. И вскоре в группу пришел Даниил Сёмичев (клавишные), этот момент и является днем рождения группы. Таким составом группа начинает свою деятельность. Вскоре парни увидели, что начинает образовываться полноценная музыкальная группа и было решено придумать ей название. Было пересмотрено много вариантов, но выбор пал на имени NDAY (Новый День) т.к. именно это словосочетание, наиболее точно, показывало то, что хотела донести группа своими песнями, а именно, показать людям, что всегда в жизни есть надежда на лучшее, после тьмы всегда наступает рассвет и он может наступить в каждом сердце, если мы этого захотим. Все участники группы являются христианами, посещают церковь и ведут здоровый образ жизни и вера в Бога для группы является не просто объединяющим фактором, а именно движущей силой в их творчестве.

Первый концерт прошел в спортзале, где проходил «Волейбольный турнир», группа исполнила около восьми песен, эти песни так и не вошли ни в один из альбомов группы.

Группа продолжала двигаться дальше, участвуя на различных фестивалях и играя сольные концерты. В 2008 году когда группе исполняется один год, группа записывает демо-альбом в который входят пять песен написанные Иван Цымбаловым и Денисом Чубренко, бюджет альбома был мизерным и это было ощутимо на качестве звучания, но тем не менее многие песни уже тогда полюбились слушателям и завоевали их сердца. Группа продолжала работать над музыкой и писать новые песни и это подтолкнуло ее к следующему шагу, записи полноценного альбома.

С зимы 2009 года группа начинает записывать свой первый дебютный альбом на студии «Music Band» (г. Запорожье), вокал и клавишные партии решили записывать на домашней студии Анатолия Рубеля. В это время в группу приходит новый участник, давний друг и отличный гитарист Евгений Школенко, он быстро вливается в коллектив и помогает ребятам записывать свой первый студийный альбом. К лету 2009 года альбом был готов, и группа поехала с первыми концертами в поддержку этого альбома. Первый тираж составлял 200 шт. и он быстро разошелся.

Осенью 2009 года группой заинтересовался известный украинский лейбл «Gloria Recording & Production» и ребята подписывают с ним контракт на изготовление (тиражирование) альбома. В ноябре было произведено пересведение и ремастеринг альбома на студии «Gloriarec» (на которой записали свои альбомы такие известные исполнители как: Олег Майовский, Валерий Короп, Наталья Шпигельман, Влад Канашин, "Братский совет", "Воанергес", "Тёплый дождь", "GoodLife", "Jacob's Ladder" и др.), директором которой является Сергей Курочкин, звукорежиссёр группы "Новый Иерусалим", free lance звукорежиссёр Русланы, солист группы "Братский совет".

Зимой 2010 года группу покидают Денис Чубренко и Владимир Новиков. Это связанно с тем, что Денис переезжает жить в Киев, а Вова переезжает жить в г. Васильевку. И уже весной в группу приходит новый барабанщик Александр Батюто. С новым составом группа отыграет большое количество концертов, учавствует в различных музыкальных фестивалях и на многих занимает призовые места.

В это время группа занимается активной благотворительной работой. Зимой 2011 года вышел «ЕР» альбом «Изменим мир». Альбом был выпущен при поддержке благотворительной организации «ТЕМА» и изначально планировался распространяться на благотворительных концертах в помощь социально незащищенных категорий детей.

В альбом вошли четыре новые песни группы из которых главной стала «Изменим мир». Запись была сделана на студии «Gloriarec» г. Киев.

Осень 2011 года, стала переломным моментов в жизни группы. Группу покидают сразу два участника: Даниил Сёмичев и Александр Батюто. Группа занимается активным поиском новых музыкантов и приглашает давнего друга, барабанщика группы 4GIVEN, Сергея Свинцицкого и одного из лучших клавишников города Запорожья Александра Лугового, который так же играл в группе 4GIVEN. Таким составом группа записывает несколько новых песен и снимает свой первый видео клип на песню «Зона комфорта».

