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Abondon - Control 2011 English Christian Album Download

Abondon - Control 2011 English Christian Album DownloadAbondon - Control 2011 English Christian Album Download
Control is the latest Christian Pop-Rock Album released by the Texas Christian Pop-Rock band Abondon. This album was recorded under ForeFront Records Which was released on April 19th, 2011. So, Stay Tuned for the songs.

Album :: Control

Artist :: Abondon

Release Date ::
April 19, 2011

Genre :: Alternative, Pop-Rock

Label :: ForeFront Records, EMI CMG

Location :: San Antonio, TX

abondon - control 2011 english albumabondon - control 2011
History ::

Abandon is a band that has flown under the radar, at least for me. I had not heard their music before this release, and in fact had not even heard of them. I kind of thought they were a new band, but this is actually their 4th full-length album (two of which were independently released). They also had two EPs out, which means they have provided a lot of material since their first release back in 2005. This latest release, Control, is definitely solid.

With a sound that falls somewhere between Switchfoot and Anberlin, and occasionally just a dash of the Newsboys (circa 1998, of all things), Abandon provides a good set of songs, especially for this first time listener. “Feel It In Your Heart” starts the album off with an almost video-game-eque sound running over the music. “Live It Out” has some of my favorite guitar work on the album, if only for how catchy the song is.

“SOS” starts with some good gang vocals, and has a bit of a punk edge to it musically. After the album steadily increased in intensity, we get to “Your Love Goes On.” This track slows things down a bit, but still has some flair to it. The track is a good declaration of faith in the consistent love from above, and I imagine this track will be popular on Christian radio, if it is released as a single.

The moment “Let Go” begins, the listener can hear the influence of bands like Anberlin. Even vocally it is reminiscent, though the production on the vocals are distinct. “New Years Day” is another slowed down track, this time driven by a piano. The concept for the song is that salvation is like New Years, in that everything is reset.

abondon - control 2011 band membersabondon - control 2011 band members
“Talk to Me” and “Push It Away” are both high energy and are screaming for concert plays. The former would make a great radio single, and the latter would be such a blast at concerts. “Under Fire” shows a bit of versatility from the singer, as he changes up his range just a bit. “Why Does It Take So Long” has an almost electronica sound to the drums, and the subtle piano line over it works extraordinarily well. This song will be a favorite of many listeners.

All in all, this album is very good. From start to finish the band proves that they can write good songs, both musically and lyrically. They are all talented musicians, and this CD will get played quite a bit in my car and on my iPod. If the band suffers from anything, however, it is that some of their stronger songs sound like a lot of what is already playing on Christian radio. When the album comes out in April, this will be worth picking up.

Band Members ::

  • Lead Vox - Josh
  • Rhythm Guitars - Justin
  • Bass - Bryan
  • Lead Guitars - Stevan
  • Drum machine - Dave

Tracklisting ::

2. Help
3. Live It Out
4. SOS
5. Your Love Goes On
6. Let Go
7. New Years Day
8. Talk To Me
9. Push It Away
10. Under Fire
11. Why Does It Take So Long
12. Known
13. Hero



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