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Yesu Piluchuchunnadu Melodies by Bro DGS Dhinakaran telugu christian songs download

DGS Dhinakaran presents Yesu pilachuchunnadu tv program audio songs download for freeDGS Dhinakaran presents Yesu pilachuchunnadu tv program audio songs download for free
D. G. S. Dhinakaran (July 1, 1935 - February 20, 2008) was a Indian Christian evangelist and founder of Karunya University. He was also the founder of the Jesus Calls ministry. He is the father of Paul Dhinakaran.

Album :: Collection of DGS Dhinakaran albums

Artist :: DGS Dhinakaran & family

Genre :: Christian Melodies

Label :: Jesus calls Ministries

Producer :: Jesus Calls

Location :: 16, Greenways road, Chennai, India

Bro. DGS Dhinakaran Yesu pilachuchunnadu tv program audio songs download for freeDGS Dhinakaran presents Yesu pilachuchunnadu tv program audio songs download for free

Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran is the founder of the Jesus Calls Ministry. Born on July 1, 1935, he had a very tough life being torn by the ailments of poverty and agony of unemployment.

Born :: July 1, 1935

Died :: February 20, 2008

Location :: Chennai, India

Occupation :: Evangelist

Unable to bear the agony of these problems, on February 11, 1955, Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran decided to put an end to his life. He started towards the nearest railway track in his village to throw himself before the speeding train when he was stopped by his uncle who introduced Jesus Christ. He experienced a sudden wave of divine peace and hope, flood his heart. His mind was transformed and he returned home enlightened.

After this incident, things started happening in him supernaturally. There arose an unquenchable thirst in him to spend hours together poring over the life-transforming pages of eternal Truth - The Bible, discovering secrets that could revolutionize human life. He spent hours talking to God and sought Him with all his heart.

DGS Dhinakaran and his parents and his siblings
DGS Dhinakaran and his parents
The High Calling ::

Seven years of diligently seeking the Lord Jesus Christ!

Dr. D.G.S.Dhinakaran On October 9, 1962, he tarried at the feet of the Lord Jesus in prayer till midnight. He pleaded persistently. "Lord! Hear my prayer now and grant me Your power! Or else, slay me! I don't want to live as a powerless and phoney Christian!" Next day dawned. 10th October 1962! After an exacting day in the bank, he returned home at 9.30 in the night. Supper over, he joined the family prayers. He longed to have a glimpse of blessed vision of Jesus. The very next moment, a divine presence appeared in front of him! He was thrown into an ecstasy of joy. The Lord opened His eyes and with a radiant face, addressed him with a smile:

"My beloved son! I am Christ! Because you have been seeking Me diligently, I have come seeking you Myself, to bless you".

Yes! For three full hours he saw Lord Jesus face to face. The Lord gave His commission that has made his life a continual blessing to countless.

"My son! People might have heard of My love, but they haven't tasted it. So, I pour My love and compassion in your heart! This love will console their broken hearts and heal their diseased bodies. You will be witness to the power of My Holy Spirit."

DGS Dhinakaran and his family telugu christians songs download for freeDGS Dhinakaran and his family
Tracklisting ::

There are a collection of 42 songs from the album of Bro. DGS Dhinakaran.


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