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Luke Dowler - Compared to You 2010 English Christian Album

Luke Dowler - Compared to You 2011 English Christian AlbumLuke Dowler - Compared to You 2011 English Christian Album
Compared to You is the latest American Christian Contemporary worship album released by American Christian Worship singer, Luke Dowler. This album was released on January 05, 2010 and released under the label Dream/Universal Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Compared to You

Artist :: Luke Dowler

Release Date :: January 05, 2010

Genre :: Praise & Worship, Contemporary

Label ::
Dream/Universal Records

Location ::

Luke Dowler - Compared to You 2011 biography and historyLuke Dowler - Compared to You 2011 biography and history
History ::
With Luke Dowler what you see is what you get, and what you get, is presence. At 6 foot 6 inches tall, it is hard to fit Luke into any pre-made mold of artistry. Known as an engaging performer and versatile songwriter Luke brings a unique combination of soulful authenticity fused with memorable pop hooks.

From living on the pacific coasts of japan and monterrey CA, to the hustle of Washington DC and midwest cities like St Louis to the open skies of Montana; growing up the son of a marine, brought many transitions and many opportunities for Luke. With so many influences and inspiration to draw from, you can almost hear the sweeping sounds of the Pacific in his lyrics and the honest, wide expanse of the Rocky Mountains in his melodies.

As a songwriter Luke continues to push forward into new territories from where he started. From a front man for a ska-punk band, moving to fronting a 4-piece indie rock band, touring internationally, sharing the stage with nationally known bands and playing for crowds of up to 8,000. But where songwriting and styles have evolved, in his music there remains a combination of honesty and a wide open feel that ties his music together. Most recently he has also emerged as a strong solo artist bringing an inventive perspective to his soulful acoustic set using multi layered rhythms and melodies. Even with one guitar the songs feel huge and carry you along.

No matter the venue or the type of crowd; solo or with a band, audiences connect with Luke’s music. To listen to Luke Dowler’s music, find information on upcoming tours or watch one of his videos go to

Luke Dowler - Compared to You 2011 Tracklisting and lyricsLuke Dowler - Compared to You 2011 Tracklisting and lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Intro
02. Compared To You
03. Hope of the Nations
04. Psalm 130
05. Better Than
06. Never Changes
07. Middle of July
08. Show Yourself
09. Worth It All
10. Least of Perfect
11. Worldwide



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