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Poema - Sing it now 2010 English christian album download

Poema - Sing it now 2010 English christian album downloadPoema - Sing it now 2010 English christian album download
Music has always played a key role in the lives of acoustic pop duo “Poema” (PO-EM-UH). Shealeen and Elle, two sisters (19 and 17 years old, respectively) discovered that songwriting is a pretty great vehicle for saying exactly what’s on their minds. Growing up in a close-knit family where music was an integral part of life, Shealeen and Elle inevitably followed in their parent’s footsteps. The duo has shown immense dedication to perfecting their musical talent. Not only has Shaeleen been classically trained in piano for 11 years, but Elle basically taught herself to play guitar. Poema poured their hear and soul into their debut release “Sing It Now” with help from producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost, Copeland.) Expect big things from these sisters from Albuquerque, NM.

Album Details::

Album :: Sing it Now EP

Artist :: Poema

Release Date ::
March 23rd, 2010

Genre :: Acoustic, Pop, Indie

Label :: Tooth and Nail Records

Location :: Albuquerque, New Mexico

poema band hq wallpaperPoema band HQ wallpaper
Reviews & Opinions:
A terrific first cut by a pair of siblings from New Mexico. It is inevitable that they will be compared to the reigning teen pop princess, Taylor Swift. Although the subject matter, production values and ages are similar, and they both write their own material, there is one critical, very important difference: These girls can sing, and they do it without Autotune. May they have a long, happy and productive career. - Shuck and Jive

poema band songs downloadPoema Band songs download
Track Listing ::
1. 2 AM
2. City Boy
3. Feel The Same Way
4. Echo Off The Sky
5. Safe To Say
6. Blue Sweater

poema girlsPoema Girls
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