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Jaime Jamgochian - Reason to live 2010 English Christian Album download

Jaime Jamgochian - Reason to live 2010 English Christian Album downloadJaime Jamgochian - Reason to live 2010 English Christian Album download
Reason to Live is the latest Christian Album released by Jaime Jamgochian under the label of Centricity Music.
On her new Centricity Records project, Above the Noise, Jaime has once again crafted a potent collection of songs that help the listener strip away the distractions and surrender to the essence of worship. “I want people to sense the true passion for worship,” says the vivacious strawberry blonde singer/songwriter. “Hopefully, they’ll drive in their car and start lifting their voices.”

Album Details::

Album :: Reason to Live

Artist :: Jaime Jamgochian

Release Date ::
January 12th, 2010

Genre :: Contemporary, Pop, Acoustic

Label :: Centricity Music

Location :: Nashville, TN

Jaime Jamgochian - Reason to liveJaime Jamgochian - Reason to live
It’s her ability to help others draw closer to God--whether in a Sunday morning worship service or driving alone to work on a Monday--that has made Jaime one of Christian music’s most acclaimed new artists. Her Centricity debut, Reason to Live, spawned the modern classic, “Hear My Worship,” which spent nine weeks atop the Inspo charts. Jaime’s music and effervescent personality have touched thousands of young women as she’s appeared on Point of Grace’s Girls of Grace conferences. In addition, Jaime has stepped forward and launched her own “Modest is Hottest” conferences for young girls. Last summer, she also went to Peru with 800 girls on a mission trip sponsored by Brio magazine.

“I feel like this year has been hectic and kind of chaotic in some ways,” says Jaime. “It’s been a struggle for me to be still and find those moments with Jesus that I feel like I had before I was doing all this. When we were writing for this record, I felt like I wanted to get above the noise. I wanted to get above radio singles and touring and all the stuff that bombards me daily as a new artist. We all have crazy days. It takes time to be still. It takes time to set aside an hour to just listen to God--not just reading our Bibles and fervently praying--but just receiving his love. That’s the heart of Above the Noise.”

In writing songs for the new record, Jaime took time to be still and hear God speak to her. “When I’m writing a song, I really want my relationship with God to grow in that moment or challenge others to grow,” she says. “When I write a song, I hope it translates corporately, but also I hope that someone in the car will turn on the radio and just have a moment.”

Track Listing ::

1. Love Rains Down
2. My King, My God
3. Hear My Worship
4. Reason To Live
5. Glorious King
6. Devoted
7. Jesus, Light Of The World
8. You Are
9. Lift Up The Name
10. Love Irresistible
11. All I Want Is You
12. You
13. Heart Of Heaven

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