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Patrick Paegel - Unfailing Love 2011 English Christian Album

Patrick Paegel - Unfailing Love 2011 English Christian Album DownloadPatrick Paegel - Unfailing Love 2011 English Christian Album Download
Unfailing Love is the first full-length studio Album released by American Christian singer, song-writer Patrick Paegel. This album was released on June 21, 2011 and released under the label Penny's Gang Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Unfailing Love

Artist :: Patrick Paegel

Release Date ::
June 21, 2011

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label :: Penny's Gang Records

Location :: California, USA

Patrick Paegel performing live wallpaper downloadPatrick Paegel performing live wallpaper download
History ::
Patrick Paegel is a singer/songwriter and worship leader who grew up in Orange County, California. This soft-spoken young man exudes a joyful exuberance that belies the rocky journey that has brought him to a place of peace and harmony both musically and with God.

Patrick has worked with many ministries including Soul Survivor, Vineyard and the Crystal Cathedral. He has continued to write new music and has traveled to New Zealand, Mongolia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong leading worship and sharing in song.

Patrick seems joyously at peace with himself and with nature. So much so, it’s almost impossible to imagine that in his formative years, Patrick struggled desperately with addiction that eventually dragged him down to a place of utter hopelessness. In the depths of his addiction and despair, God revealed Himself to Patrick and changed his life forever. Since his life changing conversion experience, Patrick started expressing his thankfulness to God in song.

Patrick describes the theme of his upcoming PGR EP release as “encountering God.” Musically, Patrick’s warm, clear vocals might bring to mind of a young Vince Gill, or Jason Mraz – while Patrick’s unique blend of acoustic guitar layered over delicate, synthesized pop orchestrations are reminiscent of Sting’s solo material. Patrick brings something truly eclectic yet handmade to today’s musical landscape.

The title track, “Find Me Pure” is like a warm ray of sunshine straight to your heart. With its upbeat melody and driving rhythm, it’s the kind of song that invites you to sing along, while its lyrical message reflects a desire to live a life of purity on a daily basis. “It’s my hope that through this song, others might examine their lives and come to Jesus for forgiveness,” says Patrick.

Celebrating worship and adoration is the track “Holy God Almighty.” From the song’s dreamy opening notes, “Holy God Almighty’s” builds and swells to an anthemic final crescendo rejoicing the, “Holy God Almighty – who was and is to come.”

With its nuanced, almost flamenco-like guitar parts and unadorned vocals backed by synthesized, ambient orchestrations, “A Miracle” is a plaintive cry to God in the midst of deep struggles and difficulty, humbly asking for salvation.

The song, “Unfailing Love”, is a driving, energetic song that reminds the listener that even in difficult times, His love “remains the same.”

Patrick Paegal hopes you encounter God in the midst of this initial release and future records. Overall, the message that Patrick aspires to convey in his music is that God is there for us in the midst of difficult as well as good times and that He is always worthy of our praise and adoration. "I want God to be the main focus and His Presence felt throughout,” says Patrick.

For Patrick, it is essential that he doesn’t just offer up songs of faith and praise. He aspires to live a life in tune with his songs. "I am thankful for all that God has done in my life and all that He continues to do. I want to learn to be a worshipper more and more -- not only in the songs that I sing, but the life that I live. I know that God is looking for more than someone who just talks a good talk. I hope I can bring joy to God's heart as He has done to mine."

Patrick Paegel - Unfailing love english christian album downloadPatrick Paegel - Unfailing love english christian album download
Tracklisting ::

01. Holy God Almighty
02. I Bow
03. Find Me Pure
04. Be Glorified
05. Let Our Hearts
06. Unfailing Love
07. A Miracle
08. The Great I Am
09. Rescue Me
10. Come On Home


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