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Jesus Pursuit Church - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 English Christian Worship Album

Jesus Pursuit Church - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 English Christian Worship AlbumJesus Pursuit Church - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 English Christian Worship Album
The Pursuit: Live from Albany 2010 is the Praise & Worship album released by Oregon Church Jesus Pursuit Church. This album was released on September 15, 2010 and released by the label Jesus Pursuit Church.

Album Details ::

Album :: The Pursuit: Live from Albany

Artist :: Jesus Pursuit Church

Release Date :: September 15, 2010

Genre :: Praise & Worship

Label :: Jesus Pursuit Church

Location :: Albany, OR, USA

Jesus Pursuit Church - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 biography and historyJesus Pursuit Church - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 biography and history
History ::
Many are asking what is God doing and what is happening in the church today? We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we are seeking to know and respond to those questions at Jesus Pursuit Church. We are dedicating ourselves to know Christ and understand and respond to His message on the kingdom of heaven. God has truly blessed us and we want to do all we can to please Him, demonstrating His love in both word and deed.

We are trying our very best to pursue His presence through worship, prayer, the revelation of His word, and a lifestyle of giving and helping the poor in an effort to reach the world with the gospel. Those who become a part of this community of faith do so for many reasons, but will find few external controls or structures to move them to action. We value the unique calling upon each person, yet consider the headship of Christ and His love for the whole church to take a higher priority than individualism. Each ministry that is described on our web page was born in the heart of the person describing it. Our vision is continuing to develop from those God has joined together here, whether they have found Christ with us or were sent to help us. But there are some key values and parts of our vision that make us who we are, a developing regional resource center dedicated to equipping the saints for the ministry of Jesus Christ. We consider our values, that is, the way we carry out vision, to be as important as vision itself.

Worship and Prayer:
You will notice that I put them together. We have found joy in the house of prayer by doing them together. Worship is more than singing songs and expressing our selves to the Lord in dance or the arts. We truly enjoy these times together. But coming to behold the Lord and surrender our hearts to Him again and again is the real issue with worship. There is so much more of Jesus to know and love. The more we worship Him in spirit and in truth, the more we can become like Him. True worship must lead to a lifestyle of becoming a living sacrifice to Jesus. Worship often leads us into prayer, works of compassion, prophetic declarations and encounters with the glory of Christ.

Jesus never called converts, but disciples. Once the first disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, they became a community of believers who were committed to both entering and extending the kingdom of heaven on earth. That is our heart’s desire. Though we have no formal membership, we welcome and are looking for those who want to be a part of a community of believers who are committed to be followers of Jesus in word and deed, doing the works that Jesus did with love and compassion.

A prophetic people:
What I mean by that statement are a people who love the truth both historical and present. The Holy Spirit continues to speak today to lead the body of Christ into greater power and purity to display the glory of God. We want to know the secrets of God’s heart for our generation and teach the next one to do the same by being humble servants first, then true friends of God who spend time in His presence through worship, soaking, waiting, listening and learning to both see and hear the mysteries of God that are in His word and Spirit. Prophetic people who have the Father’s heart will encourage, comfort and stir others to love and obey Christ and reach for their inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

The word SOZO is a Greek word used in the scriptures that means to be saved, made whole, healed, rescued, set free. It is an all encompassing word for salvation that shows God’s heart for complete restoration of the human condition damaged by sins inherited or committed. So we minister to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed as Jesus and the early disciples did. These acts of compassion demonstrate God’s love and His desire to destroy the works of the devil while bringing a measure of the kingdom of God to earth.

The highest purpose of mature and gifted ministries is not to do the entire ministry, but to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. Our Training For Reigning School of kingdom ministry is a concentrated three month time of teaching, impartation, and activation in basic kingdom theology and practice. But we also are finding more and more ways to take what is taught in ministry training, events, and weekly teaching corporately and in home groups into lifestyle activities that reach outside the walls of the church.

Justice and Mercy:
We continue to seek God for ways to reach out to the least of the world, especially the most innocent and vulnerable here and abroad. The plight of the hungry, children born and unborn, prisoners, and those disenfranchised is of great concern to us, as it is to Jesus. Missions at home and abroad consider it important to feed, clothe, house, and protect those we are trying to reach with the good news of the kingdom.

The Presence of God:
The last value I want to point to is our passion to know the glory and presence of Jesus Christ. We respect the many expressions of the body of Christ and love the whole Church. For our part, we want to know the tangible presence of God as Spirit filled and led people. That means that we try to avoid barriers that keep people from accessing His presence. We try to avoid overtly religious symbols and activities, and yet, we are not impressed with the culture of the world and see little value in trying to emulate it to reach people. Our hope is that people will walk into our worship times and other meetings and literally feel the very presence of God. Love, humility, generosity, hospitality, and a holy passion and focus to encounter Jesus together are what makes this possible or the lack of it diminishes it.

We invite you to come see and hear. This is a wonderful day to be alive. God has arisen from His habitation is coming to dwell with us. The kingdom of God is advancing, so passionately pursue and lay hold of it with intense desire.

Jesus Pursuit Church logo - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 tracks and lyricsJesus Pursuit Church logo - The Pursuit Live from Albany 2010 tracks and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. All Creation Sings (feat. Michael Pinkston)
02. Who Is This God (feat. Angela Pinkston)
03. I Am (feat. Angela Pinkston)
04. You Surround Me (feat. Emily Tedrow)
05. The Pursuit (feat. Emily Tedrow)
06. Worthy of Worship (feat. Angela Pinkston)
07. Infinitely (feat. Emily Tedrow)
08. Let Your Kingdom Come (feat. Peter Spencer)
09. Lift Up Your Heads (feat. Phil Ward)



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