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Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 English Christian Album

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 English Christian AlbumChrista Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 English Christian Album
Image of God is the latest American Christian Worship album released by American Christian Indie / Pop artist Christa Wells with her friend Nicole Witt. This album was released on December 27, 2011 and released under Independent Label.

Album Details ::

Album :: Image of God

Artist :: Christa Wells & Nicole Witt

Release Date :: December 20, 2011

Genre :: Worship

Label ::

Location :: Raleigh, NC, USA

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 biography and historyChrista Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 biography and history
Biography ::
“All the words, they are my fingers on a face, Oh, the words, looking for patterns in the shapes
You’re so good to be a witness to my sounds, Trying to frame the clouds…”

... Hello, friends, listeners, passers-by…THANKS for taking the time to stop by. Whether you’re here because of one particular song or because someone sent you, or because you are a long-time listener, thank you. Without you, the songs would be like trees falling in an empty wood…it happened, but no one was there to say so.

For me, music was the first thing in life I just felt great doing. Later, when I discovered songwriting in high school, it was—admittedly--about self-expression. Cheap therapy. Now, it's many things. Fun. Expression…yes, there is me in there. But more to the point—I hope—my heart is in the attempt to articulate the elusive things of life. Common things. Extraordinary experiences. What we can touch and what we can only wonder about. Questions. I have so many questions.

I have wondered at times what room there is for me in the village of musicians…surely, everything that needs to be said has already been written and sung. Surely, others with greater technical skills are out there doing it. But the past few years have taught me that all of that really doesn’t matter, because we all really need each other to continue telling the stories and speaking truth from our unique vantage points.

There is only one me.
And only one you.

And you and I need each other to write and sing and paint and speak and build and…
So I am so happy you’re here, and do hope you’ll come often and stay awhile...

Extended Bio (for the super curious):
Christa wrote her first full-length song at the age of 15, but showed her interest in music when she was about one year old when she hummed the alphabet song in pretty good tune. Which pleased her mother very much. A few years ago she came across her very first recording: a cassette tape with her seven-year-old voice creating melody lines for nursery rhymes she’d found on the pages of a Mother Goose book. Like the GarageBand recordings she puts together today, they were simply produced but conveyed the essence of an artistic spirit, expressing life in lyrics and melody.

Few things are more satisfying to Christa than sifting words into phrases and pairing them with music so that ideas and emotions become common places among listeners. After years of playing piano and singing in church and school music programs, she finally attempted to write her own music and was thrilled to discover a creative outlet that was truly compelling for her. Her method was untrained and totally her own when she arrived at Anderson University, Indiana, in the fall of 1991, where she took English literature and music classes, including Gloria Gaither’s songwriting course, which contributed to a more solid understanding of the writing process.

Christa Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 hq wallpaper buy album hereChrista Wells & Nicole Witt - Image of God 2011 hq wallpaper buy album here
Throughout those years, Christa wrote her own music while singing back-up for others and performing other writers’ music in a band called Same Rain, which she and some college friends had formed together. She then married fellow Anderson alum Toby Wells and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, eventually leaving Same Rain and heading east to Raleigh, North Carolina. But under the influence of gifted writers such as Natalie Merchant, Over the Rhine, Patty Griffin, and Sheryl Crow, she was unable to resist the pull of her grandmother’s old piano in the living room and continued to build her own catalog of original songs.

In the fall of 1999, a conversation with a successful songwriter in Nashville led her to the decision to focus on songwriting rather than performance and make that her vocational aim. She began co-writing with her sister, Mandy Rogers, and with Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (Plumb), hoping to expand her skills and find a publisher who would see the potential in her songs and represent her in the industry. Providentially, in autumn 2001, her friend Jeremy Lee of FlatRock Management, began to talk with her about his vision for some of her songs. Jeremy was ready to champion her songs within the Nashville music community, despite Christa’s geographical distance.

With Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (Plumb), Christa co-wrote two songs ("Real" and "Go") for Plumb’s album, Beautiful Lumps of Coal, as well as “Day by Day” which was a number one single released by Point of Grace on their album “24.” “Real” was the first single released from Plumb’s album. In 2006, Christa was recognized for her song “Held,” released by Natalie Grant on her “Awakening” album, and named Songwriter of the Year by the Gospel Music Association. Other songs include “Me” co-written with Plumb for her lullabies album, “Bring It All Together,” co-written with writer/producer Shaun Shankel and “Our Hope Endures,” co-written and recorded by Natalie Grant (an upcoming single from the album Relentless).

In addition to writing for signed artists, Christa and her sister, Mandy Rogers, independently released a full-length album of original music in 2006 entitled “A Rogers/Wells Project: so much to tell you.” The project, which includes Christa’s recorded version of “Held,” has opened doors for the sisters to perform their own music and share the stories behind the songs. In the last two years, they have performed together and individually in several states, as well as other venues such as Studio B television broadcast and a sold-out round at the infamous Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2007, Christa was involved with an effort to raise funds to benefit military families through AFF (Armed Forces Foundation). Her song “Before the Tree Comes Down”, a tender tribute to our servicemen and women and their families, spawned the idea for Hope Christmas Ball in Raleigh, North Carolina, and to contribute to the cause, Christa produced a Christmas EP to be given to donors of the event. Lisa McClowry, Chicago-based singer and songwriter, also recorded “Before the Tree Comes Down” and released it worldwide online, with proceeds donated to AFF.

At this time, Christa lives with her family in North Carolina, writing and sharing her music locally, as well as traveling to Nashville periodically to write and record. She is also committed to ongoing work with Masterpiece Ministries based out of Lebanon, Tennessee--whose mission is to provide summer camps for young artists, encouraging them toward excellence and Christ-centered living. In January 2009, Christa will record her first solo project, which will feature collaborative performances with other talented Nashville artists.

Her favorite color is gold, her favorite food is Thai, and she is usually reading four books at a time.

Christa Wells - Image of God 2011 Tracks and lyricsChrista Wells - Image of God 2011 Tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Image of God feat. Nicole Witt
02. Set Free feat. Nicole Witt
03. Dawn of Grace feat. Nicole Witt
04. Lay Us Low feat. Nicole Witt
05. Pray feat. Nicole Witt



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