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Friday, May 22, 2015

Umobile Worship - My Savior My King (2015) English Christian Album Download

Umobile Worship - My Savior My King (2015) English Christian Album Download
My Savior My King is the latest Christian Worship Live album recorded at The University of Mobile, released by American Christian Worship band, 8Eighty. This album was released on May 19, 2015 and released under the label, 8Eighty Records.

Album Details::

Album :: My Savior My King

Artist :: 8Eighty

Release Date ::
May 19, 2015

Genre :: Live Worship, Gospel

Label :: 8Eighty Records

Location :: College Parkway Mobile, AL, USA

Umobile Worship - My Savior My King (2015) biography and history
Biography ::

Mission: Impact the church with worship and songs of faith through God’s unique gifts and abilities of the student body and alumni from the University of Mobile.
Purpose: Proclaim the wonders of God through concert, performance presentation, publishing, recording, radio, television, and internet communication.
The mission of the University of Mobile Center for Performing Arts (CPA)/School of Music and School of Worship Leadership is to train, develop and educate the next generation of music leaders. For more than 50 years, UMobile musicians have impacted our world through their musical skill and committed lives as recording and concert artists, music educators, church musicians, and missionaries. For more, visit the University of Mobile College of Christian Leadership.
For more information on the University of Mobile, please visit:

Umobile Worship - My Savior My King (2015) live singing on stage
Track Listing :: 

1. Intro
2. You Make Me Brave (feat. Shannon Pinkston)
3. Brighter Light (feat. Andrew Cunningham)
4. One You're Fighting for (feat. Ryan Jackson)
5. Incomparable (feat. Andrew Cunningham & Abbie George)
6. You Are Worthy (feat. Shannon Pinkston)
7. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (feat. Ryan Jackson & Abbie George)
8. Forever (feat. Abbie George)
9. My Savior My King (feat. Ryan Jackson)


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Various Artists - Ultimate Easter Worship Collection 2014 English Christian Album Download

Ultimate Easter Worship Collection 2014 English Christian Songs Collection Download
Ultimate Easter Worship Collection is the latest Christian Songs collection sung by Various Artists. This album was released on February 4, 2014 and released under the label, Integrity Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Ultimate Easter Worship Collection

Artist :: Various Artists

Release Date :: February 04, 2014

Genre :: Worship, Easter

Label :: Integrity Music

Tracklisting ::

1. Overcome - New Life Worship feat. Ross Parsley & Desperation Band
2. Happy Day - Tim Hughes
3. Hosanna - Paul Baloche
4. More Than Amazing - Lincoln Brewster
5. The Same Power - Tim Hughes
6. Once Again - Matt Redman
7. Your Glory / Nothing But the Blood (Live) - All Sons & Daughters
8. The Anthem - Planetshakers
9. The Power of the Cross - Stuart Townend
10. Victors Crown - Darlene Zschech
11. Majesty - Delirious?
12. The Cross Stands (Live) - Worship Central
13. In Christ Alone - Stuart Townend
14. The Mystery of Faith - Glenn Packiam

Click here for Complete Details ::

   Amazon | iTunes | 7Digital | eBay

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Unspoken - Unspoken 2014 English Christian Album Download

Unspoken - Unspoken 2014 English Christian Album Download
Unspoken is the debut christian pop rock album released by American Christian Soul-ful pop rock band, Unspoken. This album was released on April 1, 2014 and released under the label, Centricity Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Unspoken

Artist :: Unspoken

Release Date :: April 1, 2014

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: Centricity Music

Hometown :: Nashville, TN, USA. 

Unspoken - Unspoken 2014 Biography and History
Biography ::

Unspoken is a multi-cultural band comprised of four members: Chad Mattson (lead singer), Jon Lowry (bass) both from Maine, Mike Gomez (electric guitar) from the Dominican Republic, and Ariel Munoz (drums) from Puerto Rico. The group grew from a seed planted when Chad went to the Dominican Republic on a missionary trip and began playing and songwriting with Mike. Gomez returned to the states where he met Chad's childhood friend, Jon Lowry, they immediately added his diverse talents to form the group Unspoken. Ariel Munoz joined the band when he met Unspoken at a Nashville talent contest. 

Since then Unspoken has made great strides as an independent group, playing with such high-profile acts as Third Day, David Crowder, Casting Crowns, TobyMac, and Pillar. Their live performances are electrifying because they are a band who loves to worship in the belief that as we seek to know the fullness of Christ personally, worship is freely and passionately given. Their eclectic blend of ethnicities and musical roots has led to one of the most unique and exciting sounds in Christian music today.