Летом 2012 года, группа записывает свой второй полноценный студийный альбом под названием «В нас есть свет». Этот альбом как говорят сами участники вышел самой качественной работой, потому что все партии в нем писались живьем. Запись проходила на двух качественных студиях города Киева, под руководством звукорежиссера Игоря Гайдалова. Саунд продюсером этого альбома выступил гитарист группы Евгений Школенко. 10 ноября состоится официальный релиз нового альбома и его можно скачать на сайте:

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 band members
Участники группы ::
  • Иван Цымбалов (вокал, акустическая гитара)
  • Евгений Школенко (вокал, гитара)
  • Андрей Годун (бек-вокал, гитара)
  • Александр Луговой (клавишные)
  • Сергей Свинцицкий (ударные)
  • Дмитрий Боярчук (бас гитара)

NDay - В нас есть свет 2012 performing live on stage
Трек-лист ::

01. Скоро рассвет
02. Этот мир
03. Зона комфорта
04. С тобою навсегда
05. Одна любовь.
06. К своей мечте
07. Люди без лица
08. Чёрно-белые будни
09. Между небом и землёй
10. В нас есть свет

NDAY - Зона комфорта видео YouTube

НАЖМИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ для более подробной информации ::

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Nate Feuerstein - I'm Free EP 2012 English Christian Rap Album

Nate Feuerstein -  I'm Free EP 2012 English Christian AlbumI'm Free EP is the Christian Rap Extended Play album released by American Christian Rap, Hip hop artist Nate Feuerstein. This album was released on April 24, 2012 and released under the label Xist Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: I'm Free EP

Artist :: Nate Feuerstein

Release Date :: April 24, 2012

Genre :: Hip Hop/ Rap

Label :: Xist Music

Location :: Michigan, USA

Nate Feuerstein -  I'm Free EP 2012 Biography and historyBiography ::
Nate Feuerstein was born in Michigan state, USA. At the age of 5, his parents got divorced. Later he and his two sisters went to live with his mom. He was physically abused by one of his mother’s boyfriends. so, they lived with his Dad after that and eventually began to have visitation with his Mom. But he loves his mom very much and like to go to her house and spend time with her.

At the age of 12, he started free styling to basic instrumentals. Then he started recording tapes in his old karaoke machine. Later it became hobby to him. So, he started writing songs whatever comes to his mind.

Nate Feuerstein -  I'm Free EP 2012 performing live on stageTracklisting ::

01. I'm Free
02. Alone
03. I've Been There
04. Not The Same
05. Understand Me

Nate Feuerstein - I'm free video song


Website | MySpace | Amazon | iTunes | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lindsay McCaul - If It Leads Me Back 2012 English Christian Album

Lindsay McCaul -  If It Leads Me Back 2012 English christian albumLindsay McCaul - If It Leads Me Back 2012 English christian album
If It Leads Me Back is the latest Adult Contemporary christian album released by American Christian Adult Contemporary christian singer Lindsay McCaul. This album was released on January 17, 2012 and released under the label Reunion Records/Provident Label Group.

Album Details ::

Album :: If It Leads Me Back

Artist :: Lindsay McCaul

Release Date :: January 17, 2012

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label :: Reunion Records/ Provident Label Group

Location :: Chicago, USA

Lindsay McCaul -  If It Leads Me Back 2012 Biography and historyLindsay McCaul - If It Leads Me Back 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
Lindsay McCaul has always been keenly aware of words and their value. From her teen years pouring over the lyrics of her favorite Christian music to her college days majoring in linguistics at Moody Bible Institute to the vibrant, insightful songs she’s penned for her Reunion Records debut, If It Leads Me Back, McCaul knows the power of words.

Rarely has an artist wielded that power with more thoughtful precision. Blessed with a caring heart and a deep intellect, McCaul has a gift for writing songs that strengthen and encourage by reminding us of God’s grace and faithfulness. “I don’t technically use my translation degree skills,” says McCaul, who earned her degree in applied linguistics intending to translate the Bible, “but music is another way of translating the Bible into our lives. The stories and the truths in the Word can be applied in a different way into people’s hearts.”

