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Vineyard Music – Discover Vineyard Worship (2010) English christian album download

vineyard music - discover vineyard worship english various artists album downloadvineyard music - discover vineyard worship english various artists album download
Vineyard Artists:
Andy Park, Billy Somerville, Bobby Hartry, Brenton Brown, Brian Doerksen, Brian Thiessen, Bruce Ellis, Casey Corum, Charlie Hines, Chris Lizotte, Cindy Rethmeier, Crispin Schroeder, Dan Wilt, Danny Daniels, Darren and Jessie Clarke, Dave Chumchal, Dave Fife, David Ruis, Eddie Espinosa, Jeremy Riddle, John and Marie Barnett, Jessica Ketola, Jim Folkrod, John Wimber, Kat Regester, Kathryn Scott, Kelly Carpenter, Luke Chi, Nigel Briggs, Marc Nelson, Mark McCoy, Martin Reardon, Michael Frye, Michael Hansen, Michael Pritzl, Monique Tute, Randy Butler, Randy McCoy, Rita Springer, Robbie Reider, Ryan Delmore, Samuel Lane, Scott Underwood, Sheri Carr, Terry Butler, Tony Sanchez, Vicky Beeching, Wendy O’Connell, Jeff Anderson, 1000 Generations, Mike O’Brien, Autumn In Repair, Trent – 5:17, Matt Chalk, Crystal Lewis, and more…

discover vineyard worship album downloaddiscover vineyard worship album download
Vineyard Music is a non-profit ministry focused on the encouragement and development of authentic, accessible, and initimate worship in the Vineyard movement and beyond. We accomplish this in vital partnership with our creative community of worship leaders and songwriters with whom God deposits the resources and songs that reflect His life and activity in the local church. Our main activities include the documenting and recording of new songs as they emerge from the local church, the development of training resources, conferencing and training events, sales and marketing of Vineyard music and resources, as well as publishing, licensing, and distribution.

Album :: Discover Vineyard Worship

Artist :: Vineyard Music (Various Artists)

Release Date ::
Jan 26th, 2010

Genre :: Praise and Worship

Label :: Vineyard/Word

Location :: USA

For over thirty years, Vineyard Music has been dedicated to bringing great new worship songs to the church, many of which have been recorded by artists such as Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, Third Day and D.C. Talk. Born within local Vineyard churches, many of these songs have been warmly embraced by worshipers worldwide. As part of their commitment to embracing the value of worship and empowering local church worship leaders, Vineyard Music recently launched Varietal Records. The label will serve as a pathway for great songs and talented, passionate worship leaders as Vineyard introduces these dynamic voices to churches across the country and around the world.

Reviews & Opinions:
I find it interesting that we are “discovering” Vineyard worship. If not for the legacy of passionate, intimate, “I to You” worship music that the Vineyard Movement introduced us to, the church would be worshipping God through song, much, much differently today. If John Wimber (the founder of the Vineyard) had not obeyed God’s call to the UK, when everyone told him they were pagan and a lost cause, there would be no Matt Redman, no Tim Hughes, and no Delirious, (and dare I say…no Chris Tomlin , no David Crowder, no “fill in the blank” because they were influenced by the aforementioned folks). So on behalf of the Church…thank you John & thank you Vineyard, for staying true to your values and for helping John fulfill one of his dreams, to “change the way the Church worships”. Vineyard worship is coming from everywhere now…YOU DID IT….oh…and the album is GREAT!

vineyard music various artists album downloadineyard music various artists album download

Track Listing:

1. Sing Your Praise – Sheri Carr
2. Jesus’ Name – Jeff Anderson
3. Fail Us Not – 1000 Generations
4. Clean – Mike O’Brien
5. Oh Lovely One – Marie Barnett/Ryan Delmore
6. Full Attention – Jeremy Riddle
7. All I Have – Autumn In Repair
8. As Children – Jeremy Riddle
9. Not Of Our Hands – 1000 Generations
10. Unfailing Love – Trent – 5:17
11. God Of All Splendor – Robbie Reider/Sheri Carr
12. Forever You – Matt Chalk
13. Brighter Day – Chris Lizotte/Crystal Lewis
14. Glory To The King – Chris Lizotte
15. Call Upon Your Name – Marie Barnett/Ryan Delmore
16. Flood – Ryan Delmore

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