Band Members ::
  • Chad Mattson-Vocals
  • Mike Gomez-Guitar
  • Ariel Munoz-Drums, Cajon and percussion
  • Jon Lowry-Bass, Guitar, keys and BG vocals
Unspoken - Unspoken 2014 live performance with band
Tracklisting ::
01. Start A Fire
02. Who You Are
03. Good Fight
04. Call It Grace
05. Lift My Life Up
06. Tomorrow
07. In Your Hands
08. Real Thing
09. Walking Away
10. Everything
11. Bury The Workman
12. My Recovery
13. Tomorrow (radio mix)

Who You Are - Lyric Video - Unspoken



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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jars of Clay - Under the Weather [Recorded Live in Sellersville, PA]2013 English Christian Album Download

Jars of Clay - Under the Weather 2013 English Christian Album Download
Under the Weather is the latest Christian Rock album recorded live in Sellersville, PA and released by American Christian Pop/Rock band, Jars of Clay. This album was released on 19 March, 2013 and released under the label Gray Matters / Essential Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Under the Weather recorded live in Sellersville, PA

Artist :: Jars of Clay

Release Date :: 19 March, 2013

Genre :: Pop/Rock

Label :: Gray Matters/ Essential Records

Location :: Nashville, TN

Jars of Clay - Under the Weather 2013 Biography and History
Biography ::
Jars of Clay, historically, has been this kind of compact creative environment; we’re known for doing everything from the songwriting to the producing to the artwork,” says guitarist Matt Odmark. “This was a push in a totally different direction. We brought people in on the songwriting side of things, and we knew in the beginning that we wanted as many voices as possible in the record.

“We wanted to make a record about community, and we wanted the recording process to be community. We wanted it to be an expression of what it was trying to articulate from a concept standpoint,” Odmark continues. “It wasn’t going to work any other way, and it didn’t make sense to us to write a record about community that was just us talking to one another.”

So the call went out to the creative community Jars has long been part of, but hadn’t felt led to truly tap into previously. Songwriters they respect, like Laura Story, Thad Cockrell and Phillip LaRue, injected new lifeblood into songs that had been percolating for more than a year, and long-established, readily recognizable voices, like those of Mac Powell, Amy Grant, Brandon Heath, Leigh Nash, TobyMac and more, lent timbre and texture to this new set of Jars of Clay songs.

And yet, the motivation was there to make them more than just a set of Jars of Clay songs.
“We wanted the songs to sound like a group of people more than ‘there’s Toby, there’s Leigh, there’s Mac,’ so we brought in a choir,” says keyboardist Charlie Lowell. “Steve did a great job of rallying a bunch of independent musicians from around the Nashville area,” including Katie Herzig, Andy and Jill Gullahorn, Sarah Masen Dark, Julie Lee, Trent Dabbs and Kate York.

“I should really be in A&R,” interjects guitarist Stephen Mason.
“He directed the choir, as well, so not only did he get ’em in the room, he told ’em what to do,” Lowell continues. “I should really be a V.P.,” Mason laughingly concludes, to the amusement of his bandmates.

“It’s out of my hands, it was from the start…”
Another of the challenges of trusting this new method of creating was not only asking others into the The Shelter process, but also convincing them to bring their own imprint into the project.

“One of the great parts, too, was to let the artists who weren’t able to physically come into the studio with us, just let them loose where they were,” says vocalist/lyricist Dan Haseltine. “I think a lot of artists create in a very controlled environment, where they’re taking cues from people on what they should be singing and how they should be singing it. We said to them, ‘What we really want is your instinct.’

“It doesn’t speak to the idea of community to tell them ‘sing this exactly like we did on the demo.’ We wanted them to do it how they’d do it, sing it how they’d sing it. If you hear other things that should be in the song, put them on there, then we’ll piece through it and figure it out what’s working with other peoples’ instincts.”

Even if it meant sometimes getting the exact opposite of what was asked for. “One of the ironies – at least I think it’s irony because I’m still confused by Alanis Morissette – was that some of the people we told to let loose would send back exactly what we sent them, and then others we’d tell ‘we need you to sing this exact part’ and they’d send us back something totally different,” Odmark says. “It was an interesting look in the mirror... ‘Oh. So this is what we’re like.’”

“Where you lead us, we will follow…”
What emerges on The Shelter is more of Jars of Clay’s signature sonics, informed by the season of their last project The Long Fall Back To Earth but echoing all the way back to its much-heralded self-titled debut, meshed with an heretofore underexplored inclusiveness of lyric that encourages the listener to join in on the song.

