Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Queens club - Young Giant (2010) English Christian album download

Queens club - young giant english christian album downloadQueens club - Young Giant 2010 English Christian album download
Queens Club, formed in 2008 by ex-members of The Chariot, are unashamedly accessible, with a dash of attitude. Ok, more than a dash. A ton of attitude. In fact, one can’t help but call to mind the energy found in bands like Franz Ferdinand or Bloc Party upon listening, but comparisons aside, Queens Club brings plenty of originality to the table. Queens Club are destined heirs to the rock throne and are ready to rule the hearts of music lovers worldwide. The band’s debut album “Young Giant” is set to takeover.

Album Details::

Album :: Young Giant

Artist :: Queens Club

Release Date ::
March 23,2010

Genre :: Garage, Electronic, Pop

Label :: Tooth and Nail Records

Location :: Kansas City, Missouri

Queens club - young giant bandQueens club - Young Giant band members
Band Members ::
  • Jake Ryan - Drums, Programming
  • Daniel Eaton - Vocals, Guitars
  • Andrew Nichols - Guitars, Programming, Vocals
  • Tyler Bottles - Bass

Track Listing ::
1. Are We? Will We?
2. Issinair
3. Cutt Me Off
4. An Apparition
5. Dust
6. Less Talk
7. Lydia
8. Upstart
9. Family Ties
10. Nightmarer
11. I’m American
12. Danger Kids

Queens club - young giant bandQueens club - Young Giant Band members


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