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Danen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011 English Christian Album

Danen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011 English Christian Album DownloadDanen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011 English Christian Album Download
Love is Waiting is the latest Christian Acoustic English album released by American Christian Acoustic Artist Danen Kane. This album was released on June 21, 2011 and released under independent label.

Album Details ::

Album :: Love is waiting

Artist :: Danen Kane

Release Date ::
June 21, 2011

Genre :: Adult Contemporary, Acoustic

Label :: Independent

Location :: Denmark, WI

Danen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011Danen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011
History ::
In a day and age where it seems like all has been said and done before, those whose ears and lives have been touched by Danen Kane know there is more to discover, not only in music, but within their own heart and soul. Found in the depths of swelling ambience, the simplicity of rich melodic piano, the intriguing chord structures and signatures of an acoustic guitar style all his own, or simply found in a voice whose beauty reaches far beyond a pleased ear- the power of Danen’s songwriting and music is not merely heard, it is deeply felt.

God’s creative hand and anointing was easy to see upon Danen’s life after releasing his first independent album only a year and half after picking up a guitar and singing for the first time. Songs of desperation, heartache, and love poured from him seemingly out of nowhere. Quickly doors and opportunities started to open all over the country just through good old fashion grass roots word of mouth.
Breaking onto the indi underground scene in 2004, Danen began garnering national attention and word of his music started spreading fast. Touring solo 9 months out of the year for 3 years straight- with only his guitar and his Creator to keep him company- he went city to city, state to state, sharing his story and leading people into the presence of an undeniable God. With a unique ability to tear down the walls between traditional worship songs and songs about everyday life, people consistently share stories of leaving Danen’s presence and concerts inspired in the depths of their soul.

In 2006 Danen released his fourth album entitled She, a gorgeous extended love story between God and His broken hearted. Featuring the song “I Want You To Believe,” She stirred hearts to the point of Danen receiving letters daily from all over the country with stories of salvation, redemption, healing, and revived love.
Three months after its release however, Danen experienced some tremendous losses in his life that required him to come off the road to heal, pray, seek, and re-evaluate his calling. Touring full time alone, while an incredible blessing and a huge time of growth, had also grown incredibly lonely and had caused some deep heartache. God was calling him to a time of rest, reconnecting, and a new understanding of what is meant to abandon everything “go” for Christ. As he studied the scriptures and sought the Lord like never before, he found that God valued very few things more than He valued deep community. Much of how people learn about the Love of God and even His grace is through extending grace and love to others. Even through the most beautiful of times, as well as the ugliest and most painful of situations. For the past two years Danen has come off from the road with a desire to replant himself, to start to relearn what that meant, and to ask of God how that worked with what was still very much his undeniable calling.
But time off did not stop the growth of his fan base and the spreading of his music. It increased at an even faster pace gaining opportunities to do shows with the likes of Sarah Kelly, Shawn McDonald, and Barlow Girl just to name a few.
So in the mist of the rest and the seeking, Danen has been writing by far his most powerful project yet. This unbelievably soulful blend of funk, folk, European pop rock, and a stunningly anointed heart of worship will release in two breathtaking sections. The first of which, the Awakening EP, due to emerge August 1, 2009, features the much anticipated songs “Alive,” “Inheritance,” “Awakening,” “Lullaby For The Forgotten,” “You Came For Me,” as well as one brand new angelic song, “Home”. Written from some of the deepest pains ever felt by the human heart, the spirit of these songs can supernaturally lift the soul and mind off of our broken condition and onto the true hope to come…where true joy in the midst of suffering and heartache beautifully meet the captive.

This journey is just beginning and a great awakening is coming…

Danen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011 hq wallpaper downloadDanen Kane - Love is Waiting 2011 hq wallpaper download
Tracklisting ::

01. I Found Love
02. Inheritance
03. Beautiful Mess
04. Lullaby For The Forgotten
05. Take It All
06. Forgive
07. Awakening
08. Every Day
09. Deeper
10. Home
11. Alive
12. You Came For Me


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