In short, these songs are designed to be sung aloud, with others, within the parameters of that listener’s own shelter.

For some, including the members of Jars of Clay, that will entail bringing them into the church environment proper, something that hadn’t really been a purposeful part of the band’s work before.

“One of the things we’re excited about with this record is to offer, with humility, what we’re excited about within the church,” Mason says. “We’re all big fans of the church. We attend church, so part of the passion we want to get to the people is that, hopefully, this is the language we can use to rejuvenate the way we speak about God in terms of each other.

“What has been, graciously, changing us is this idea that when we look around we see God in other people and in what they’re doing. We are the hands and feet,” Stephen continues. “We’re trying to find new language to describe stuff that we’re all probably in some regards cynical or bored about, because we want to believe there is life in those places.”

“In our weakness let us see, that alone we’ll never be…” Sometimes the hardest part of following the path you think you’re being led down is finding that motivation to keep going. And more often than not, that motivation comes from a place you least expect. Crafting The Shelter project has dominated the work thoughts of the men of Jars of Clay for more than a year, but it was the massive flooding in the Nashville area the first weekend of May 2010 and the subsequent aftermath that brought the idea of both a community in need and needing your community into stark relief.

The band experienced flood-related setbacks both personal and professional. Its recording studio suffered significant damage, as did Dan Haseltine’s home. But it was in that moment when the ephemeral idea of taking shelter within your community became concrete.

“When we were discussing making a record about community and really celebrating that, this story keeps coming up in my mind, because I realize that community can be inconvenience,” Haseltine says. “I’ve experienced that at my own house with people showing up with shovels and gloves and doing work that I couldn’t have done without them.

“A lot of us have experienced that; we’ve seen the character of our community,” Dan continues. “But we need Jesus to remind us sometimes that when we stop, we’re actually part of a great privilege, a privilege to be a community, a privilege to see God’s hand working and moving through us and for us.”

Pull out the roots we’ve dug in so deep, finish what you’ve started…help us to believe…

It’s never easy to change how you do what you do, especially after a decade and a half and a fair amount of success and acclaim. But tapping into new wells of creativity has long been a hallmark of Jars of Clay’s career, and letting go the reins and letting in a trusted community of talented people has generated one of the richest projects in the band’s long history.

It’s simply part of reacting to a change in the culture. “It used to be, when you met somebody new, the first question you asked was ‘So, what do you do?’” Haseltine says. “It’s becoming more and more that first question asked is ‘So, where are you from?’ Which means that we’re becoming a culture where we feel like our identity is more woven into the places where we live rather than the things we do for a living.

“So we hope this project will reflect this shift and reaffirm that as a more important thing, what we’re connected to as a community,” Dan concludes.

It’s a community that Jars of Clay has worked hard to build and engage with, and one that covers, comforts, strengthens, nourishes and emboldens. Like any good shelter should do.

Jars of Clay - Under the Weather 2013 Band Members

Band Members ::
  • Dan Haseltine
  • Charlie Lowell
  • Matt Odmark
  • Steve Mason

Jars of Clay - Under the Weather 2013 Live concert in tour

Tracklisting ::

01. Weapons    
02. Eyes Wide Open    
03. Frail    
04. Safe to Land    
05. Worlds Apart    
06. Dead Man    
07. Love in Hard Times

Jars of Clay - Work youtube video song


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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Joe Pots - Unworthy 2012 English christian Album Download

Joe Pots - Unworthy 2013 English christian Album Download
Unworthy is the latest christian Hip Hop Rap album released by American Christian Hip Hop artist Joe Pots. This album was released in first week of January 2013 and released under the label, Sacred Heart Studios and this album is free to download here.

Album Details ::

Album :: Unworthy

Artist :: Joe Pots

Release Date :: January, 2013

Genre :: Hip Hop, Rap

Label ::
Sacred Heart Studios

Location :: Winter Park, FL, USA

Joe Pots - Unworthy 2013 Biography and history
Biography ::
Joe Pots is a 27 year old, Former U.S. Marine, who is on fire for Christ. His current ministry outreach consists of his music, and speaking at various young adult/youth group gatherings and  Retreats, etc. Joe had a strong desire to bring others to Christ through a better understanding of morals and our Faith.

