Thursday, June 3, 2010

Epic Church - Epic Church 2010 Christian Album songs download

Epic Church - Epic Church 2010 Christian songs downloadEpic Church - Epic Church 2010 Christian Album songs download
Epic Church was the latest Christian Techno album released by Brazilian Rock and Techno Band Epic Church. This Self Titled Album was released independently.

Album Details::

Album :: Epic Church

Artist :: Epic Church

Release Date ::

Genre :: Gothic, Alternative, Techno-Electro

Label :: Unsigned/Independent

Location :: São Paulo, Brazil

Epic Church - Epic Church 2010Epic Church - Epic Church 2010 Band members
History ::

This is Epic Church, the new project of Emerson Olaf, from São Paulo, Brazil (he also plays in the Gothic metal band Holy Cross and the electro-rock band Morning Revolution). Epic Church is not a band, at least until now, and the style is somehow Gothic, but with a lot of electronic elements, some people call it Futurepop.

As well you will find a lot of romantic and medieval influences, and even some electronic versions of medieval songs. Mixing with that, there’s a post-modern influence too, like Philip K. Dick or something like “Faith and Technology”.The ambiance is reverberated, the feeling of being in a Gothic cathedral. I hope you enjoy it.

Track Listing ::

1. Ceinwyn
2. Flow My Tears
3. En Vray Amoure
4. Bendita Sabedoria No.2 Vas Pretiosum Labia Scientiae
5. Dystopia
6. Van Eyck’s Bravade
7. Dreams
8. Alle Psallite Cum Luya
9. Laudate Omnes Gentes
10. O Pastor Moribundo (Alvares de Azevedo)


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