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Christina Sanders - Clear (2009) English Christian Album

Christian Sanders - ClearClear is the latest Christian Indie album released by American Christian Indie artist, Christina Sanders. This album was released in 2009 and released under the label Daystar Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Clear

Artist :: Christina Sanders

Release Date ::

Genre :: Indie

Label :: Day Star Records


1. I don’t Care

2. Clear

3. Society’s Wisdom

4. Elementary

5. You Were The One

6. Closer To Home

7. Here

8. Black Tears

9. Dream Another Dream

10. Last Door

11. Father Me

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Lyrics :: Christina Sanders - Clear

1.I Don’t Care
Sam Mizell, Allen Salmon

If I sink into the deep blue sea ~ Oh Lord
If I climb the highest mountain peek ~ Oh Lord
I’d be safe in you no matter what the view
What my eyes may see

I don’t really know if I even care
Where you want me to go take me anywhere
No matter at all you just know that I’ll be there
If it’s you that's leading me then who am I to stand in the way

If you want me to go far away ~ Oh Lord
Then go is all you to say to me ~ Oh Lord
I’d be safe in you no matter what the view
What my eyes may see


I will listen to you
You have always been so good to me
The road that I must choose
The one that leads to truth
You are with me all the way


Lyrics by: Scott Davis, Sam Mizell

On the outside, It’s easy to wear a disguise
But On the inside, there’s nowhere to hide
There's a heart behind these eyes

Cause you see everything
And all I want to do, is give you all of me
‘till I appear to you

Like the water, Like the rain
Lord I want you to see right through me, all the way
‘Till my reflection, disappears
and every part of me, is perfectly clear

Well on the outside, I’m on my knees
And my hands are lifted up
But on the inside, you’re changing me
By the power of your love

Cause you see everything
And all I want to do, is give you all of me
‘till I appear to you


Like the ocean of your grace
I’m so clear
Every time you see my face


3.Society’s Wisdom
Christina Sanders, Sam Mizell, Scott Davis

Money, power,
Failure, pain,
Desires and notions
To Love and obtain
Crime and injustice, classes and stature
All that’s before us and everything after

He’ll breakaway all of our chains
All of our chains
He’ll breakaway all your chains

Everything that’s holding your heart down
He’ll breakaway all of your chains
Only he can set you free
And some chains just don’t have a key

Guilty & Fallen
Broken & Bound
Anyone searching to turn it around

Orphaned and widowed
losers in love
from zeros and no ones to all of the above


Matthew West, Chad Cates

Some days I think that I know it all
That’s right about the time I trip and fall
And right back where I started yesterday

It’s like I’m back in jr. high
With a pencil in my hand
Takin notes on all the subjects
I could never understand
That’s exactly how I feel when I think about the wonder’s of your grace

It’s so Elementary
But still somehow it’s a million miles over my head
Some days I get it
Some days I think I’m never gonna comprehend
Your love goes on and on and on for me
And it’s so profound and at the same times it’s so elementary

Some day I hope to finally graduate
I’m gonna step right through the Heavenly gates
And I think you’ll treat me like a child again

It’s like I’m back in jr. high
With a pencil in my hand
Takin notes on all the subjects
I could never understand
Gonna ask ya lots of questions and I’m sure you’re gonna leave me amazed


Jesus loves me this I know
For the bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
We’re weak but he is strong

5.You were the One
Lyrics by: Brad O’Donnell

I lost my mind, I didn't have a clue
couldn't see, I didn't think it though
But you stayed with me all the while
It wasn't that I didn't know the truth
It was just I couldn't seem to choose
What I should do?

What did I decide?
How could I respond?
When I could see that You still love me all along
I was so confused
And you were still unmoved..

