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Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 English Christian Album

Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 English Christian AlbumThi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 English Christian Album
Beautiful Monster is the latest Christian Rap album released by American Christian Rap Singer Thi'sl. This album was released on July 26, 2011 and released under the label X Hustler Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Beautiful Monster

Artist :: Thi'sl

Release Date :: July 26, 2011

Genre :: Rap

Label :: X Hustler Music

Location :: St. Louis, USA

Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 biography historyThi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 biography history
History ::

A lot of people ask me, “Why do I do what I do, the way I do?” I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, in one of the worst neighborhoods in America, in one of the worst times in the country’s gang history. In my neighborhood just like a lot of other neighborhoods around the world, it was plagued with violence and drugs. Where I grew up 75% of the males believe that there is one way to make money and that’s trapping or as you would say selling drugs. When it comes to gangs, If your hood bangs and you hang out, you are visible to other hoods, so you might as well bang cause you affiliated, so we bang. If you a male in hoods like mines you either trapping, robbing, stealing, murking for money, or you broke. It’s the same for the women, 75% of the females either on welfare, boosting (stealing clothes), trapping or looking for a dude with money to support them, and that’s how it go. Our mindset is, “this is where I am, my momma a drunk or smoked out, my daddy was this so that’s what I’m gone be, all my family in the street get it like this, my whole hood live this way, I have to do what I have to do, this is life.” You add this onto the back of a sixteen year old that just had a baby, everyday he comes in the house there is no food, a house full of crack heads, and you get what you see in the inner cities around the world, "Survivors!" This life that we live is made to look cool, by the media, movies, magazines, documentaries, and of course, music. Most rappers you hear today spitting gangsta are “Fake thugs, point blank period!” They have never touched a gram of dope, never banged a ratchet (a gun), and have never even been hood at all, never! Every now and then you get a couple of them that really are hood, when they come out talking about hood life, the struggle of it, the drive of wanting to get out by any means necessary, they become our voice because their story is our story and therefore it becomes the soundtrack to our life. When your hear a dude talking about your struggle and you see him come up out of it, you think that can work for you and even if it don’t, the pressure that comes along with the life we live will make you try it because anything is better than this. I don’t condone anyone selling drugs, stealing, killing, robbing or any crime, but I do understand the mindset of the people that do it for survival. I’ve been in the situation where my kids didn’t have any where to stay, no family to help and thinking from a hood mindset, I would have murked the world to feed my babies. I understand the young boy that wants to be a man and provide for his family so bad that he would rob to do it. I understand that he only uses the things that he knows and I spit to give him hope that there is another way to live. "Thats why I do what i do." One day I was awakened to the fact that the way i was living was all a lie! Everything that my hood, music and movies told me was not what i was born to be, I wasn’t born to be a goon, killer or murderer. I was awakened to the fact that females were not made to be toys of my sexual pleasure. They were not part time conversations or trashcans for me to dump my hurts and emotions. I learned that God made them, as well as myself, and that God had a purpose in mind for me and them. In the hood we are some of the most religious, hypocritical people I have ever seen. We have what my friends and I call “Hood Theology.” We know God exist, we say we love God, we pray, we may even go to church, but we think God is cool with everything we do. I know I been there. I’m in the back of the police car cuffed up, I’m like, “ God get me out of this please I will never do it again.” Soon as I’m out the car I’m right back at it again. I’m stupid high riding in the car, like, “man God please don’t let me crash, I’m done getting blowed.” Soon as I wake up the next day I’m right back at it again. Faced down in the trap house by the police, guns in my face, guns busting at me, shot up in the hospital almost dead, locked up on felonies and get out messing with nasty girls. What ever the case is, we see that the grace of God. that same grace gets us out of trouble time and time again and we go right back to what we do, because God keeps showing us grace and we think it means He’s cool with what we live. That’s what I thought to, because God kept showing me grace in my (most I just named) situations I thought God was cool with how I was living, but he wasn’t, and if you living that way He is not cool with it either. The truth is this;

Romans 1: 4 Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?

5 But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God's righteous judgment will be revealed.

That’s why God shows us mercy and grace, so it can lead us to repentance, to faith in Jesus, but instead we continue on and store up wrath for ourselves. I know because I was the same way, I thought God was cool with everything I did because I knew he was always letting trouble past me by that I deserved, but He wasn't . Grace says even though you deserve to go to jail for the rest of your life, I’m going to let you free. Even though, you should have HIV from all the people you slept with, you don’t. Even though, you should be dead from those 9 shots or even paralyzed, you’re not because of Grace! God’s grace should lead us to repentance! We should look at the grace that God is showing us and turn from our sin filled wicked lives and live for Him! Instead the sin in our hard hearts pushes us to continue on and use God’s grace like a diaper, we dirty it up and throw it away and then we call him again when we need Him. Still again, there is grace. That’s what grace is even though we deserve the consequence; God doesn’t allow it to happen. When I learned about the biggest act of grace I was rocked to the core. For the sin we commit we should receive death, not just death but hell. That’s another part of “Hood Theology,” that hell doesn’t exist, but that’s a lie. The biggest act of grace for you and me was this,

“Romans 5:6 for while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly (for you)

.7 For one will scarcely die for a righteous person-though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die-

8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

9 Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God.10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life”.

That’s why God keeps showing you grace, so you can see His love, repentant your sin and believe in Jesus as your savior. That’s love, that God would put His Son to death in your place for your sin. When I learned about that I was so gone on the fact that God loved me that much, that grace lead me to repentance. Now I am a voice crying out to hoods across the globe saying, “look at the grace of God while you are still alive and repent.” A voice of the people from amongst the people, “saying we don’t have to suffer as murders, thieves and trappers,” saying, “Young girl you're worth more than that, God loves you, you have a father in Him, and you can be more than a baby momma.” That’s why I rap the way I do, this is why I do what I do.”

Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 Tracks and lyricsThi'sl - Beautiful Monster 2011 Tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Beautiful Music
02. Let it Knock (feat. PRo)
03. The First 48
04. Beautiful Monster (feat. Skrip & Swoope)
05. Beautiful Mind (feat. Pastor AD3)
06. Hope Road (feat. Jai)
07. No Walls (feat. Alcam)
08. My Radio On Drugs
09. Money
10. Hey Momma (feat. Fitzgerald)
11. It’s Not About Me (feat. Pettidee)
12. Signed Up To Die
13. I’m So Gone (feat. Kenny Deshields)
14. Hold On (feat. Fitzgerald)
15. I Need You (feat. Michelle Bonilla)



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