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Camaryn rogers - Camaryn rogers 2011 English Christian Album

Camaryn rogers - Heir of a kingdom Camaryn rogers 2011 English Christian AlbumCamaryn rogers - Heir of a kingdom Camaryn rogers 2011 English Christian Album
Camaryn Rogers is the latest Self Titled Christian Pop Rock Album released by American Christian Pop Rock Singer Camaryn Rogers. This album was released on July 12, 2011 and released under the label Radio Active Entertainment.

Album Details ::

Album :: Camaryn Rogers

Artist :: Camaryn Rogers

Release Date :: July 12, 2011

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: Radio Active Entertainment

Location :: Southlake, TX, USA

Camaryn rogers - Camaryn rogers 2011 BiographyCamaryn rogers - Camaryn rogers 2011 Biography
Biography ::
Expressing a big heart for young people and the everyday issues they face is what fuels the fire within RadioActive Entertainment recording artist Camaryn Rogers. Wise beyond her years and ready to set foot on a new adventure, 22-year-old Camaryn Rogers is impassioned to deliver a message of the Love of Jesus Christ, that’s bigger than her heart…“I desire to create music that has the same sound you hear on Top 40 radio, but with a more positive and important message about the love of God.”

Originally looking to make a future in broadcasting, Camaryn was sidetracked in high school when she took part in a local Christmas show where…”I sang with the Gaylord Texans at the local Opryland Hotel & Resort and absolutely loved it. My parents sat me down after that experience and pointed out that I had been singing six times a night for three whole months and was extremely happy while doing it. They asked me to reconsider my planned major in college and to think about music as a career, and I did.”

Camaryn was inexplicably drawn to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee after her first visit…even though she had a full broadcasting scholarship offered to her at another major college. As Camaryn so aptly puts it…“I had never been as sure of anything in my life up to that point than knowing God wanted me at that school, so I wasn’t turning back for any reason. Even if I didn’t land a spot in the music program, I was going to attend Belmont.” Needless to say, she enrolled and got into the music program.

Camaryn has also been shaped and chiseled as a young Christian by her experiences on 15 different mission trips throughout her life, including a visit to Haiti shortly after the major earthquake that took place in 2010, where she saw first-hand the impact of music on the lives of these unfortunate orphans of a tragedy they could not understand. “All I wanted was for these kids to know how much God truly loved them,” Camaryn reflects. “I watched as God’s love spoke through the worship music and did something I couldn’t. This was my big ‘ah-ha’ moment. I thought if I, through God’s guidance, can create music that in some way expresses who He is, I can reach people in a way that words and actions on their own can’t.”

Now as a new Belmont University graduate and yearning to make an impact in the field for which she was chosen, Camaryn linked up with multi-platinum songwriter and producer Scotty Davis (“What Faith Can Do” by Kutless, “Undo” by Rush Of Fools “The Noise” by Jessie Daniels) to complete her first radio single “Heir Of A Kingdom” that will be featured on her CD to be released to the Christian Market later this year.

Camaryn rogers - camaryn rogers 2011 Tracks and lyricsCamaryn rogers - camaryn rogers 2011 Tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Heir of a Kingdom



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