When you were the One that came down and stayed close
You were the One that would not let me go
I made it all about me and it's the wrong thing to do
You were the One it was You

I messed it up, I wasted so much time
Couldn't see what You had in mind
So I stayed the course that I was on
But You were good, You cared enough to stop
And opened up the doors that had been locked,
And saved me-

I wanted to leave
well enough alone
I didn't wanted to risk
I couldn't seem to grow
cause I was such a fool
And You were stayin true


You were the one
You were the one

6.Closer To Home
Lyrics by: Jayden Maria, Sam Mizell

I don’t always understand the road
The places you have me to go
But I’m willing and ready
My heart’s holding steady to You, To You

I will take my stand
I know your love is holding me
I will walk in faith
To where you want me to be
I will follow your heart
Into every unknown
‘Cause every step that I take
I know it’s one more
Closer to home

There are miles and mountains ahead
And I will go where you send
And through every journey
My soul is yearning for You, For You


Right by your side
Where there is peace
In all of my life


Lyrics by: Christina Sanders, Phillip LaRue, Tyler Bieck

In His eyes there is forgiveness
No condemning past
He removes it all so far
As the east is from the west
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be ashamed
Come as you are

Here you are loved
Here you are safe
Here you are held in the everlasting hands of grace
Here you are blessed
Here you’re complete
Here you’re more than you ever thought that you could be

In His eyes you are perfect
There’s nothin left to prove
Angels would still dance and sing if there were only you
Don’t look away
Don’t hide your face
Come as you are


More than the things you wear
More than the face that’s staring back at you
More if your heart won’t heal
More than the hope you don’t feel
More than anything


8.Black Tears
Christina Sanders, Sam Mizell, Scott Davis

Sometimes the night gets so dark
Somehow it leaves you so lonely
Sometimes you forget who you are
And you think you’re the only one to ever feel this way

Let him look in your brown eyes
And dry all those black tears
Reach to your red heart
And take away your fears
Let Him turn all your gray clouds
Into blue skies
And make all the darkness disappear
Like your black tears

I’m standin so close to the edge
it almost feels like I’m fallin.
But I know you can hear me
when I am callin out to you right now.

Look into my brown eyes
dry all these black tears.
Reach to my red heart
and take away my fears.
Turn all these gray clouds
into blue skies.
And make all the darkness disappear.

Sometimes I can’t find the words
but I know you still love me.
I can’t let go of the hurt
please show me what you see
in my brown eyes
through my black tears
reach into my red heart
and take away take away all my fears

Through these black tears
Look into this heart Lord
take away all my fears
and pull back the gray clouds
and let me see blue skies
make all the darkness disappear
make the darkness disappear
Lord make the darkness disappear
like my black tears.

9.Dream Another Dream
By: Scott Davis, Kevin Mason

So you came in for a landing
Disappointed, disenchanted by a false reality.
Left you cold and disillusioned and you don’t like losin
it’s not the way you thought it would be.

So Dream Another Dream stop asking yourself why
Pick another star and start reachin for the sky
You can fly again so spread your weary wings
Look inside your heart and Dream Another Dream

Thinkin bout what you’ve been missin
Just keeps you wishin and that won’t get you anywhere
If you focused on tomorrow
Yesterday’s sorrow will surely disappear


So what if this world may take from you
All you’ve ever done and said
It can’t stop you if you lay down your head


Start reachin, start reaching for the sky
You can fly again so spread out your wings
Look inside your heart and Dream Another Dream

10.Last Door
Lyrics by: Sam Mizell, Jessie Daniels

Never satisfied, always wanting more
He always tells himself it’s lying just beyond that door
It’s every single dream his heart’s been looking for
To fill the emptiness

Oh wouldn’t you like to find that last door
Well you don’t have to search anymore

She struggles for the face just so they can see
That she’s really beautiful
She don’t want them to see who’s crying underneath
For acceptance

All your reasons, all your meanings
All your plans and all your feelings
can only truly be found through his love

Oh wouldn’t you like to be so beautiful
Well you don’t have to look anymore

Wouldn’t you’d like to find that last door
Well you don’t have to look
No you don’t have to look anymore
Wouldn’t you’d like to find that last door
Tell me wouldn’t y `ou love to find that last door
Now you don’t have to search anymore

11.Father Me
Lyrics by: Christina Sanders, Joel Lindsey. Tony Woods

We’d ride our bikes bout a mile to the curb drink icees and sit on the curb
There were so many jokes that we both understood without even saying a word
You’ve been my center the heart of my world I’ve always been proud to be your little girl

You Father me
You Father me
The way I believe God intends it to be
I see him leading you as you’re leading me
I love the way you Father me

There was never a doubt not even once of weather or not I was loved
You’ve given me strength and the courage to dream to hope and step out in trust
You were there by my side when my heart found it’s faith you Fathered me then and still to this day


You are my constant
You are s strong
You are so tender and true
It’s no surprise my picture of God looks a lot like you


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