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DecembeRadio - Live Christian English Album download

DecembeRadio - Live English Christian album downloadDecembeRadio - Live English Christian album download
Finally, a LIVE CD from one the most exciting bands in Christian music! Enjoy the raspy vocals of lead singer, Josh Reedy, and the signature guitar riffs that have made DecembeRadio a staple in Christian music. The release left the audience, and now YOU, on their feet.

Album Details::

Album :: Live

Artist :: DecembeRadio

Release Date ::
March 23,2010

Genre :: Rock

Label :: Slanted Records

DecembeRadio - LiveDecembeRadio - Live Guitarist Brian Bunn
DecembeRadio is an American Christian rock band originally formed in 2003; presently composed of bassist and lead vocalist Josh Reedy, lead guitarist Brian Bunn, rhythm guitarist Eric Miker and drummer Boone Daughdrill. This lineup came into being with the addition of Daughdrill to the original trio in late 2005.

Reedy, Bunn and Miker first ventured out on their own as DecembeRadio after a stint as touring band for evangelist Billy Wayne Arrington. After a year of gigging, DecembeRadio released two independent albums in early 2005. Following their signing with Slanted Records and the addition of Daughdrill on drums, the band released DecembeRadio in June 2006. The album was nominated for "Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album" at the 49th Grammy Awards, and won the 2007 Dove Award for "Rock Album of the Year". A follow-up, Satisfied, was released in August 2008.

Musically, DecembeRadio is heavily influenced by hard rock and blues-rock from the 1970s, owing to early exposure to family members' record collections. Their sound has been compared to that of Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes and Lenny Kravitz, among others.

DecembeRadio - LiveDecembeRadio - Live Band Members Brian Bunn, Boonr Daughdrill, Eric Miker, Josh Reedy
Band Members::
  • Brian Bunn
  • Boonr Daughdrill
  • Eric Miker
  • Josh Reedy


01. Believer

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02. Love Found Me

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03. Live And Breathe

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04. Better Man

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05. Find You Waiting

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06. Powerful Thing

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07. Satisfy Me

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08. Drifter

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09. Love Can

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10. Be Alright

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11. Gasoline

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DecembeRadio - Live Band MembersDecembeRadio - Live Band members


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