Born in Abilene, Texas, McCaul moved to Florida when she was nine and lived so close to the Space Center that she remembers hearing the Shuttle rattle her windows when it launched. She has a twin sister and recalls her family listening primarily to oldies music, but that wasn’t her passion. “I would lay awake at night when we were supposed to be asleep, and I would turn on my radio and listen to Christian music,” she recalls. “I thought ‘this is amazing!’ I remember one time my mom came in and they had just played Mark Schultz’s ‘He’s My Son.’ It was the first time I’d ever heard it and I was sitting in my bed bawling. I was so moved and overwhelmed by this music. I can’t tell you how much Christian music has impacted my life. I truly would not be the person I am or where I am without the way the Lord has impacted my life through Christian music.”

McCaul was drawn to music as a form of self-expression and began writing songs at an early age. “I started writing when I was 11 or 12,” she says. “I would write what I was thinking about or processing or about how the Lord was revealing himself to me. At a young age, the Lord let me do that. Writing songs was my way of figuring out ‘what does God say about this in His word?’ and ‘what is He saying about this to me?’ or ‘what is He doing in people’s lives that I am close with?’”

Songwriting became the filter through which McCaul explored her relationship with God and expressed what He was revealing to her. She continued to write after she moved to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. Initially, she had no intention of sharing her compositions with the world, so she was surprised when the girl who was vacating her post as worship leader suggested Lindsay take her place. “She said, ‘hey, have you ever thought about leading worship?’ and I was like ‘no, no, I really don’t play in front of people,’” McCaul recalls the panic she felt. “She said ‘I’ve already signed you up for two weeks from now, so start practicing!’”

So above Lindsay’s protests, she began leading worship at Moody and as she flourished in the role, God began speaking her calling clearly to her and, while still in college, opened the doors for her to begin leading worship at Chicago’s Harvest Bible Chapel, a 14,000-member church. Her original songs became favorites with the congregation and began to attract notice outside the church. McCaul’s music came to the attention of industry titans Mark Hall, frontman for Christian music’s best-selling band Casting Crowns, who invited her on tour this fall; and Jason Ingram, five-time SESAC Christian Songwriter of the Year and winner of the Gospel Music Association’s 2010 Producer of the Year, who helped McCaul craft If It Leads Me Back. The resulting collection showcases McCaul’s warm, expressive vocals and compelling songs.

Unafraid to share her most personal struggles in song, McCaul penned the poignant ballad “Let Go” about dealing with an eating disorder, and seeing a friend in college wrestling with the same issue. “I really feel like Satan was trying to get a hold of me, keep me from fully giving my life to the Lord,” she says. “It’s a control thing. You want to control an area in your life. The Lord had to really break me of that and show me that He’s in control of my life.”

McCaul admits the healing didn’t happen overnight and her experience left her with a burden for young girls and what they face in today’s society. “It took years for the Lord to get that deep and let the Word wash over me and scrub off the influence of the world,” she says. “The Lord showed me that the root of all of that for me was that I was so desperate for people’s approval. I can see that back in high school. I can see that back in college, even getting into the music industry. You can’t please all the people all the time. You can’t even please most of the people all the time and why would you even want to? The world says it matters who you look like, but what matters is what the Lord says about us and that is the only thing that lasts - who we are in Him and the identity that we have in Jesus.”

McCaul’s compelling “Say My Name” – the radio single hitting airwaves as she joins Casting Crowns on its 40-city fall tour – showcases not only her gifts as a songwriter, but her shimmering, emotion-laden voice.

“I was at a location in Israel and our tour guide pointed to the place where Lot and his wife would have been walking away from Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s where, in Genesis 19, she turned back and looked for one last glimpse of something that she held dear and precious, and she turned to a pillar of salt. I kept thinking about the things that I hold onto that keep me from walking forward into what the Lord has for me, whether it’s regrets or things I wish I could have changed in my life, whether it’s decisions I’ve made, or whether it’s actually sin or something that’s holding me back. Through all of that, God is calling us to freedom. Jeremiah 29:11 says that He has plans for us and He promises that He can make beautiful things out of ashes -He uses us even though we’re fallen people. But we have to walk away from things of the past and move forward into what He is calling us to.

McCaul co-wrote the title track, “If It Leads Me Back,” with one of her songwriting heroes, Cindy Morgan. “We were talking about Job and the incredible man that he was and how he demonstrated his faith in the Lord just by saying that whatever comes at me, I bless the Lord,” says McCaul. “We were just talking through how we want to be people that would say that, and that whatever comes at us, we would let it lead us back to the Lord.

