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War of Ages - Eternal 2010 English Christian Album download

War of Ages - Eternal 2010 English Christian album downloadWar of Ages - Eternal 2010 English Christian album download
For the fourth full-length album Eternal, War Of Ages once again decided to team up with Daniel Castleman and Tim Lambesis at Lambesis Studios where they recorded their previous album Arise & Conquer. Eternal is the next step in both songwriting and production, and with all War Of Ages albums, will be backed up by solid worldwide touring. With combined catalog sales of over 60,000 and touring history all over the USA and Europe, War Of Ages are poised and ready to take on the world with the release of Eternal.

Album Details::

Album :: Eternal

Artist :: War of Ages

Release Date ::
April 13th,2010

Genre :: Metalcore

Label :: Facedown Records

Location :: Pennsylvania, Erie

War of Ages Logo Ultra HQ wallpaperWar of Ages Logo Ultra HQ wallpaper download
History ::

War of Ages (sometimes abbreviated WOA, formerly known as Point Zero) is a Christian metalcore band formed during the summer of 2002 in Erie, Pennsylvania. They are known for fusing Power Metal influences with their Metalcore sound.

They often played alongside the then more famous band Jesus Wept. They played over 250 shows in 2005 with bands such as Bury Your Dead, The Acacia Strain, As I Lay Dying, and Throwdown.

They have since released their self-titled debut album War of Ages in July 2005 on Strike First Records and in February 2006, they were moved to the Facedown Records roster and recorded their second full-length album, Pride of the Wicked, released in September 2006. Arise and Conquer was released in 2008. Eternal, set to be released in April 2010, will be the last album released under Facedown Records.

War of Ages band members Ultra HQ wallpapersWar of Ages - Eternal Band members Alex Hamp (drums), Branon Bernatowicz (guitar), Leroy Hamp (vocals), Steve Brown (guitar), T.J. Alford (bass)
Band Members ::
  • Leroy Hamp - Vocals
  • Branon Bernatowicz - Guitar
  • Steve Brown - Guitar
  • T.J. Alford - Bass
  • Alex Hamp- Drums
Former members ::
  • Kang Garnic - Guitar
  • Nate Owensby - Bass
  • Rob Kerner - Drums
  • Jonathan Lynch - Guitar

War of Ages - Eternal Band members Ultra HQ wallpapersWar of Ages - Eternal Band members Ultra HQ wallpapers
Track Listing ::

01. Collapse (4:04)
02. Desire (2:54)(feat. guest vocals by Tim Lambesis of
As I Lay Dying / Austrian Death Machine)

03. Failure (4:30)
04. My Resting Place (3:04)
05. Eternal (3:29)(feat. guest vocals by Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)
06. Indecision (3:33)
07. Lack of Clarity (3:48)(feat. guest vocals by Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying / Year One)
08. The Fallen (3:38)
09. Your Betrayal (2:56)
10. Instrumental (3:48)

Total Playtime: 35:44

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