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As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise 2010 English Christian Album Download

as i lay dying - the powerless rise 2010 english christian album download
as i lay dying - the powerless rise 2010 english christian album download
The Powerless Rise is the fifth studio album by American metalcore band As I Lay Dying. The album will be released on May 11, 2010 through Metal Blade Records. The album is available for pre-order via iTunes with an instant download of the song "Beyond Our Suffering".

Album Details ::

Album :: The Powerless Rise

Artist :: As I lay Dying

Release Date ::
May 11th,2010

Genre :: Metal Core

Label :: Metal Blade Records

Producer :: Daniel Castelman, Adam Dutkiewicz

as i lay dying the powerless rise band members
as i lay dying the powerless rise band members
History ::
As I Lay Dying began writing songs for The Powerless Rise in mid 2009 following two years of touring for the band's 2007 album An Ocean Between Us. By the end of September, the group had finished "about 6-7" songs and was scheduled to enter the studio on October 17, 2009 where they would continue to write new songs. This is in contrast to previous albums by As I Lay Dying that had been written over the course of only a few months. The three years between the release of An Ocean Between Us and The Powerless Rise has been the largest gap between releases from the band to date. Frontman Tim Lambesis stated that while some bands "need to rush out a crappy record so they can start touring again to pay their bills," As I Lay Dying had been working hard to "make a record worth listening to (hopefully), and start touring again when we're done."
The Powerless Rise was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and Daniel Castelman, and was mixed by Colin Richardson and Martyn Ford. Adam Dutkiewicz also produced As I Lay Dying's An Ocean Between Us. According to guitarist Phil Sgrosso, Dutkiewicz was chosen over ten other producers the band had talked with after "realizing that Adam understands our sound better than most." Castelman and Richardson were also audio engineers on An Ocean Between Us.

as i lay dying band members
as i lay dying the powerless rise 2010 Band members
Band Members ::
  • Tim Lambesis — Vocals (2000-) (Austrian Death Machine, Society’s Finest, Point of Recognition)
  • Phil Sgrosso — Guitar (2003-) (also bass 2005, 2007) (Tomra, Double Whammy, Saber Tooth)
  • Nick Hipa — Guitar (2004-) (Evelynn, Double Whammy, Master Originator)
  • Josh Gilbert — Bass/Vocals (2007-) (Year One, All In, This Endearing, Woolytooth)
  • Jordan Mancino — Drums (2000-) (Edge of Morality, Session for Sworn Enemy, Destroy the Runner)

as i lay dying the powerless rise band
as i lay dying band members

Track Listing ::

01. Beyond Our Suffering 01:59
02. Anodyne Sea 04:34
03. Without Conclusion 03:15
04. Parallels 04:57
05. The Plague 03:42
06. Anger and Apathy 04:25
07. Condemned 02:49
08. Upside Down Kingdom 04:00
09. Vacancy 04:26
10. The Only Constant Is Change 04:07
11. The Blinding of False Light 05:10

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  1. the album and the music aren't chritian !!

  2. yes it is just because theres screaming doesn't mean it's not christian. read the lyrics and check out the song an ocean between us by them.