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Jason Gray – Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (2009) English Christian Album Download

Jason Gray – Everything Sad Is Coming UntrueJason Gray – Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue
Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue is the seventh Studio album by Singer and songwriter Jason Gray. The album was released on September 1, 2009.

:: About Jason Gray ::
Jason Jeffrey Gray (born January 18, 1972) is an American singer-songwriter born and raised in Minnesota who now lives near the Twin Cities area.
Jason was born Jason Gay, but added an "r" to his last name in 2006 due to fans of his music having trouble getting past internet content filters to access his web page and email. Jason grew up in Southwestern Minnesota. He spent six years in youth ministry, before going into full time music ministry in 1999 as an independent artist. Jason has a speech handicap, and as a stutterer, his work emphasizes finding strength in weakness.

Jason was honored as one of Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans in 2003 by the Minnesota Junior Chamber for his volunteerism, civic leadership, and humanitarian work with World Vision's Hope Initiative, which addresses the needs of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa and other third-world countries. Jason has been to Africa in 2003 and 2006, and is known for his advocacy of AIDS orphans as well as his music.

Jason released four independent records before signing with Centricity Records in 2006. Centricity released his first major label record, "All The Lovely Losers" in 2007. ChristianityToday.com calls Jason one of "Christian music's best kept secrets."
Jason has collaborated with artists such as Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, Joel Hanson (frontman for 90's Christian rock band PFR), and others. Jason is married to Taya Gray, and they live in southern Minnesota with their three children.

Album :: Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue

Artist :: Jason Gray

Release Date ::
September 1, 2009

Genre :: Worship Music

Label :: Centricity Music

Hometown :: Minneapolis, MN.

Jason GrayJason Gray – Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue

  1. More Like Falling In Love
  2. Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (Part 1)
  3. For The First Time Again
  4. Fade With Our Voices
  5. Holding The Key
  6. How I Ended Up Here
  7. Help Me, Thank You
  8. Better Way To Live
  9. Hold Me Back
  10. The Golden Boy & The Prodigal
  11. Jesus Use Me, I'm Yours
  12. I Am New
  13. Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (Part 2)


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