We had been talking through a couple of title options and felt this song really sums it all up. All the different songs are different glimpses of seasons in life, and the thing He is doing through all of it is leading us back to Him. With everything that He allows - whether it’s good or difficult, valleys or mountains- He leads us back to Him.”

Though McCaul isn’t translating the Bible into other languages as she planned while earning her degree, she’s come to realize that she is still a translator of sorts and songs are her vehicle for conveying God’s truth. “I can’t believe that I get to still translate in a different way,” McCaul says with a smile. “In listening to these songs, I hope people take away a sense that God pursues us and longs for fellowship with us. He loves us and wants to be close to us and I think that’s something that God has graciously showed me over my 26 years on earth. The Lord has pursued me, even when I’m unlovable and don’t want to be pursued, He still does it. I think that’s the biggest theme…I hope it’s encouraging.”

Lindsay McCaul -  If It Leads Me Back 2012 Tracklisting and lyricsLindsay McCaul - If It Leads Me Back 2012 Tracklisting and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Say My Name
02. Ready
03. Come Rest
04. Take My Hand
05. Face to Face
06. You Never Change
07. Speak
08. Hold On To Me
09. Where Do You Go
10. Let Go
11. If It Leads Me Back


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Identity Network - Emergence 2011 English Christian Instrumental Album

Identity Network - Emergence 2011 English Christian Instrumental AlbumIdentity Network - Emergence 2011 English Christian Instrumental Album
Emergence (Prophetic Soaking CD) is the latest Christian Instrumental Album released by american christian artists Lane Sitz and Jeremy Lopez under the name Identity Network. This album was released on July 01, 2011.

Album Details ::

Album :: Emergence (Prophetic Soaking CD)

Artist ::
Identity Network (Lane Sitz & Jeremy Lopez)

Release Date :: July 01, 2011

Genre :: Instrumental, Prophetic Worship

Location :: USA

Identity Network - Emergence 2011 Instrumental tracks and lyricsIdentity Network - Emergence 2011 Instrumental tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

1. In the Waiting
2. Enlightment
3. Looking Into the Horizon
4. Your Future Awaits
5. Transformation
6. Transitioning


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Vineyard Music - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) English Christian Album

Vineyard Music - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) English Christian AlbumVineyard Music - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) English Christian Album
I Love Your Presence : Live from Phoenix is the latest American Christian Worship album released by American Christian Praise & Worship band Vineyard Music. This album was released on January 10, 2012 and released under the label Vineyard Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: I Love Your Presence: Live from Phoenix

Artist :: Vineyard Music

Release Date :: January 10, 2012

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Vineyard Music

Location :: Stafford, Texas, USA

Vineyard Music - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) Vineyard Worship team biography and historyVineyard Music - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) Vineyard Worship team biography and history
History ::
Vineyard Worship exists as an organic extension of the Vineyard church movement in the USA (Vineyard USA). We are, in a phrase, "from the church, for the church". We are not a music company first and foremost; we are a non-profit worship ministry. Our efforts will be centered in the cultivation and empowerment of the core value of worship in the Vineyard or more simply put "to help the local church experience God", rather than in a profit-driven music business model.

We believe that the Vineyard continues to have a unique voice and quality in the broader Church's experience of worship. We believe that the songs, words and expression of our worship are different because they are informed and infused with Vineyard core values -- intimacy, accessibility and authenticity. Our music is not written from within a vacuum; it comes from the trenches of local Vineyard church ministry as they seek to experience engaging the Kingdom of God in their local communities. Our founder, John Wimber, said that our worship leaders should be ministers first and musicians second. We still believe this is a vital emphasis for us. We make it our aim to instill this servant's heart deep into our Vineyard worship community.

Vineyard Worship was established in response to the original worship songs that were being born out of the fledgling Vineyard movement. We needed a home for the things God was birthing in our midst. This is still the case today. The Vineyard still has a role to play to bless the whole Church in worship by expressing our unique God-given voice - a unique expression of heart and values that has been called "Vineyard Worship".