Joe Pots - Unworthy 2013 tracklisting
Tracklisting ::

1. The Awakening
2. Unborn Angels
3. This Journey
4. 10,000 Reasons Remix
5. Corner of Your Heart ft. Ingrid Michaelson
6. I can
7. Children
8. I'm Ready Ft. Hannah
9. Crucifixion Type Love

The Awakening - Joe Pots youtube music video


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Underoath - Anthology 1999-2013 2012 English Christian Album Download

Underoath - Anthology 1999-2013 2012 English Christian Album Download
Anthology 1999 - 2013  is the latest Christian Metal core album released by American Christian 6 men Metal core band, Underoath. This album was released on November 6, 2012 and released under the label Tooth & Nail Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Anthology 1999-2013

Artist :: Underoath

Release Date :: November 6, 2012

Genre :: Metal Core

Label :: Tooth & Nail Records

Location :: Tampa, FL, USA

Underoath - Anthology 1999-2013 2012 Biography and history
Biography ::
For the six men in UNDEROATH, whose members have evolved and thrived during a decade-long progression that has elevated them into one of heavy music’s biggest successes, change has been ubiquitous. 2010 has been no exception for the Tampa-based sextet, who underwent and overcame what many consider their most significant line-up alteration yet. Yet in doing so, UNDEROATH experienced an artistic rebirth in the form of Ø (DISAMBIGUATION), its triumphant fifth album for Solid State/Tooth & Nail. Transformed by the arrival of new drummer DANIEL DAVISON, formerly of Norma Jean, UNDEROATH--which also counts TIM MCTAGUE, SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN, GRANT BRANDELL, CHRIS DUDLEY and JAMES SMITH--has delivered an album that emphatically surpasses its predecessors in terms of craftsmanship and cohesion. If 2006’s Define The Great Line and 2008’s Lost In The Sound of Separation, both which debuted at #2 and #8 respectively on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart, were significant accomplishments, Ø (disambiguation) is UNDEROATH’s new creative high watermark. .... 

“We all think it’s our best record by far,” says frontman SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN of the band’s brilliant new disc. “I’d say to fans that you may have heard UNDEROATH, but you’ve never heard UNDEROATH like this. We can’t wait for people to hear it. There isn’t a single part on this record that we would change.” Be it the commanding opener, “In Division” – which balances the cathartic approach that has made UNDEROATH champions of hard music with an exhilarating melodic hook – or the expansive, inventive allure of “Catch Myself Catching Myself,” the Matt Goldman and Jeremy SH Griffith-produced Ø (disambiguation) asserts that the departure of longtime drummer/singer Aaron Gillespie hasn’t hurt the band. In fact, the line-up shift has instead strengthened the band’s resolve and liberated UNDEROATH. Most notably, SPENCER – who provided much of the singing and screaming vocals heard on Lost In The Sound of Separation – has embraced his role as the band’s lone singer, while bringing an ample supply of melody to Ø (disambiguation). “We’ve never been afraid of singing, but the big poppy choruses are gone,” says MCTAGUE. “This record has a lot more of a mature feeling. 

It wasn’t that we hated melody, but we wanted it to be a proper fit.” For CHAMBERLAIN, being the only singer in UNDEROATH feels and sounds more natural. “It’s never been in my personal taste to have two people interchanging vocals, so I wrote my vocals on the album for just one,” SPENCER explains. “It sounds less forced to me, plus it’s in the same voice. I made a conscious effort to make it interconnected. I enjoy singing, but before it felt like I couldn’t write a part and deliver it because of the inner workings of the band. Now there are no rules. I have the full creative freedom to deliver the song, whether its singing or screaming, the way I want to.” But it wasn’t just Spencer, the rest of the band felt unfettered during the crafting of Ø (disambiguation). “We let down our guard on everything with this record and just trusted one another,” TIM says. “We all wanted the same thing, no restraints. More than any other record we’ve made, this one came together more naturally. And ironically, we wound up with more melodic parts than ever before, but things weren’t so calculated.” Without confines, UNDEROATH arrived at atmospheric numbers like “Driftwood” and “Paper Lung,” two of the band’s most forward-thinking pieces yet, with little hesitation. The former, according to TIM, is inspired by Radiohead. “It’s our homage to the band. 

