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PHIL WICKHAM - CANNONS (2007) English Christian Album

PHIL wickham - cannons 2007
Phil Wickham is one of our favorite artist on the top ten innovative Worship leader List. Lyrically and Musically Phil Wickham’s singing style sets a new bar in Christian Music. Recently he allowed a free download off of his blog for a 15 song live album. It has a vast collection of originals, plus some old school worship favorites.

I'd like to highlight some of the songs from his recent release “Cannons” which came out last year. This is an album that starts out with “Must I Desire” which a powerful description of an authentic conversation with God. Everything about this song fits from the melody to the music. “Desire” is a great song about the passion for reaching out to others for Christ. It proclaims that Jesus is all and everything.

One of the most powerful songs on this album, and in Christian Music overall today, is “True Love.” There is not much to say but to post the lyrics and let you read for yourself. Along with the music the dynamics and feel of this song will stick with you.

Album :: cannons

Artist :: Phil Wickham

Release Date ::
October 2, 2007

Genre ::

Label :: INO Records

Producer :: Pety Kipley


1. Must I Wait
2. After Your Heart
3. Desire
4. Cannons
5. Sailing On A Ship
6. The Light Will Come
7. Shining
8. Beautiful
9. True Love
10. Jesus Lord of Heaven
11. Home
12. Spirit Fall

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