Monday, March 7, 2011

What To Say To Your Soul Before Reading Your Bible

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Everyone’s had this experience. You set out to read your Bible for nourishment, yet finding yourself as cold and flat as a dead fish.
And you get nothing out of it: no light, no heat, no nothing.
What to do???

Cajole your soul into a more attentive frame of mind.


Here’s the advice on what to say to your soul before reading your Bible:
Come, soul, wake up; thou art not now about to read the newspaper; thou art not now perusing the pages of a human poet, to be dazzled by his flashing poetry; thou art coming very near to God, who sits in the Word like a crowned monarch in his halls. Wake up, my glory; wake up all that is within me. Though just now I may not be praising and glorifying God, I am about to consider that which should lead me so to do, and therefore it is an act of devotion. So be on the stir, my soul; be on the stir, and bow not sleepily before the awful throne of the Eternal.

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