We embraced it and went were the song took us.” If that sounds like a radical shift, to hear it is to know it makes perfect sense with the pacing of Ø (disambiguation). Meanwhile, SPENCER cites the aforementioned “Paper Lung” as his personal favorite on the record. “For me, it has a classic Deftones feel. It’s still dark and heavy but there’s a melody driving it. Big choruses, guitars, quirky keyboard touches. I love it.” But that’s not to say that the sonic fists that fans have come to know are being edged out, as evidenced by the fast punk-inspired charge of “Vacant Mouth,” the irate, unforgiving “Reversal,” the maniacal feel of “Illuminator” and the vicious, mind-bending “Who Will Guard The Guardians.”. As for DAVISON’s entry, CHAMBERLAIN and MCTAGUE both herald the drummer as a key element in UNDEROATH’s ability to move forward. “The first person we considered was DANIEL,” says TIM, who first befriended the drummer ten years ago when his band shared Southeastern stages with Norma Jean. “And he came down to play with us and things just clicked quickly and easily. There was no hesitation, he immediately fit in. After three weeks of writing with DANIEL, we committed to do the new record on time and as planned. That spawned us into working every night, from 5 o’clock until 1 or 2AM the next morning. Playing for six to eight hours.” “Writing with someone new, was invigorating,” says SPENCER of DANIEL, who has since become a permanent member of UNDEROATH. “Drums play a huge part in UNDEROATH, and I think Daniel just killed it. 

He destroyed everything in his path when it came to writing and playing. It’s been such a smooth and positive transition. It feels natural now.” Working again with Goldman, who co-produced Lost In The Sound of Separation, and teaming with Griffith – who helmed Norma Jean’s most recent album, UNDEROATH assessed what it had done in the past and ultimately sought to convey a similarly organic feel on the record. “When we felt the record taking shape, we sat with it for awhile--we looked at the songs and our past releases and compared the production,” says MCTAGUE. “We weren’t looking to go down the same road. Our last couple of records were super-produced and edited. Matt and Jeremy are both vibe oriented and helped us get where we needed to go.” “There’s a lot of stuff on this record that some might consider it loose, but for us it’s got little imperfections, like we all do as human beings,” MCTAGUE adds. “And I think it’s probably closer to the live UNDEROATH experience. The nuances that give it a little bit of life and character are present and we really embraced that. 

A lot of the drum stuff for instance happened in one or two takes.” MCTAGUE continues, “This record feels more natural because it’s a lot more sequential whereas our last record was more piece by piece. It’s a lot closer to our live experience rather than a flawless, computerized project.” In that sense, Ø (disambiguation) lives up to its meaning. It’s an album that speaks for itself as it provides clarity about a band that has experienced its share of misinterpretation. “We want this record to set the record straight and it will,” SPENCER concludes. “It’s presented exactly the way we want it. And when we play it live it will show that UNDEROATH is, as it always was, the sum of its parts. I couldn’t be more proud of this record and happier with where we are as a band.”

Underoath - Anthology 1999-2013 2012 Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Spencer Chamberlain: vocals
  • Daniel Davison: drums
  • Timothy McTague: guitar
  • James Smith: guitar
  • Grant Brandell: bass
  • Christopher Dudley: keyboards 
Underoath - Anthology 1999-2013 2012 singing live on stage
Tracklisting ::

1. Sunburnt
2. Unsound
3. In Division
4. Catch Myself Catching Myself
5. Paper Lung
6. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
7. Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear
8. In Regards To Myself
9. You’re Ever So Inviting
10. Writing On The Walls
11. A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White
12. Reinventing Your Exit
13. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
14. I’ve Got Ten Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain’t Gonna Do Jack
15. When The Sun Sleeps
16. Cries Of The Past
17. Heart Of Stone

Underoath Farewell Tour for the album anthology 1999-2013


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Submission Red - Untamed Ones 2012 English Christian Album Download

Submission Red - Untamed Ones 2012 English Christian Album Download
Untamed Ones is the latest Christian Gospel Music album released by American Christian Rock band, Submission Red. This album was released on October 23, 2012 and released under the label Dream Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Untamed Ones

Artist :: Submission Red

Release Date :: October 23, 2012

Genre :: CCM, Gospel

Label :: Dream Records

Location :: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Submission Red - Untamed Ones 2012 biography and history
Biography ::
This high energy indie rock act is sure to be a hit for those who like impressive hard rock with heart! Led by the exuberant Yvonne Winfrey, Submission Red is already turning heads and ears to their unique image and sound.

    “Word got around because of a black chick singing legit hard rock…”

…but audiences are quickly finding out that Submission Red is so much more. This dynamic band has been described as the epitome of rock-n-roll and having the ability to engage audiences. Yvonne leads the band with thought provoking lyrics coupled with incredible energy and expression. Ryan Horner dominates on bass with a confident saunter, while Rob Foldy maintains the backbone of the band with his hard-hitting, yet well-crafted drumming.
Stevie B. co-writes with Yvonne, coming from successful touring bands like Between the Trees and Rookie of the Year. Stevie brings creative, memorable guitar licks to the table.

Submission Red has got something to say and thank God people are listening.

