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Brighten - Be Human EP 2010 English Christian album download

Brighten - Be Human EP 2010 English Christian album downloadBrighten - Be Human EP 2010 English Christian album download
Brighten is a pop rock band from Chico, California, consisting of brothers Justin (guitar, lead vocals) and Jimmy (drums) Richards, and Alex Draper (bass, backing vocals). The band has recently been on tour with This Providence, Cute Is What We Aim For, Eisley, and All Time Low. In 2007, their debut album, King vs. Queen, was released on Carbon Copy Media, without the band's full knowledge.

Album Details::

Album :: Be Human EP

Artist :: Brighten

Release Date ::
March 23rd, 2010

Genre :: Indie, Alternative rock, Crunk

Label :: Action Theory Records

Location :: Chico, California

Brighten - Be Human 2010 Hq wallpaperBrighten - Be Human 2010 Hq wallpaper
Although the band has been playing together for nine years, they only formed a band in 2004. In high school, Brighten went by the name Sincerely Me, though after high school, due to minor conflict, they changed their name to Brighten.

They independently released their debut EP, Ready When You Are, on November 9, 2005. The EP was extremely well-received by critics[1], and has since sold out.

In 2006, Victory Records sued Carbon Copy Media, and in the resulting turn of events Brighten's debut album, King vs. Queen, could not be released. After selling a 9-track version independently at their concerts, Brighten discovered in March 2007 that the album had in fact been released.

In June 2007, Brighten began a tour with Hawthorne Heights.

Brighten has shared the stage with: The Maine, From First to Last, Taking Back Sunday, Number One Gun, The Junior Varsity, Lydia, Waking Ashland, Eisley, This Holiday Life, and more.

Brighten is represented by Tim Kirch and Tanner Radcliffe at 8123 Management.

In 2008 Jimmy Richards raised enough money to travel to Africa and minister African children. He has said that he will return to the band and play drums when he gets back to America. For a short time time Richards was replaced by ex-Parade the Day drummer Ben Spear, and also briefly by Loren Brinton, who also drummed in Lydia and A Rocket to the Moon. Richards has since returned and participated in the band's most recent recording effort.

Justin Richards is now a full time touring member of A Rocket to the Moon which has put Brighten on a temporary hiatus. However, Brighten announced via their myspace in May 2009 that the next month they would go into the studio in with producer Jeff Schneeweis with hopes of recording new material.

The band has finished recording their next EP, called "Be Human", set to released March 23rd 2010. However, they will not be touring to promote it due to A Rocket To The Moon's busy upcoming touring schedule. Justin has said that he won't stop doing Brighten, but it will be "just for fun."

Brighten - Be Human Band MembersBrighten - Be Human Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Justin Richards - Guitar,Vocals
  • Alex Drapper - Bass,Vocals
  • Jimmy Richards - Drums, Vocals
Former members ::
  • Ben Spear - Drums
  • Austin Gibbs - Guitar

Track Listing ::

1. Where We Belong
2. I Lost Her
3. That Girl
4. Where We Belong
5. While The Fire Was Out
6. Without You

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