Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lord Jesus in Vedas

Lord Jesus in Vedas

Bhagavad gita,Upanishad,Veda's & Itihasa from these books sri parvastu suryanaryana
told who is real god and why should we praise the real lord jesus

Are you saved? To explain how one can be
let me use the Word of God. First and foremost,
are you ready to be saved? If you know you are a sinner
and you know and believe that
you need Jesus to be saved and you are ready to
repent for your sins, then you are well on your
way to being saved. Those who are drawn by the
Spirit of God to be saved are brought under
conviction. They realize they are a sinner and
need to be saved by the grace of God.

Lord Jesus in VedasLord Jesus in VedasLord Jesus in VedasLord Jesus in VedasOUR GOD IS REAL GOD


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