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Jesus Christ SuperStar 1970 english christian album download

jesus christ superstar 1970 english christian album download
 Jesus Christ Superstar is a 1970 rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The album musical is a musical dramatisation of the last week of the life of Jesus Christ, beginning with his entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Crucifixion. It was originally banned by the BBC on grounds of being "sacrilegious."

Album :: Jesus Christ SuperStar

Artist :: Various Artists

Composer :: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Release Date ::

Genre :: Rock Opera

Label :: Decca/MCA/Decca Broadway

Producer :: Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber

jesus christ superstar english christian album download 1970
History ::
 The album's story is based in large part on the Synoptic Gospels and Fulton J. Sheen's Life of Christ, which compares and calibrates all four Gospels. However, greater emphasis is placed on the interpersonal relationships of the major characters, in particular, Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene.

The album reached #1 on the Billboard chart in 1971 and served as a launching pad for numerous stage productions on Broadway and in the West End. The original 1970 boxed-set issue of this 2-record set was packaged in the U.S. with a special thin brown cardboard outer box which contained the 2 vinyl records and a 28-page libretto.

Tracklisting :: 

1. Jesus - Ian Gillan / Ian Gillan
2. Judas - Murray Head / Murray Head
3. Marya Magdalene - Yvonne Elliman / Yvonne Ellimen
4. Pontius Pilate - Barry Dennen / Barry Dennen
5. Kaiafa - Victor Brox / Victor Brox
6. Simon - John Gustafson / John Gustafson
7. Anna - Brian Keith / Brian Keith
8. Herod - Mike d'Abo / Mike d'Abo



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