Thursday, August 13, 2009

Abandon Kansas – We’re All Going Somewhere (2009) English Christian Album

Abandon Kansas – We’re All Going SomewhereWe're All Going Somewhere is the latest Christian Pop Indie Rock album released by American Christian Rock band Abondon Kansas. This album was released on August 9, 2009 and released under the label Gotee Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: We're All Going Somewhere

Artist :: Abandon Kansas

Release Date ::
August 9, 2009

Genre :: pop, indie, rock

Label :: Gotee Records

Band Members:
  • Jeremy Spring - Vocals and Guitar
  • Brian Scheideman - Drums and iPod
  • Brad Foster - Guitar and Muscles
  • Nick Patrick - Bass


1. The Harder They Fall
2. I Wonder If It’s Me
3. Make Believe
4. We’re All Going Somewhere
5. Months and Years
6. Close Your Eyes

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