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Elenowen - Honey Come Home - Single 2011 English Christian song download

Elenowen - Honey Come Home - Single 2011 English Christian song downloadElenowen - Honey Come Home - Single 2011 English Christian song download
Honey Come Home is the latest Christian English Single song released by American Christian folk rock band Elenowen. This song was released on June 7, 2011.

Album Details ::

Song :: Honey Come Home

Artist :: Elenowen

Release Date ::
June 7, 2011

Genre :: Americana/ Folk

Location :: Nashville, TN

elenowen - honey come home 2011 single christian song downloadelenowen - honey come home 2011 single christian song download
History ::
Oh, my love, this is the beginning..." It certainly is the beginning of a new chapter for Josh and Nicole Johnson as they collaborate their passion and raw talent to form Elenowen (pronounced "ellen-owen"). Hailing from Nashville, TN, Josh and Nicole pursued individual careers before forming the folk/pop duo that sings through the journeys of everyday life and the many battles it brings. Their music emphasizes heavy harmonies, raw acoustics, and ambient elements that combine to create a unique mood and sound that comes as an honest breath of fresh air in an overly manufactured music world. After about a year of living from paycheck to paycheck working at the same local coffee shop, Josh and Nicole started pursuing their dream by creating their debut album, Pulling Back the Veil (released January 2010). Pulling Back the Veil is a collection of eight original songs, written both individually and collectively to paint a picture of the road they have been on for the past year – a road filled with internal struggles to know truth, joyous triumphs over and through desire, and the awakening adjustments to married life. In forming Elenowen, Josh and Nicole felt called to not necessarily give answers or guide the listener, but to be honest and as real and vulnerable as possible. One quick listen to their music reveals Elenowen’s uncanny ability to move past the surface and into the heart. The combination of Josh and Nicole’s powerful melodies, smooth harmonies, and insightful lyrics distinguish this husband and wife duo from the magnitude of other aspiring artists. In an industry hungry for something new, raw, and beautiful, Elenowen distinguishes itself as an up and coming act that completely and refreshingly satisfies its listener.

Elenowen - Honey come home 2011 band members hq wallpaper downloadElenowen - Honey come home 2011 band members hq wallpaper download
Band Members ::
  • Josh
  • Nicole Johnson

elenowen - honey come home single performing liveelenowen - honey come home single performing live
Tracklisting ::

01. Honey Come Home

elenowen band performing live on stageelenowen band performing live on stage

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  1. They are not a christian band! They may believe in God and their songs may not be explicit but they are a folk band, not a christian band.

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