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Azaadi - Sounds of the Nations Hindi Christian album download

Azaadi - Sounds of the Nations Hindi Christian album download
Azaadi is the Latest Christian Rock album released by the Indian Best Christian Rock Band SOUNDS OF THE NATIONS. This album comprises of 9 songs which are sung different sytles when compared to one another. So Guys, listen the songs and be blessed.

Album :: Azaadi

Artist :: Sounds of the Nations

Genre :: Christian Rock, Worship

Label :: Earth Sound

Contact ::

Location :: Hyderabad, India

Sounds of the Nations performing live azaadi
History ::
Sounds of the Nations came together in '03 as a brainchild of our founder, Dan Mccollam's vision to raise worshipers and leaders across the globe.
The ministry, aside from training and resourcing pastors, songwriters and musicians seeks to carry people on a heavenward quest through the medium of indigenous music.

The band conducts schools, seminars, workshops; travels, and performs live, shedding light on the importance of worship, music and how it can influence a nation.
Sounds of the Nations - Azaadi Band members
Rufus, our Pastor, confidant, companion off and on stage has been present since the band's inception. Rufus mentors and works with the band and is married with two lovely children.

Allen, the vocalist, exquisitely trained in the arts, stands fearlessly at the helm. He contributes lyrically and melodically, leading the band and the ministry into God's beatific destiny.

Superman, a.k.a, Ben plays and shreds lead guitar. He assists the crew with gear management, band itinerary and all recording endeavors.

Anand, man of mirth and a multitude of skills, conjuring keyboard tunes, also brings forth vocal backup and creative input towards songwriting and graphic designing. He plays a 'key' role during and after recording sessions.

Joel, the time machine, is the drummer and the jester of the band. He is the planman for gigs and tours, schools and workshops, and other administrative assignments.

Chotu, with his head unfailingly in the clouds and feet free wheelingly on the road, delivers bass power into the band, ever raring to peform, tour, labour and push the envelope.

The band has toured and performed extensively in and out of home, and shared stage with various celebrated artists such as Delirious?, Hillsong's Peter Wilson and Reuben Morgan, Derek Joseph from Isaiah 6, Dan McCollam, Planet Shakers, Tim Hughes, among others.
Sounds of the Nations also works alongside Joyce Meyer Ministries, Pearl City Church, The Window International Network, Bethel Church (Dan McCollam), and IWAR. 

Discography ::

Chup nahi rahenge (Release imminent)
Aazadi Remix album (Release Imminent)
Sounds of the Nations logo - azaadi coming soon
Band Members ::
  • Allen Ganta
  • Rufus Ganta
  • Benhur
  • Chotu Thambu
  • Anand Paul
  • Joel Joseph & Prasanna Vuppula

Tracklisting ::
  1. Instrumental
  2. Jeetenge Hum
  3. Aao Milke
  4. Koyi Nahi
  5. Azaadi
  6. Rag
  7. Teri Aaradhana
  8. Yesu Mere
  9. Zindagi


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