Friday, March 26, 2010

Rodney Raines - From My Soul 2010 English Christian album download

Rodney Raines - From My Soul 2010 English Christian album downloadRodney Raines - From My Soul 2010 English Christian album download
From My Soul is the latest Christian Praise and Worship album sung and released by Rodney Raines in 2010.

Album Details::

Album :: From My Soul

Artist :: Rodney Raines

Release Date ::

Genre :: Spiritual, Gospel Choir

Label :: Unknown

Location :: Fayetteville, NC

History ::

Rodney Raines has been called a singer with a Preacher’s anointing and proclaimed by many prominient leaders as ‘one who is definitely anointed to lead God’s people in to worship.’ Although he is ordained as an Elder to preach, Rodney delivers a powerful message in song with a passion and conviction birthed from his relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour. As most gospel singers, Rodney began singing in the church choir and his fathers quartet as soon he was able to talk. Through this early start, he drives himself to deliver the message with strength and by any means necessary. Rodney Raines has recorded professionally for almost 20 years lending his powerhouse lead vocals to mainstream gospel artists such as Pastor John P. Kee’s Victory In Praise convention choir and Inner City Mass choir. He has also recorded two independent projects of his own – For This We Say Thanks (2000) and From My Soul (2009) and three projects with his current church True Vine Ministries WOF where he serves as Music and Worship Pastor. Rodney says, “My heart’s desire is to avail the gift of song God has given me to expose the people of God to HIS presence with a driving force they’ve never experienced before. My dad taught me to stand before the people and sing with all that I have within me and to live so I wont be ashamed.”

Rodney has been compared to vocalists such as Pastor Daryl Coley, Bishop Walter Hawkins , Pastor John P. Kee and Bishop Hezekiah Walker. He remains contemporary and up to date with his delivery as shown in his easy embrace of a smooth soothing ballad and a forceful octane-loaded gospel drive. ” I believe that in order to stay relevant to current times, a psalmist must keep up with current trends but maintain consistency with the message! This latest music ministry offering has a blend of songs that represent a phase of my growing relationship with Jesus-from traditional to contemporary. It’s all – From My Soul!!”

Track Listing ::

1. Run
2. Great Is The Lord
3. They That Wait
4. They That Wait (Reprise)
5. We Bow
6. When The Roll Is Called
7. Golden Bells
8. Dancin’
9. Yes Lord
10. My Faith Looks Up To Thee
11. What If (Feat da Brothas)

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