If you like bands like Paramore, Skillet, and Flyleaf, and Papa Roach you’ll love Submission Red.

Submission Red - Untamed Ones 2012 Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Yvonne Winfrey - Vocals
  • Ryan Horner - Bass
  • Robert Foldy - Drums
  • Stevie Benz - Guitar
Submission Red - Untamed Ones 2012 Tracklisting and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Untamed Ones    
02. Freedom Looks Good On Me    
03. When He Looks Down From Above    
04. 24 (I Want More Of You)    
05. Hurting Me Like High School    
06. What Is It All For?    
07. Happy Birthday Sunshine    
08. Glimpse Of Light    
09. Fight For Me    
10. Dirt And Dust    
11. Alive

Submission Red - Inside from Untamed Ones youtube video


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Sunday, April 1, 2012

DonMoen - Uncharted Territory 2012 English Christian Worship Album

DonMoen_-_Uncharted_Territory_2012_English_Christian_Worship_AlbumUncharted Territory is the latest Christian Worship album released after three years by American Christian Singer, Song-writer, Pastor and producer of christian worship music, DonMoen. This album was released on March 27, 2012 and released under the label Donmoen Records and in::ciite Media. For the first time ever, Uncharted Territory is not labeled by Integrity since Don Moen left his position as President of Integrity Music and it is his first album as an independent artist.

Album Details ::

Album :: Uncharted Territory

Artist :: Donmoen

Release Date :: March 27, 2012

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Donmoen Records / in::ciite Media

Location :: Nashville, TN, USA

DonMoen_-_Uncharted_Territory_2012_Biography_and_history_HQ_wallpaperBiography ::
Don Moen (born June 29, 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American singer-songwriter, worship leader, and producer of Christian worship music.

Moen produced 11 volumes for the Hosanna! Music series of worship albums. His first album under his own name, Worship with Don Moen, was released in 1992. His music has total global sales of over five million units. He worked for Integrity Media for 20 years, serving as creative director and president of Integrity Music, president of Integrity Label Group, and an executive producer of Integrity Music albums. He left Integrity Media in 2008 to start a new initiative, The Don Moen Company. Moen received a Dove Award for his work on the musical God with Us in addition to amassing nine nominations for his songs. Moen is also a prolific songwriter, having worked with Claire Cloninger, Paul Overstreet, Martin J. Nystrom, Randy Rothwell, Ron Kenoly, Bob Fitts, Debbye Graafsma, Paul Baloche, Tom Brooks, among many others. He has also worked with talented musicians, Justo Almario, Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna, and Carl Albrecht. His name is associated with some of the most well-known songs in Contemporary Christian Music. He was a student at Oral Roberts University. He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife Laura and their five children.

DonMoen_-_Uncharted_Territory_2012_singing_live_in_worship_meeting_tracks_and_lyricsTracklisting ::

01. Uncharted Territory
02. You Will Be My Song
03. Somebody’s Praying For Me
04. Great Things
05. Your Love Never Fails
06. Lord Have Mercy
07. Ransomed
08. Divine Exchange
09. My Portion You Will Ever Be
10. No Fear
11. He Loves You
12. Thank You Jesus
13. Burn
14. Video EPK (Not On Album)

Don Moen - Uncharted Territory - New Album - Sample Songs - 2011



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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Desperation Band - Update Live (2011) English Christian Album

Desperation Band - Update Live (2011)  English Christian Album
Update: Live is the latest Colorado Christian Live album released by a Worship Ministry of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colarado called as Desperation Band. This album was released on October 25, 2011 and released under the label Integrity Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Update: Live

Artist :: Desperation Band

Release Date :: October 25, 2011

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Integrity Music

Location :: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Desperation Band - Update Live (2011)  biography and history
Biography ::
Led by Jon Egan, the Desperation Band was birthed out of the student ministries of New Life Church in Colorado Springs. They are recording artist with a great family of worshipers from Integrity Music based out of Colorado Springs, CO. They continue to lead worship at New Life Church and annual Desperation Conferences.

The Desperation Band has recorded five albums for Integrity music, including t...he critically acclaimed "Everyone Overcome", and their very first studio worship record “Light Up The World”, which was Jon Egan’s first shot at producing! In addition to albums, the band released the Everyone Overcome DVD, produced by Jon Egan, Andy Catarisano, and Jared Newman. They have also been featured on two New Life Church recordings, 2006's "My Savior Lives", and 2008’s “Counting on God”. Look to the springs of 2011 for New Life’s next worship album “Our Freedom” also featuring Jon and the Desperation Band.

