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Starfield - Beauty in the Broken (2006) English Christian album download

starfield - beauty in the brokenstarfield - beauty in the broken english christian album download
Starfield is a Canadian Christian music group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group has songs and albums that have charted in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They have won multiple Covenant Awards in Canada.

Album Details::

Album :: Beauty in the broken

Artist :: Starfield

Release Date ::
May 16, 2006

Genre :: Rock, Pop, Worship

Label :: Sparrow Records/Chordant(EMI)

Location :: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

starfield - beauty in the brokenstarfield - beauty in the broken
History ::
Starfield was originally formed by brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld, both from Winnipeg. Shaun Huberts and Gordie Cochran, both of Victoria, British Columbia, had then joined the band. Shaun Huberts left the band August 9, 2006, after his last performance at the DCLA Convention in Anaheim, CA. His replacement was Dave Crisp. The band moved back to Canada (Abbotsford, British Columbia) in the fall of 2006 after several years of living in Nashville. Soon after their North American tour with Shane and Shane, featuring Bethany Dillion, both Dave Crisp and Gordie Cochran moved on. (Gordie is now playing drums on a worship team at Christian Life Assembly in Langley, British Columbia.) James Johnston (Winnipeg, MB) and Dave Lalonde (Oakville, ON) are now on bass and drums, respectively. Both James and Dave had played with Starfield on and off for the past 8 years before signing on full time in September 2008.

starfield - beauty in the brokenstarfield - beauty in the broken Band members
Band Members ::
  • Tim Neufeld (lead vocals, guitars)
  • Jon Neufeld (guitars, vocals)
  • Dave Lalonde (drums)
  • James Johnston (bass guitar)

Track Listing ::
1. My Generation
2. The Hand That Holds The World
3. Son Of God
4. Everything Is Beautiful
5. Captivate
6. Great Is The Lord
7. Unashamed
8. Love Is The Reversal
9. Obsession
10. Glorious One
11. Shipwreck

starfield performing livestarfield band performing live


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