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Bro. Anil Kumar - Jesus My Life Telugu Christian Songs Download

Bro. Anil Kumar - Jesus My Life 2011 Telugu Christian Album DownloadBro. Anil Kumar - Jesus My Life 2011 Telugu Christian Album Download
Jesus My Life is latest Christian Worship Album released by the Gospel Singer, founder of AWEMINISTRIES(Anil World Evangelism), Bro. Anil Kumar.

Album Details::

Album :: Jesus My Life

Artist :: Bro. Anil Kumar

Release Date ::

Genre :: Worship

Location :: Begumpet, Hyderabad

Bro. Anil Kumar live in a crusadeBro. Anil Kumar live in a crusade
History ::

Bro. Anil Kumar has quickly become a leading voice for a new generation of ministers and worshippers alike. Born into an orthodox Brahmin family of Hindu beliefs, it was not long before the calling of Jesus lifted him to the forefront of a crusade to spread the good news. He began his career as a worshipper. He used to worship Jesus day and night fervently, singing and dancing in His presence. God exalted him highly, for His glory and now Bro. Anil is proclaiming the love of Jesus to the nations, showing his gratitude and love to Jesus.

He preaches with the anointing of Holy Spirit, and his teachings are powerful and authoritative, revealing the Kingdom’s Principles. He is a warrior of Faith, doing wonders in Jesus name, healing sick and prophesying the revelations of God.

He is proclaiming the power of God to the nations by conducting Miracle Crusades.

Millions of people attend to his crusades and many are being saved and blessed by the loving touch of Christ. And the Church is getting richly revived as the Living Jesus ordained him as His prophet. He also visited countries like United States of America, Dubai, Singapore, and Nigeria…etc.

He is blessed with the talent of singing too. His recent album ‘In Christ... Bro. Anil' has touched many lives, comforting and reviving the Church. He is much interested to serve among youth, as he encourages the youth, and brings out the talent in them.

He is an enormous blessing to many with his generosity and loving deeds. He calls himself as a distribution center, and he has been proving it, by stretching his helping hand to the poor. His vision is to build churches, where there are people who never even heard the name of Jesus.

Bro. Anil Kumar preaching. son-in-law of former chief minister Dr. Y.S. Rajashekar ReddyBro. Anil Kumar preaching. son-in-law of former chief minister Dr. Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy
Tracklisting ::

1. Cheddama Poratam
2. Hallelujah
3. Lokamunu Jayinchina
4. Nee Rakthame Papa Pariharam
5. Veerude Lechenu
6. Viswasa Veerulam
7. Yesaiah Lone




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  1. Super songs by Anil bro..ganatha mahima aa devunike chellunu gaka..amen