Dband albums feature "high-energy, passionate new worship songs that convey a raw hunger for God." Desperation Band was originally formed in 2001, when New Life youth pastor David Perkins launched a youth movement for local churches called Desperation. They hold multiple Desperation Conferences every summer in Colorado Springs. The Conferences draw thousands of high school and college students who are desperate for the things of God. The emphasis of the conference is wrapped up in “the vow,” a commitment to PASSION, INTERCESSION, CONSECRATION, AND MISSION. Over 30,000 young people have signed the vow and the stories continue to pour in about the difference they are making.

Made up of several committed musicians, the band also travels to conferences, churches, and concerts throughout the country. Desperation is best known for writing songs like "Rescue", "I Am Free", “My Savior Lives”, “You Hold It All’, “Yahweh”, “Overcome”, and more. Several of these songs have been covered by mainstream Christian bands and many songs are sung in churches throughout America and around the world.

The Dband has found great purpose in “Heartwork”, a ministry to the orphans of the world that started with New Life’s student ministry. In an effort to build one orphan home, and with the help of a spiritual dad in the youth group, the student ministry raised enough funds to build four orphan homes! Then in an act of spontaneity, the desperation conferences jumped in and raised money for 3 more orphan homes! This movement has turned the young people involved upside down for the kingdom. The Desperation Band has been right in the middle of it. It’s a God thing. Starting June of 2010 at the Desperation Conference, Heartwork and the Desperation Band launched “the 1k Campaign”…1,000 orphan projects built by 1,000 student ministries in 1,000 days. Student groups all over the country can log on to and sign on to an orphan care project. The clock is ticking. The needs are waiting to be met.

The band has always been more of a ministry than a band. Jon and the guys believe that true change comes when people lay aside their agenda’s to encounter the true and living God. They are passionate about the presence of God and they don’t hide it. They are well aware that music will never impact souls…only the power of God. They don’t perform or entertain. They want to join with real people to worship a real God. The Desperation Band exists to advance His Kingdom and to pray as Jesus told us… “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
“The Desperation Band has always been and always will be about the presence of God. We exist to bring Him glory and reveal His truth to a broken world. If we know who His is, we know who we are. If we know who we are, we can live as God meant us to live. Let our worship meet his heart. Let His heart speak his purposes. Let us freely give our lives away to see his purposes known. It’s not a youth movement. It’s not a church movement. It’s a people movement. All are welcome!”
-Jon Egan, Desperation Band

Desperation Band - Update Live (2011)  live performance band members
Band Members ::
  • Jon Egan
  • Jared Henderson
  • Dan Egan
  • Roderick Mendoza
  • Regan Cruz
  • Nico Perez
  • Matt Pacco

Desperation Band - Update Live (2011)  band members live performance tracks and lyricsDesperation Band - Update Live (2011) band members live performance tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

1. My Savior Lives
2. Light Of Salvation
3. Solid Rock
4. You Hold It All
5. Highest Place
6. Angel Song
7. Yahweh

1. Counting On God
2. Be The Change
3. I Am Free
4. Amazed (Obsession)
5. Refuse To Be Denied
6. Overcome
7. Here In Your Presence
8. Light Up The World
9. House of Prayer


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garage Hymnal - Unity 2011 English Christian Album

Garage Hymnal - Unity 2011 English Christian AlbumGarage Hymnal - Unity 2011 English Christian Album
Unity is the Fourth Studio album released by Australian Christian Alternative Band Garage Hymnal. This album was released on July 5, 2011 and released under the label emumusic.

Album Details ::

Album :: Unity

Artist :: Garage Hymnal

Release Date ::
July 5, 2011

Genre :: Alternative

Label :: emumusic

Location :: Sydney, Australia

Unity - Garage Hymnal 2011 band membersUnity - Garage Hymnal 2011 band members
History ::
This fourth album from Garage Hymnal is called Unity, and offers twelve new songs for churches to sing together. Centred around the theme of our life together as a church, this album is a passionate prayer for unity - the title track asks that we may be one just as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one.

Recorded live over three nights, it features the voices of 800 worshipers from many denominations who gathered in the historic sandstone church of St Stephen's in the inner west of Sydney.
David Nicholas, who produced Garage Hymnal's self titled studio album, returns as producer, bringing his experience with artists as diverse as Sting, George and Delta Goodrem.

As with previous Garage Hymnal albums, Unity draws on a rich tradition of hymns and scripture. Charles Wesley's 'Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies' receives a new melody and arrangement in 'Hymn 140', the German hymn of the risen Jesus is set to a new tune in 'Fairest Lord Jesus', and the ancient liturgical hymn 'Te Deum' has been reinterpreted for contemporary worship in 'We Praise You'.

