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Matt Papa – Your Kingdom Come (2009) English Christian Album Download

Matt Papa – Your Kingdom ComeMatt Papa – Your Kingdom Come
The imaginative arrangements and emotional creativity displayed on Your Kingdom Come is bound to place Matt Papa on the map – even more so than his last effort, You Are Good. That first release landed Papa on a couple of impressive compilations – one being Rick Warren’s Invitation and the 2007 WOW Worship disc, featuring “You Are Good” and “Unto the One” respectively.

On this new chapter, Papa takes a chapter out of the David Crowder book of worship disc organization (which took a chapter out of every rap CD made) with numerous interludes. All told there are five here, which makes Your Kingdom Come look like it takes up more room on your hard drive than it really does. Yet it’s these interludes that provide some of the best material on the album, especially the quick “So Come Reign…”

Many tracks on Your Kingdom Come strike the listener as no different than what you will find on most other decently produced worship albums. And, if anything, Papa’s voice can become so earnest that you wonder when the other girl jeans-clad hipsters are hiding or why he’s not playing in a band with a number in the title. But once you get past both of those issues – which for the first, how much more territory can be covered by a worship leader, really – there are a few gems here to really enjoy.

“No One Else” finds Papa at his vocal best. His energetic, emotional delivery fits perfectly on this subdued-turned-frenetic-turned-subdued track. The song does feature some typical cliché phrases, but King David has been using them for centuries now, so I figure some copying isn’t all bad.

“Hallelujah Our God Reigns” is easily the best track here and is an easy radio single choice if anyone is servicing such things to the proper outlets. This will also become an instant live favorite with young and old alike. The raw riffs here are really just fantastic and the melody sears even with a simple statement of the glory of God. “To The Least of These” rides a Euro-pop rhythm and arrangement while Papa sings much needed lyrics about worship making an actual difference in this word.

In many ways, this is just another worship disc. But if you’re this far, you’re already looking for a new disc in this genre anyway. And for the gems present here, you could definitely do a lot worse than Your Kingdom Come. The energy and emotion present here cannot be easily conjured and it’s exciting to find a disc like this.

Album :: Your Kingdom Come

Artist :: Matt Papa

Release Date ::
November, 2009

Genre :: Alternative Rock Worship

Label :: Centricity Music

Hometown :: Raleigh, NC.

Matt Papa – Your Kingdom ComeMatt Papa – Your Kingdom Come


1) Hallelujah, Our God Reigns
2) So Come Reign...
3) Your Kingdom Come
4) Open Hands
5) Here Am I, Send Me
6) Seek It First...
7) To the Least of These
8) God of Grace
9) Trinity
10) You Can Do Anything
11) Hymn In C
12) Alive
13) Every Knee Will Bow
14) Where is the Difference
15) Woe To You
16) We Will Shine
17) No One Else
18) 117

Matt Papa – Your Kingdom ComeMatt Papa – Your Kingdom Come

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