We have a dynamic and prolific creative community in the Vineyard, and Vineyard Worship maintains the ability to speak into this community; being able to give creative, spiritual and theological input influencing content of our songs before they are written. At the same time, Vineyard Worship provides an outlet and gathering point for these local Vineyard church worship expressions to bless our wider Vineyard worship community and beyond. We are always on the ready to document what God is doing in our local churches - making our songs accessible to everyone.

Vineyard - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) Vineyard Worship Team tracks and lyricsVineyard - I Love Your Presence Live From Phoenix (2012) Vineyard Worship Team tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Let It Come - Matt Turrigiano
02. Glory to the King - Chris Lizotte
03. Saving Grace - Steve Jones
04. What Can I Bring - Anabeth Morgan
05. Love of God - Kirsten Ford
06. One Thing Remains - Casey Corum
07. Now and Ever - Nigel Briggs
08. Invitacion Fountain - Steve Jones
09. Sweet Mercies - Anabeth Morgan
10. Isn't He / Amazing Grace - Casey Corum
11. I Love Your Presence - Chris Lizotte
12. Perfect Sacrifice - Nigel Briggs
13. I Lift My Eyes Up (Psalm 121) - Matt Turrigiano



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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 English Christian Album

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 English Christian AlbumChrista Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 English Christian Album
Image of God is the latest American Christian Worship album released by American Christian Indie / Pop artist Christa Wells with her friend Nicole Witt. This album was released on December 27, 2011 and released under Independent Label.

Album Details ::

Album :: Image of God

Artist :: Christa Wells & Nicole Witt

Release Date :: December 20, 2011

Genre :: Worship

Label ::

Location :: Raleigh, NC, USA

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 biography and historyChrista Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 biography and history
Biography ::
“All the words, they are my fingers on a face, Oh, the words, looking for patterns in the shapes
You’re so good to be a witness to my sounds, Trying to frame the clouds…”

... Hello, friends, listeners, passers-by…THANKS for taking the time to stop by. Whether you’re here because of one particular song or because someone sent you, or because you are a long-time listener, thank you. Without you, the songs would be like trees falling in an empty wood…it happened, but no one was there to say so.

For me, music was the first thing in life I just felt great doing. Later, when I discovered songwriting in high school, it was—admittedly--about self-expression. Cheap therapy. Now, it's many things. Fun. Expression…yes, there is me in there. But more to the point—I hope—my heart is in the attempt to articulate the elusive things of life. Common things. Extraordinary experiences. What we can touch and what we can only wonder about. Questions. I have so many questions.

I have wondered at times what room there is for me in the village of musicians…surely, everything that needs to be said has already been written and sung. Surely, others with greater technical skills are out there doing it. But the past few years have taught me that all of that really doesn’t matter, because we all really need each other to continue telling the stories and speaking truth from our unique vantage points.

There is only one me.
And only one you.

And you and I need each other to write and sing and paint and speak and build and…
So I am so happy you’re here, and do hope you’ll come often and stay awhile...

Extended Bio (for the super curious):
Christa wrote her first full-length song at the age of 15, but showed her interest in music when she was about one year old when she hummed the alphabet song in pretty good tune. Which pleased her mother very much. A few years ago she came across her very first recording: a cassette tape with her seven-year-old voice creating melody lines for nursery rhymes she’d found on the pages of a Mother Goose book. Like the GarageBand recordings she puts together today, they were simply produced but conveyed the essence of an artistic spirit, expressing life in lyrics and melody.

Few things are more satisfying to Christa than sifting words into phrases and pairing them with music so that ideas and emotions become common places among listeners. After years of playing piano and singing in church and school music programs, she finally attempted to write her own music and was thrilled to discover a creative outlet that was truly compelling for her. Her method was untrained and totally her own when she arrived at Anderson University, Indiana, in the fall of 1991, where she took English literature and music classes, including Gloria Gaither’s songwriting course, which contributed to a more solid understanding of the writing process.

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 hq wallpaper buy album hereChrista Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 hq wallpaper buy album here
Throughout those years, Christa wrote her own music while singing back-up for others and performing other writers’ music in a band called Same Rain, which she and some college friends had formed together. She then married fellow Anderson alum Toby Wells and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, eventually leaving Same Rain and heading east to Raleigh, North Carolina. But under the influence of gifted writers such as Natalie Merchant, Over the Rhine, Patty Griffin, and Sheryl Crow, she was unable to resist the pull of her grandmother’s old piano in the living room and continued to build her own catalog of original songs.

