Friday, August 14, 2009

Divya Snehita - Bro. Madhu P. Joe & Sis. Veena Jesse Telugu Christian Album Download

Madhu Jessie - Divya Snehitha christian gospel albumDivya Snehita
Bro. Madhu P. Joe & Sis. Veena Jessie

Divya Snehitaa was the superhit album from Bro.Madhu P.Joe & Sis. Veena Jesse. These two people had released many albums and all the songs in those albums are very good easy to understand and easy to learn. Madhu and jesse are One of the best singers in Telugu christian songs.

Tracklisting :

1. Vamdanam Sree Yesudaa Ghana Mahima Neeke Gaa
2. Naa Thalampamtaa Neeve Yesayaa
3. Snehithaa Divya Snehithaa
4. Velugethi Moraliduchunnanu Yehohvaanu Brathimaalu Chunnaanu
5. Ee Dinam Sadaa Naa Yesuke Somtham
6. Ee Divini Kaachi Brochutakai Singer: Prabhakar
7. Solipoyina Manasaa Neevu Seda Theerchuko
8. Swasthatha Parachu Yehohvaa Neeve
9. Devaa Neeve Naa Jeevam Neeve


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  1. excellent collection. been trying to download these songs since a very long time. thanx a lot. could u upload the other albums of them. i luv this song yaathrikulam manamandharam. its my favourite. once again thanx alot

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Bro!! Link was updated. You can download now.

  3. Brother..... I want this song, nee muka kanthi lona Ana hrudaya deep am velegenu

  4. Excellent Songs and Music wonderful job