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The Crimson Armada - Conviction 2011 English Christian Album

The Crimson Armada - Conviction 2011 English Christian Album DownloadThe Crimson Armada - Conviction 2011 English Christian Album Download
Conviction is the latest Christian Hard Rock Album released by the American Christian Hard Rock metal Band The Crimson Armada. This album was released on June 21, 2011 and released under the label Razor & Tie.

Album Details ::

Album :: Conviction

Artist :: The Crimson Armada

Release Date ::
June 21, 2011

Genre :: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Label :: Razor & Tie

Location :: Columbus, Ohio

The Crimson Armada - Conviction 2011 English Christian Album band membersThe Crimson Armada - Conviction 2011 English Christian Album band members
History ::
There is a natural growth and progression when bands approach their sophomore albums. For The Crimson Armada, they were free from label pressures and thus able to work and develop themselves as a band with no obstacles or expectations. “I feel that almost every band’s first album is a sort of compilation, made up of tracks they’ve written throughout the entire time they’ve been a band,” says lead vocalist Saud Ahmed. “With this album [Conviction], we had a lot of opportunity to contemplate different ideas before recording.” Writing for the love of music and not with the intent of creating an album, Ahmed, the band’s main songwriter, wrote the 11 tracks that comprise Conviction over a year long span. “I had the ability to write a song, sit on it for a few months, have the guys from the band give their input, and go back and revise it without being on a deadline.” This gave Ahmed the chance to truly write with passion, something he wanted to come across as very apparent. “I didn’t want people to feel like they were listening to the same track 11 times,” he explains. “I wanted to make this album an enjoyable listening experience that gives people a rollercoaster kind of effect – some tracks are extremely exciting and others are a little more chill and relaxed.”
Conviction was produced by Brian Hood (A Plea For Purging) who helped the band expand their musical stylings. While in the studio, Hood suggested the idea of clean vocals, something the quintet had never attempted. “We didn’t know if Brandon [McCaster] could even sing,” Ahmed laughs. “Everyone was extremely skeptical but it turned out so well. Our fans have been so receptive and into the idea of us evolving and maturing as a band, so we went for it.” The addition of McCaster’s singing adds an intriguing layer combined with Ahmed’s more abrasive vocal stylings. The band started experimenting with the idea on “Forgive Me,” the first single off Conviction, which summarizes the album best. “Lyrically, it’s a happy song, and the general theme of this album is joy and appreciation,” says Ahmed. “We wanted all of the songs to have a strong message with positive reinforcement, and ‘Forgive Me’ embodies that. It also shows the stronger hardcore influences that went into this album.”

Conviction and the title track represent The Crimson Armada’s overall theme of the pleasure they get out of writing and playing music as well as having a relationship with God. While they do not consider themselves a Christian band, the album touches on religion, as highlighted in tracks such as “Questioning God,” “Juggernaut” and “Soulcrusher.” The song, “Worthy” was inspired by contemporary Christian artist Phil Wickham, whose music really moved Ahmed. “You can tell when listening to his music how deep his lyrics are and I wanted to try something like that,” he explains. “It was definitely the longest song to write, taking about two months, just because I kept finding new things to put in – new instruments, new sounds.” The track was also the longest for the band to record as they spent nearly four days picking the perfect melodies and working on the patterns. “I think it hits pretty hard,” Ahmed summarizes.
While taking college courses in Ohio, Ahmed was able to contemplate different ideas and feelings. “I met a lot of really interesting people who inspired me,” he said. “I met a guy who was preaching around campus and told me I was going to hell for my sins – I went home and wrote “Soulcrusher” after that.” “You’ve Changed” is also a song inspired by experience. Based on first hand friendships, the song calls out people who have “sold their friends out,” Ahmed explains. “It’s also a metaphor for the wolf pack mentality of having a close-knit group of friends. It’s a hardcore theme, and wound up fitting great with Artery because of the wolf pack family vibe they bring.”

Conviction is the outcome of The Crimson Armada’s soul and passion for music without the external pressures commonly felt surrounding a band’s sophomore album. “I wanted the lyrics to be to the point and our ideas pertinent,” says Ahmed. “This album means a lot to us individually as opposed to just something you can bang your head to.”

Founded in 2008, The Crimson Armada are based out of Columbus, Ohio and is comprised of Saud Ahmed (lead vocals), Brandon McCaster (guitar/vocals), Dan Hatfield (guitar), Chris Yates (bass) and Jordan Matz (drums). After releasing their debut album, they were approached by The Artery Foundation, who soon became their new management. They felt an immediate trust and sense of understanding with Artery on board, and soon signed a deal with Artery Recordings. “Working with Artery is pretty much everything we’ve dreamed of in both management and a label,” Ahmed says happily. “Artery is definitely like a family. It’s like working with your best friends who are really looking out for you and nurturing you into becoming not only better musicians but business minded as well.”

The Crimson Armada Band MembersThe Crimson Armada Band Members
Band Members ::
  • Saud Ahmed - Vocals
  • Brandon McMaster- Guitar/Vocals
  • Dan Hatfield - Guitar
  • Chris Yates - Bass
  • Jordan Matz- Drums
The Crimson Armada band members Ultra HQ wallpaper downloadThe Crimson Armada band members Ultra HQ wallpaper download
Tracklisting ::

01. Conviction
02. Juggernaut
03. Forgive Me
04. Composed of Stone (featuring Andy Atkins of A Plea for Purging)
05. You've Changed
06. Napalm (featuring Levi Benton of Miss May I)
07. Questioning God
08. Relief
09. Call to Arms
10. Soulcrusher
11. Worthy


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