In the fall of 1999, a conversation with a successful songwriter in Nashville led her to the decision to focus on songwriting rather than performance and make that her vocational aim. She began co-writing with her sister, Mandy Rogers, and with Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (Plumb), hoping to expand her skills and find a publisher who would see the potential in her songs and represent her in the industry. Providentially, in autumn 2001, her friend Jeremy Lee of FlatRock Management, began to talk with her about his vision for some of her songs. Jeremy was ready to champion her songs within the Nashville music community, despite Christa’s geographical distance.

With Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (Plumb), Christa co-wrote two songs ("Real" and "Go") for Plumb’s album, Beautiful Lumps of Coal, as well as “Day by Day” which was a number one single released by Point of Grace on their album “24.” “Real” was the first single released from Plumb’s album. In 2006, Christa was recognized for her song “Held,” released by Natalie Grant on her “Awakening” album, and named Songwriter of the Year by the Gospel Music Association. Other songs include “Me” co-written with Plumb for her lullabies album, “Bring It All Together,” co-written with writer/producer Shaun Shankel and “Our Hope Endures,” co-written and recorded by Natalie Grant (an upcoming single from the album Relentless).

In addition to writing for signed artists, Christa and her sister, Mandy Rogers, independently released a full-length album of original music in 2006 entitled “A Rogers/Wells Project: so much to tell you.” The project, which includes Christa’s recorded version of “Held,” has opened doors for the sisters to perform their own music and share the stories behind the songs. In the last two years, they have performed together and individually in several states, as well as other venues such as Studio B television broadcast and a sold-out round at the infamous Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2007, Christa was involved with an effort to raise funds to benefit military families through AFF (Armed Forces Foundation). Her song “Before the Tree Comes Down”, a tender tribute to our servicemen and women and their families, spawned the idea for Hope Christmas Ball in Raleigh, North Carolina, and to contribute to the cause, Christa produced a Christmas EP to be given to donors of the event. Lisa McClowry, Chicago-based singer and songwriter, also recorded “Before the Tree Comes Down” and released it worldwide online, with proceeds donated to AFF.

At this time, Christa lives with her family in North Carolina, writing and sharing her music locally, as well as traveling to Nashville periodically to write and record. She is also committed to ongoing work with Masterpiece Ministries based out of Lebanon, Tennessee--whose mission is to provide summer camps for young artists, encouraging them toward excellence and Christ-centered living. In January 2009, Christa will record her first solo project, which will feature collaborative performances with other talented Nashville artists.

Her favorite color is gold, her favorite food is Thai, and she is usually reading four books at a time.

Christa Wells - Image of God 2011 Tracks and lyricsChrista Wells - Image of God 2011 Tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Image of God feat. Nicole Witt
02. Set Free feat. Nicole Witt
03. Dawn of Grace feat. Nicole Witt
04. Lay Us Low feat. Nicole Witt
05. Pray feat. Nicole Witt



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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 English Christian Album

The City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 English Christian AlbumThe City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 English Christian Album
I have a Dream [It feels like Home] is the latest Canadian Christian Praise & Worship album released by Canadian Praise & Worship band The City Harmonic. This album was released on October 18, 2011 and released under the label Kingsway/EMI CMG.

Album Details ::

Album :: I have a Dream [It feels like Home]

Artist :: The City Harmonic

Release Date :: October 18, 2011

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label ::
Kingsway/ EMI CMG

Location :: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 Biography and historyThe City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 Biography and history
History ::
2011 Breakout Artist of the Year The City Harmonic barreled its way from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada onto the music scene with Introducing The City Harmonic, an EP featuring “Manifesto,” which soared to No. 5 on iTunes and captivated over a million viewers on YouTube. Top that with becoming the best selling new artist on Billboard’s Top Current Digital Sales Chart (over 80K downloads), and it’s enough, among life’s crazy distractions, to get your attention.

