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Letters to God: official motion picture soundtrack 2010

Letters to god official soundtrack 2010Letters to god official soundtrack 2010
Hey everyone.. just writing this post to let you know that today “Bonded Records” just press released the track listing of the original motion picture Letters To God which hits stores on March 30th and the film opens on April 9th through Vivendi Entertainment. Included in the soundtrack are melodic pop-rock favorites Jeremy Camp, Between The Trees, and Dishwalla singer J.R. Richards. Singer-songwriters Aaron Barnhart, Ann Marie Boskovich, and Matthew West, all contribute beautiful tracks. Country fans also have something to be happy about with the inclusion of artists like Warren Brothers and Due West.

Album Details::

Album :: Letters to god: OST

Artist :: various artist

Release Date ::
March 30th, 2010

Genre :: Contemporary, Rock, Pop, Praise

Label :: Bonded Records

Location :: Orlando, FL

A heartfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemption, Letters to God is the story of what happens when one boy’s walk of faith crosses paths with one man’s search for meaning the resulting transformational journey touches the lives of everyone around them. The soundtrack to Letters to God compliments the film’s inspirational and uplifting message. So enough with the presentation, here goes the awaited track list.

Track Listing ::
Disc 1:
1. Letters to God – Main Title (Original Score) Colin O’Malley
2. Dear Mr. God – Warren Brothers
3. A Beautiful End – J.R. Richards
4. Tyler’s Letters – (Original Score) Colin O’Malley
5. Have You Met Jesus – ReGeneration
6. Everything is Beautiful – Anne Marie Boskovich
7. You Give Me Hope (acoustic) – Ryan Kirkland
8. Hope Now – Addison Road
9. Letters on the Altar – (Original Score) Colin O’Malley
10. Throw Me A Line – Michael Gleason
11. The Water’s Edge – Aaron Barnhart
12. The Great Daduska – (Original Score) Colin O’Malley

Disc 2:
1. Hold Out Your Hands – (Original Score) Colin O’Malley
2. We Can Try – Between The Trees
3. Bracelet – (Original Score) Colin O’Malley
4. Amazing Grace – Wintley Phipps
5. You Are Everything – Matthew West
6. Take A Little Time – Jeremy Camp
7. Come Around – Stars Go Dim
8. He Is Alive – Paul Colman
9. You Give Me Hope – Between The Trees
10. We Need Each Other – Sanctus Real
11. Everything Is Beautiful – Due West

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