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Exodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 English Hip Hop Worship Album

Exodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 English Hip Hop Worship AlbumExodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 English Hip Hop Worship Album
From The Depths is the latest American Christian Hip Hop album released by American Christian Hip Hop band Exodus Movement. This album was released on December 20, 2011 and released under the Unsigned label.

Album Details ::

Album :: From the Depths

Artist :: Exodus Movement

Release Date :: December 20, 2011

Genre :: Hip Hop Worship

Label :: Unsigned

Location :: Oklahoma City, USA

Exodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 Biography and HistoryExodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 Biography and History
History ::
The Exodus Movement is an authentic, holy hip-hop group that is determined to make a positive impact for the kingdom of God. Hailing from the streets of Oklahoma City, this group is leading people out of bondage and into the freedom of God’s Word through Holy Hip Hop.

Throughout their ten years of ministry, Exodus Movement has released five albums: Let My People Go, 2002; Street Testaments: Compil...ation Album, 2004; Broken Tablets, 2005; Vocab: The Final Chapter, 2006; and Broken Tablets: The Rebirth, 2009. Songs such as “Boyz in Da Hood,” “Everybody Needs Jesus,” and “All My Life,” have generated buzz and acclaim all over the world. “All My Life,” which encourages listeners to move past negative labels spoken over them and move into God’s purpose, is currently in rotation on the Gospel Music Channel along with “Front Line” and “Hip Hop.” A highly anticipated 6th album; “reDEFINITION” will be released March 1st, 2011.

A divine connection brought the group members together in 2000. They met at an after party after a Gospel Gangstaz concert. Lapo and HD were speaking to Vocab & Apocalyptic in a parking lot and mentioned that they rapped together. Vocab’s response was, “we rap too.” After exchanging information in the parking lot, a few weeks later Exodus was born. Kadence came on board later after being asked to be the group’s producer.

Exodus soon began rapping about their real life experiences, such as growing up on the streets, living in fatherless homes, conquering materialism, and winning souls. The group has performed before thousands at venues such as the Holy Hip Hop Awards, The Oklahoma City Arts Festival, People’s Church, Oklahoma City, OK; fastest-growing church in 2010, Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois; 3rd largest church in America, Life Church, NW OKC, OK and The Dream Center in Peoria, Illinois. Exodus has collaborated with gospel artists such as Cam, Sean Johnson, Lil Raskull aka RAS, and Dre Murray. They have shared the same stage with artists: Lecrae, KJ-52, Deepspace5, GRITS, Out of Eden, Holy South, Cam, R&B Singer Houston, Jabee, LA Symphony, NuWine, Lil Raskull, 4th Soil, Secta 7, Stikk, John Reuben, Pettidee, Polo, and Nitro. Artists that have influenced the musical sound of Exodus Movement include, Prime Minister, D.C.P., NuWine, Lil Raskull aka RAS, L.G. Wise, Antonious, and many more artists.

The group suffered a crushing blow when beloved member, Vocab, passed away from cancer in 2006. Vocab’s death caused the group to take a year hiatus, which drew the group closer together. The group changed its name to Exodus Movement after receiving inspiring words about the group’s potential from Vocab before he passed away.

The talent and hard work of Exodus Movement has not gone unrecognized. One of the group members, Kadence, was nominated for a Dove Award for producing a beat on the song, “Go Hard” by Lecrae in 2009. Exodus Movement was nominated for the 2010 En Sound Music Award, which is presented by

Neo-Soul Gospel Artist, Sean C. Johnson, summed up Exodus Movement’s purpose best when he said, “Exodus is a group that, true to its name, is leading a departure from the normal approach to ministry. Without compromise, they take God’s word and make it applicable to a generation that’s in dire need of saving.”

Exodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 band membersExodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 band members
Band Members ::
  • Lapo - Isaac Onaolapo
  • Apocalyptic - Robbie Carpentar
  • HD - Hurtis Deveroux

Exodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 Tracks and lyricsExodus Movement - From The Depths 2011 Tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01.Mighty to Save
02.I Need You
03.Where You Go I Go
04.Jar of Hearts
05.How Great is Your Love
06.I Will Worship You
07.Lift Me Up


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