But this band—vocalist/songwriter and pianist Elias Dummer, bassist Eric Fusilier, guitarist Aaron Powell and drummer Josh Vanderlaan— isn’t content to feed the machine or build a fan base so much as to build upon a dream. And not a dream as in a fairy tale. But THE Dream. These four guys grapple with the tension of this world, crafting it into anthems of longing, hope, and love—songs of light for ‘seeing through a glass darkly.’ The City Harmonic makes music that makes you reconsider what you really believe… about yourself, your world and your God.

Launching Oct 18th, The City Harmonic’s Kingsway release, I HAVE A DREAM (IT FEELS LIKE HOME), is one of the most anticipated full-length imports in decades. Co-produced by the band with Jared Fox, I HAVE A DREAM (IT FEELS LIKE HOME) is a journey of imagination, cinematic in composition, and, as is signature for the band, a definitive reflection of The City Harmonic’s organic, communal aesthetic. Intelligent, deeply spiritual and intrinsically ‘real life,’ it reveals the poetic art of The City Harmonic, a band bent on living today for the world to come.

“This project for us was like a journey through a lot of intertwining things,” Elias Dummer says of the band’s full-length debut. “At its heart is the overarching theme of brokenness and redemption, of light and dark, the unveiling of something bigger and better than ourselves.”

The title track and first single, which was written even before the songs on the EP, has always been the lynchpin on which the full-length record would hinge. “The dream, like Martin Luther King’s, is that there is another way,” Elias explains, “that it can be what we say it is, the eventual truth that we will awaken, just as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz awakened from her dream, to find ourselves home at last.”

Like a roadmap with only one route, to sum up the journey of faith and mystery that is I HAVE A DREAM (IT FEELS LIKE HOME) would seemingly deprive the listener of the essence of the experience. But from the opening notes, a deliberate quest unfolds.

Setting the stage for the project as a whole, with ties to John 17, the piano-pounding “Yours” flies in the face of our consumer-driven society, an anthem of surrender that points toward the tension of living in this world as a Christian, while “Spark” introduces the theme of light, hinting at its transforming power:

Could a spark of Your love light the whole Church on fire?

When we care for our neighbour more than we care for style?

“Being a Christian now is more difficult than it was 200 years ago,” Elias says of the thematic trail. “We face tragedy at every turn because of the way our media and culture operates. The stories of this world have let us down. Politics have let us down. We try to cope with it by becoming apathetic or by hiding in the Christian bubble—some altered version of the American dream where living for Christ leads to personal comfort— even misguided Christian stories can let us down and this is the tension of the world we live in. Christianity isn’t a tool to escape suffering, it’s a lens by which we understand it and the means by which we live through it. Our culture is built on the notion that our spirituality can be compartmentalized but, simply put, the Christian story isn’t. We can go from mountaintop to valley in the span of a day, and in the midst of that valley Christ calls us to love our neighbors, our enemies, just as if we were with them on the mountaintop. Apathy may be a natural result of today’s broken world, but the Christian story is that Christ is redeeming his creation and we have a role to play as the body of Christ.”

Inspired by the story of Transfiguration in Matthew 17 and by Martin Luther King’s iconic speech, “Mountaintop” asserts the notion that as ambassadors here, citizens of a Kingdom to come, we are meant to live and love among the ruins. “Jesus talks about countercultural ways of living among the least of these,” Elias continues. “It’s not glamorous. It’s hard work. If we boil it all down to what exists in church, ultimately, we make being a churchgoer a poor substitute for being Jesus in our communities or even engaging our communities at all.”

“Some of the most powerful moments where I recognize God’s presence in a real way have been completely outside the church worship context,” adds Eric. ”We’ve had to grow up out of the default cultural Christian mindset of worship, instead responding to wherever you sense God, which truthfully is everywhere.”

I HAVE A DREAM builds from “Mountaintop” with “Fell Apart,” “Be Still O My Soul” and “Wake Me Up,” pointing to the reality of God in our dark nights of the soul; the light of his presence when we ache for ‘something real in a world of fake.’

