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My Brain Says Stop but My Heart Says Go - fm static 2011 english christian album download

my brain says stop but my heart says go fm static 2011 english christian album downloadmy brain says stop but my heart says go fm static 2011 english christian album download
My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go!, is the fourth studio album by Canadian pop punk band FM Static. The album was released on April 5, 2011, through Tooth & Nail Records. The first two singles from the record are "F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C." and "Last Train Home".

Album :: My brain says stop but my Heart says go

Artist :: FM Static

Release Date ::
April 5, 2011

Genre :: Pop Punk, Christian Rock

Label :: Tooth & Nail Records

Producer :: Aaron Sprinkle, Trevor McNevan

Location :: Toronto, Canada.

fm static band 2011fm static band 2011
History ::
FM Static is a two-piece Toronto-based pop punk band currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records. The band was started as a side project by Thousand Foot Krutch frontman Trevor McNevan, and drummer Steve Augustine. The original lineup included John Bunner on guitar and Justin Smith on bass.

Their first album What Are You Waiting For? was produced by Aaron Sprinkle, who also produced Thousand Foot Krutch's album Phenomenon. The album featured the hit singles "Definitely Maybe", "Something to Believe In", and "Crazy Mary". FM Static toured through 2003 to 2005, John Bunner quickly retired after playing a few shows and so Justin asked his brother Jeremy to fill in for them.

On August 1, 2006, FM Static released their second album titled Critically Ashamed, which featured the single "Waste of Time". Originally, a cover of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" was to be included on this album, but it was removed later in the production process. The band did not tour in support of their second album because the Smith brothers had stopped playing for them. So FM Static became a two-piece band with studio musicians filling in for the other parts. While their second album featured only the single "Waste of Time", the songs "Tonight" and "Moment of Truth" went on to become huge unadvertised Internet hits, as well as hits on some radio stations. The song "Tonight" had accumulated over ten million hits on YouTube as of August 2010, while "Moment of Truth" had nearly seven million.

fm staticfm static band members free download
On April 7, 2009, FM Static released their third studio album Dear Diary. Written as a concept album, it details the fictional story of a boy facing the difficulties of life, love and faith, as told through his diary entries. The entries themselves were released in a blog prior to the album's release, and are included in the CD booklet, accompanied by illustrations drawn by Worth Dying For guitarist Nathan Parrish. This album featured the singles "Boy Moves to a New Town With An Optimistic Outlook", "The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling On the Outside", and "Take Me As I Am". Trevor announced in a TFK broadcast that FM Static plans to tour again in 2009 to promote the album. This was confirmed when FM Static was added to setlist of the Creation Festival tour alongside TFK as well as Jars of Clay, AA Talks, B.Reith and This Beautiful Republic. Due to the fact the Trevor and Steve could not play all instrumentals, Nick Baumhardt from TFK filled in on the tour, as well as Tom Beaupre on Bass and Keyboards.

McNevan also posted on his Twitter account on February 5, 2010, that he is in the process of finishing new songs for FM Static, which will appear on a new record. He stated originally that the album's title would be "4", but he later mentioned on his personal Facebook page that the title has been changed to "My Brain Says STOP, but My Heart Says GO".[citation needed] It has been confirmed on jesusfreakhideout that the album will be released sometime in 2011. At Lifest 2010 FM Static debuted a song for this album called "Cinnamon & Lipstick". On November 23, FM Static released a triple pack called "3 Out of 4 Ain't Bad."

fm static band members 2011fm static band members
Band Members ::
  • Trevor McNevan - vocals, guitars (2003–present)
  • Steve Augustine - drums (2003–present)
  • Tom Beaupre - Bass, Keyboard (2009–present)
  • Nick Baumhardt - Guitar (2006–2009)

Tracklisting ::

01. My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go!

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02. F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C.

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03. (Hey) I Want It

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04. Lost In You

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05. U Don't Know Me Like That

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06. Cinnamon & Lipstick

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07. Black Tattoo

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08. Last Train Home
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09. Breaking Me Again

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10. Inside Out

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