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Fuego - Submit 2011 English Christian Album

Fuego - Submit 2011 English Christian AlbumFuego - Submit 2011 English Christian Album
Submit is the latest Christian Hip Hop/ Rap album released by American Christian Hip Hop/ Rap singer Fuego. This album was released on August 31, 2011 and released under the label Fuego.

Album Details ::

Album :: Submit

Artist :: Fuego

Release Date :: August 31, 2011

Genre :: Hip Hop / Rap

Label :: Fuego

Location :: San leandro, CA, USA

Fuego - Submit 2011 american hip hop rap artist biographyFuego - Submit 2011 american hip hop rap artist biography
History ::
Jeremiah 20;9 says - "But if I say Ill never mention the LORD or speak in his name, his word burns in my heart like a fire." Its like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I cant do it! These words from the Lord have been embedded in the heart of a young man named Hector Padilla aka Fuego born in Bronx NY and raised in the Golden State this man on Fire is ready to set a blaze to the dry souls and ignite a fire from within the people of GOD to burn with a passion for Christ and a compassion for one another.

Raised in a good home with two older brothers and both of his biological parents, Fuego rebelled against his parents ways and decided to let hip hop raise him. Meditating on the words of the Wu Tang , Big L , Nas , BIGGIE and Big Pun his heart began to be marinated in evil (hatred , anger, violence) beginning to believe in order to be respected, liked or idolized this is what he needed to become . A criminal. At the age of thirteen Fuego started selling drugs , had been expelled from every high school he went to and was starting to earn the street reputation he wanted to be known as , a hustler .

It wasnt until 2006 when Fuego faced some life changing experiences and started to see his life spiral down hill . Fuego had been set up by close friends to be robbed and almost killed and it was then while looking down the barrel of a gun when he told God , "How could YOU do this to me?!!" And at that moment after those very words it was as if Christ had cracked open the sky and said, "I didnt do this to you this is your doing , the plans you made for yourself that you thought were good, lead to death; but my plans for you lead to life." Fuego cried out, "Lord JESUS!" and at the sound of that name, that mighty, powerful name of JESUS the gun men froze up and said what did you say ? Fuego replied I said, "JESUS" ! The man holding the gun said , "dont say that name, Dont say that name!" He took everything from Fuego but his life that night all because the author of life came to his rescue He showed up and saved Fuego a man who didnt believe in Christ Jesus. Since then Fuego has been seeking the Lord diligently serving at his local church in Oakland California being a servant ,husband , father , youth leader , discipler and being held accountable keeping a tight knit family of strong believers around him to Keep Christ above all . Yes I rap but everyone is a rapper says Fuego and its not about talent or gifts , its all about the Lord Jesus Christ we as Gods people need to be careful that we dont fall back into slavery of sin! When I was a rapper in the world I had a mentality like Im better, there aint nobody tight then me , I liked you face to face but hated you in secret and us as Christians are to be opposite of the world not net working to get features on an album but net working like Simon Peter being fishermen of men fishing for souls . Building relationships with Christ as the foundation not music. Fuegos heart is to be a servant of Christ encouraging men of God to follow the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly asking men who do you serve Jesus the assigned teacher or satan the substitute? Dont talk about it be about it ! Lets GO

Fuego - Submit 2011 latest album tracks and lyricsFuego - Submit 2011 latest album tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Let Me Introduce Yah
02. Through My Ups And Downs ft. Matthew Haw



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