Layer by layer, I HAVE A DREAM (IT FEELS LIKE HOME) builds toward the title track, a soaring, melodic anthem that sings the hope of heaven imprinted on our hearts before the foundation of the world. From the romantic interlude “Le Reve,” meaning ‘the dream,’ each song intertwines with another, painting an irresistible picture of grace at work through us. The City Harmonic’s interpretation of I Corinthians 13, “Love” forms a bridge into “Holy (Wedding Day),” a beautiful ballad about the ultimate redemption, the glorious day to come when faith becomes sight. All that remains, besides the bonus version of “Manifesto,” is the heartfelt “Benediction,” which just might be the perfect farewell for any communal act of worship.

Live like you mean it

Sing like you’re living for God

Whether in full-on pop explosion or in ethereal ballad, the songs of The City Harmonic connect to that missing piece in all of us and give us cause and permission to sing out. Which frankly is part of the band’s DNA.

That much will never change for The City Harmonic, the curiously captivating sing-along nature of the music they make. It was, and is always, birthed with community expression in mind.

“Music engages us emotionally and intellectually,” says Elias. “There are universal signs of God’s presence in every part of it. … it’s like a glimpse of something bigger than ourselves, some pervasive and yet otherworldly dream. And if we can somehow spark in people that dream, something they just can’t shake, then I hope that will inspire them to sing like every word matters, to live like every day matters, and having tasted heaven, they’ll get on with helping this world feel more like home.”

The City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 Band membersThe City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 Band members
Band Members ::
  • Elias Dummer - Piano, Singing
  • Eric Fusilier - Bass, Singing
  • Aaron Powell - Guitar, Singing
  • Josh Vanderlaan - Drums

The City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 tracks and lyricsThe City Harmonic - I have a Dream [it feels like home] 2011 tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Yours
02. Spark
03. Mountaintop
04. Fell Apart
05. Be Still, O My Soul
06. Wake Me Up
07. I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)
08. Le Reve
09. Love
10. Holy (Wedding Day)
11. Benediction
12. Manifesto (Radio Edit)



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Friday, October 7, 2011

Mark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 English Christian Album

Mark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 English Christian AlbumMark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 English Christian Album
Israel's Hope is the latest Christian Messianic Praise and Worship album released by Israelite singer, songwriter, composer Mark Chopinsky. This album was released on October 04, 2011 and released under the label Galilee of the Nations Music, USA.

Album Details ::

Album :: Israel's Hope

Artist :: Mark Chopinsky

Release Date :: October 04, 2011

Genre :: Messianic Praise and Worship

Label :: Galilee of the Nations Music, USA

Location :: Israel

Mark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 Biography and HistoryMark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 Biography and History
History ::
MARC CHOPINSKY began his career with the singing group Israel's Hope, which also launched the careers of renowned worship leader and solo artist Paul Wilbur and established instrumentalist and jazz musician Rene Bloch. Marc’s musical experience has expanded over the years to worship leader, music producer, studio musician and solo artist.

As a composer, Marc’s songs have been recorded by many artists, and are standard repertoire in Messianic congregations and other churches who see the rebirth of Israel to be of prophetic significance. Some of the musicians to use his music include Carol Cantrell, Paul Wilbur, Tents of Mercy, Kol Simcha, Helen Shapiro, Martin Sarvis, and Jonathan Settel among others. As an instrumentalist, his signature guitar rhythms are heard on the internationally acclaimed albums ADONAI, ELOHIM, and SON OF DAVID.

His first solo project, ISRAEL'S HOPE, has fourteen powerful messianic tracks including: “Baruch Atah Adonai,” “Come to Me” and “Yes And Amen,” which will bring the listener back to ancient times, to worship and praise the Holy One of Israel.

Marc and his wife Leah now reside in Haifa, Israel. He is the Worship leader at Ohalei Rachamim, Tents of Mercy Messianic Synagogue in Kiryat Yam, Israel.

Mark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 Tracks and lyricsMark Chopinsky - Israel's Hope 2011 Tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Baruch Atah Adonai
02. All Israel Shall Be Saved
03. Let The Children Of Zion Be Glad
04. Come To Me
05. Blessed Is The Man
06. Blessed Be The Lord My Rock
07. Amos
08. We Come To You
09. Isaiah 53
10. O Yeshua
11. Yes And Amen
12. Zionstone
13. Behold, Bless The Lord
14. We Give You Thanks


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