Monday, March 23, 2009

A tete-a-tete of the wave with the shore.....

A tete-a-tete of the wave with the shore.....

On a hot summer afternoon, not so far away from the shore a wave was born in the sea. As it traveled towards the shore it grew bigger and defined itself more and more vividly..........


On a hot summer afternoon, not so far away from the shore a wave was born in the sea. As it traveled towards the shore it grew bigger and defined itself more and more vividly. The wave rolled on over joyously, beating the winds and rocks, rising and falling and spreading all over. As it was still a little distance away from the shore it rose high in a huge leap and took a naughty peek at the shore. The peek was met by a brilliant warmth from the shores bright eyes. The wave journeyed on, re powered by the brief exchange of glances and gearing up for the destined rendezvous laid out before her. It ran ever so happily into the welcoming open arms of the sea shore . The union was oh! so blissful.

The shore received and embraced the wave with open arms and quenched its scorching thirst with the cool waters, drenched completely with the delicious taste of the salty waters, which it so loved.

All that the shore needed was the cool of the watery wave and the wave in return was dying to caress and embrace the heat of the sandy shore. The wave and the shore were lost in each others embrace and reveled in the ecstatic love that blossomed in their union. The moment paused in the space of time when they seemed as one and inseparable. Brief on the gauge of time but eternal and measureless on the gauge of love.

And just when the wave and the shore were enjoying the heavenly moment of their union, the sea called back unto itself, its wave. The wave splashed down into the reality of its existence, denying the overflowing emotions of its melting heart. The shore was reluctant to let go off this new found lover and began to implore the wave to remain with him against all odds. But who can deny the destiny's decrees for we belong where we belong.

The shore pleaded "Don't leave me yet. Don't you know that I have a soul too and that you are my soul mate? My soul is buried deep in the sands, lifted by the waves and lasts in the winds. Be the soft whisper in my soul, remain here with me, my dear honey."

The wave had no words but only tears camouflaged effectively in its salty waters. "Do I have the right to answer that question?” said the wave “I am just a wave. Can I say to the ocean I wont come back to you for I have found a shore?"

The shore explained "A shore is the only hope with an unconditional choice to define yourself a wave. you'd be lost in the depths of the ocean....!! Is there ever a wave in the deep seas?"

The wave admitted ruefully " ….but what am I without the ocean? can I exist by myself? I am only a wave and I belong to the ocean. Its the design of nature that I should go back into the ocean and lose my identity and exist not as a wave but as a part of the ocean. My soul is as inseparable from the ocean as I myself am."

The shore argued " Does the ocean exist without the shore. Don't I define its boundaries?"

The wave gently stroked the shore with its foaming restless waters to remind him "We coexist my dearly beloved, all three of us, the ocean, you and I. Each of us knowing fully well the roles we were assigned, realizing fully well our limitations. For we were created not to live for ourselves but for each other. That’s the beauty of nature, of which you and I are proud constituents."

The shore lamented " A part of you will remain with me though you insist on leaving. That part which has touched my soul that’s deeply buried in the sands. And I look forward to that end where you will come back into my embrace. For I am sure you will return to me not because you have no option but because the choice is lastingly beautiful. The hope lives within me and the life goes on...”

The wave could wait no longer for it was time for it to go back where it belonged, to be an indistinguishable part of the mighty ocean

"Hope is what keeps us going my love and I shall most certainly return to you. May be not as wholly as today, but parts of me will always come back to reminisce this beautiful encounter. As for me I carry with me the sweetest remembrances and warmest experiences that will last me this lifetime. I entreat you to be the same loving soulful self till life keeps you going for many waves will come your way and many shores will I meet in the many tomorrows to come... for life exists as long as we do."

And so saying the wave departed and retracted back into the ocean till the shore could not tell the difference anymore. The impressions made by that wave were engraved permanently on its weeping heart and it knew though the waters fade away the marks on its soul would forever remain. Because that’s the law of life, though individuals part, the love once shared remains between them for eternity….. and the life goes on…


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