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Mantric - The Descent 2010 English christian songs download

Mantric - The Descent 2010 English christian songs downloadMantric - The Descent 2010 English christian songs download
The Descent was the latest album announced by the Christian english Metal Band MANTRIC. This will releases on April 26th, 2010

Album Details ::

Album :: The Descent

Artist :: Mantric

Release Date ::
April 26th,2010

Genre :: Punk, Metal, Proc

Label :: Prosthetic Records

Location :: Oslo, Norway

Mantric Logo Ultra HQ wallpaperMantric Logo Ultra HQ wallpaper
MANTRIC - "The Descent" - Biography 2010 ::

Prosthetic Records is proud to unveil the debut album The Descent from Norway’s Mantric. Formed in 2007 in Oslo, Norway from the ashes of metal visionaries, Extol, Mantric takes this pioneering songwriting approach to new, epic heights.

Fusing a unique, distinctly Scandinavian take on rich, challenging metal and modern punk with a powerful progressive edge, Mantric recorded The Descent in Norway, with studio guru Tue Madsen handling mixing and mastering duties. Prosthetic Records quickly recognized that something rather special was developing and are now very happy to have Mantric as part of their diverse roster.

Mantric are the first worldwide signing of a European band to Prosthetic Records and vocalist and guitarist Ole Sveen commented, “We are truly satisfied to end up signing with Prosthetic! Our first album using the Mantric name to our ears deserves to get out to lovers of hard music all over the world, and Prosthetic makes this possible. We also feel honored to be amongst the quality and variety represented by the bands signed to Prosthetic. Our music embraces creativity and originality outside the limits of narrow genres, so it suits us fine to deal with a label that also values this. This is a release that is both accessible and original, catchy and complex at the same time, and we can’t wait to get it out!".

The partnership with Mantric is a significant move for Prosthetic, being the label’s first worldwide signing of a European band. Prosthetic’s European label manager, Duncan Dinsdale, also commented: “I’m very excited to be working with a band of such pedigree. I’ve been a huge fan of Extol for a long time, and now Mantric are making truly urgent music that reaffirms my faith in what challenging heavy music should be.”

Mantric will showcase The Descent with a selection of gigs across Norway around the release date before embarking on UK, European and North American tours to support the album throughout 2010. The Descent is truly urgent music - just as great, challenging heavy music should be. Enjoy!

Mantric Band members Ultra HQ wallpaperMantric Band members Ultra HQ wallpaper
Band Members ::
  • Ole Sveen - Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin, Squeezebox
  • John Mjaaland - Bass, Vocal
  • Kim Akerholdt - Drums
  • Anders Salomon Lidal - Soundscapes
  • Tor Glidje - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Mantric - The Descent by Prosthetic RecordsMantric - The Descent by Prosthetic Records
Track Listing ::

01. The Asylum 2013 [Instrumental] (3:28)
02. Tower of Silence (3:42)
03. Symptoms (4:51)
04. Invasion (3:28)
05. Spear of Heaven (6:30)
06. Cognitive Cocaine (3:23)
07. Alihorn (4:19)(feat. guest vocals by Ilkka Viitasalo
of Benea Reach / ex-Selfmindead)
08. Choice (4:38)
09. In a Treacherous Kiss (3:11)
10. Water Through Fire (4:26)
11. Dark Passenger (3:29)(feat. guest vocals by Ilkka Viitasalo
of Benea Reach / ex-Selfmindead)
12. Uro (5:47)

Total Playtime: 51:12

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