Due out July, you can preorder your copy to make sure it comes as soon as it's ready.

Unity garage hymnal band members performing live wallpaperUnity garage hymnal band members performing live wallpaper
Band Members ::
  • Alanna Rodgers
  • Stephanie Vanden Hengel
  • Richie Fenton
  • Greg Cooper
  • Andy Judd
  • Andrew Massey
  • Trent Prees
Garage Hymnal by Unity band tracklisting and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Hymn 140
02. Bind Us Together/Unity
03. Fairest Lord Jesus
04. We Are Waiting
05. Amen
06. Holy One
07. Sunday Came
08. Found In You
09. We Praise You
10. Stand Firm
11. May The Words
12. All That I Am


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Friday, June 24, 2011

Patrick Paegel - Unfailing Love 2011 English Christian Album

Patrick Paegel - Unfailing Love 2011 English Christian Album DownloadPatrick Paegel - Unfailing Love 2011 English Christian Album Download
Unfailing Love is the first full-length studio Album released by American Christian singer, song-writer Patrick Paegel. This album was released on June 21, 2011 and released under the label Penny's Gang Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Unfailing Love

Artist :: Patrick Paegel

Release Date ::
June 21, 2011

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label :: Penny's Gang Records

Location :: California, USA

Patrick Paegel performing live wallpaper downloadPatrick Paegel performing live wallpaper download
History ::
Patrick Paegel is a singer/songwriter and worship leader who grew up in Orange County, California. This soft-spoken young man exudes a joyful exuberance that belies the rocky journey that has brought him to a place of peace and harmony both musically and with God.

Patrick has worked with many ministries including Soul Survivor, Vineyard and the Crystal Cathedral. He has continued to write new music and has traveled to New Zealand, Mongolia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong leading worship and sharing in song.

Patrick seems joyously at peace with himself and with nature. So much so, it’s almost impossible to imagine that in his formative years, Patrick struggled desperately with addiction that eventually dragged him down to a place of utter hopelessness. In the depths of his addiction and despair, God revealed Himself to Patrick and changed his life forever. Since his life changing conversion experience, Patrick started expressing his thankfulness to God in song.

Patrick describes the theme of his upcoming PGR EP release as “encountering God.” Musically, Patrick’s warm, clear vocals might bring to mind of a young Vince Gill, or Jason Mraz – while Patrick’s unique blend of acoustic guitar layered over delicate, synthesized pop orchestrations are reminiscent of Sting’s solo material. Patrick brings something truly eclectic yet handmade to today’s musical landscape.

The title track, “Find Me Pure” is like a warm ray of sunshine straight to your heart. With its upbeat melody and driving rhythm, it’s the kind of song that invites you to sing along, while its lyrical message reflects a desire to live a life of purity on a daily basis. “It’s my hope that through this song, others might examine their lives and come to Jesus for forgiveness,” says Patrick.

Celebrating worship and adoration is the track “Holy God Almighty.” From the song’s dreamy opening notes, “Holy God Almighty’s” builds and swells to an anthemic final crescendo rejoicing the, “Holy God Almighty – who was and is to come.”

With its nuanced, almost flamenco-like guitar parts and unadorned vocals backed by synthesized, ambient orchestrations, “A Miracle” is a plaintive cry to God in the midst of deep struggles and difficulty, humbly asking for salvation.

The song, “Unfailing Love”, is a driving, energetic song that reminds the listener that even in difficult times, His love “remains the same.”

Patrick Paegal hopes you encounter God in the midst of this initial release and future records. Overall, the message that Patrick aspires to convey in his music is that God is there for us in the midst of difficult as well as good times and that He is always worthy of our praise and adoration. "I want God to be the main focus and His Presence felt throughout,” says Patrick.

For Patrick, it is essential that he doesn’t just offer up songs of faith and praise. He aspires to live a life in tune with his songs. "I am thankful for all that God has done in my life and all that He continues to do. I want to learn to be a worshipper more and more -- not only in the songs that I sing, but the life that I live. I know that God is looking for more than someone who just talks a good talk. I hope I can bring joy to God's heart as He has done to mine."

Patrick Paegel - Unfailing love english christian album downloadPatrick Paegel - Unfailing love english christian album download
Tracklisting ::

01. Holy God Almighty
02. I Bow
03. Find Me Pure
04. Be Glorified
05. Let Our Hearts
06. Unfailing Love
07. A Miracle
08. The Great I Am
09. Rescue Me
10. Come On Home


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