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Thrice - Beggars (2009) English Christian Album

Beggars is the sixth Studio album released by American Christian Rock Band Thrice. This album was released on August 11, 2009 and released under the label Vagrant Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Beggars

Artist :: Thrice

Release Date ::
August 11, 2009

Genre :: Experimental rock

Label :: Vagrant

from left to right: Eddie Breckenridge (bass), Teppei Teranishi (lead guitar, keyboards),
Dustin Kensrue (vocals, rhythm guitar), Riley Breckenridge (drums)

Band Members:
  • Dustin Kensrue - Lead vocals, guitar
  • Teppei Teranishi - Guitar, keyboards, piano
  • Eddie Breckenridge - Bass
  • Riley Breckenridge - Drums


1. ”All the World Is Mad”
2. ”The Weight”
3. ”Circles”
4. ”Doublespeak”
5. ”In Exile”
6. ”At the Last”
7. ”Wood & Wire”
8. ”Talking Through Glass”
9. ”The Great Exchange”
10. ”Beggars”

Thrice - Making of "Beggars" : Part one

Riley from Thrice on Vimeo.

Thrice - Making of "Beggars" : Part Two

Teppei from Thrice on Vimeo.

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