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Charmaine - Love Reality 2010 English christian album download

Charmaine - Love Reality 2010 English christian album downloadCharmaine - Love Reality 2010 English christian album download
Charmaine is a pop solo artist/ songwriter from Sydney, Australia. She was born on tour while her parents' music group, Endless Praise, was in the United States. She is Chilean decent, raised in Sydney, Australia, with an American passport which is why she is coined a "modern day gypsy." Her music is best described as pop/orchestral electronic.

Album Details::

Album :: Love Reality

Artist :: Charmaine

Release Date ::
March 30th, 2010

Genre :: Indie, Pop, Electronic

Label :: in:ciite Media Records

Location :: Nashville, TN

Charmaine - Love reality HQ wallpaper downloadCharmaine - Love reality HQ wallpaper download
An only child of parents who immigrated to Australia from Chile, Charmaine was raised in Sydney, Australia. With music at the core of their family, her parents committed their lives to music ministry and traveled the world as part of a vocal group; Charmaine was born on tour in Los Angeles and raised out of a suitcase.

At 16, her musical gift was discovered by David Smallbone, father/manager of Rebecca St James. Mr. Smallbone invited Charmaine to record a project (“All About Jesus” 2002) for an Inpop Records imprint label, Elevate Records, and also to relocate to the states as an opening act for Rebecca St.James. Charmaine toured for 7 years with RSJ world-wide, then knew it was time to branch out on her own yet again.

Charmaine - Love Reality 2010 spending time with kidsCharmaine - Love Reality 2010 spending time with kids
In 2009 an opportunity to release an album of her own for in:ciite (formerly Indelible Creative Group); the record will hit the shelves in the spring of 2010. “This project has exceeded our expectations and our support and belief in Charmaine goes beyond the music to the core of who she is as a person,” says Chris Thomason, CEO of in:ciite. Charmaine says The journey is not always easy but it’s an adventurous one walking it with Him, a message that can be found in her first single, “TOKYO!” releasing to radio 9-25-09.

Charmaine is currently signed to William Morris Endeavor Entertainment for all personal appearances and concerts.

Charmaine - Love Reality 2010 Ultra HQ wallpaper downloadCharmaine - Love Reality 2010 Ultra HQ wallpaper download

Track Listing ::

1. Tell me
2. At My Door
3. Love Reality
4. Run
5. Tokyo
6. Tied To The Ground
7. Fighting Furies
8. Not Fair
9. Epiphaniy
10. Revolutionary Thought

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