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Kutless - Believer 2012 English Christian Rock Album

Kutless - Believer 2012 English Christian Rock AlbumKutless - Believer 2012 English Christian Rock Album
Believer is the latest american christian Pop/Rock album released by Oregon Rock band Kutless. This album was released on February 28, 2012 and released under the label BEC Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: Believer

Artist :: Kutless

Release Date :: February 28, 2012

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: BEC Records

Location :: Portland, Oregon, USA

Kutless - Believer 2012 biography and history from the official websiteKutless - Believer 2012 biography and history from the official website
Kutless is a Christian rock band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1999. Since their formation, they have released six studio albums including their latest, Believer. The band has also released a live album, Live from Portland. Currently, they have sold almost 2 million records.

Formed in Portland, Oregon as a Campus Worship band named Call Box. They performed during the 1999-2000 school year at Warner Pacific. Their first guitarist, Andrew Morrison, decided to leave the band shortly before they signed with BEC records. James Mead replaced Andrew at lead guitar. The Band changed their name to "Kutless" in October 2001 before releasing their first three track EP followed up by their full-length album in 2002 on BEC Recordings. Kutless chose their name because of a specific Bible verse. Romans 6:23 says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (NRSV). Because of this, the band says, "He took our cuts for us... leaving us 'Kutless'. Their first single was called "Your Touch." Their second single from their debut album, "Run," would go on to hold the record for the longest charting song in the history of the R&R Top 40 charts.

Kutless got their big debut between February and April 2003 when they opened up for Audio Adrenaline and MercyMe, two famous Christian bands at that time.In 2004, after releasing and selling over 250,000 copies of their second full-length album, Sea of Faces, Kutless would go on their first headlining tour, X 2004. That same year, Kutless was slated to perform at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece, but could not make it due to the airline canceling their flight. In 2005, Kutless played a Katrina Benefit Relief Concert in their hometown of Portland Oregon. They also released their first worship album, "Strong Tower." After recording but before release of "Strong Tower," bassist Kyle Zeigler and drummer Kyle Mitchell left the band to form VERBATIM Records, a nationally distributed record label based in the Portland, Oregon area. They were replaced with bassist Dave Luetkenhoelter and drummer Jeffrey Gilbert, who both came from the recently broken-up Christian rock band Seven Places. Kutless also went on the Strong Tower tour that year. Later in 2005, Kutless began recording their fourth full-length album. The album, "Hearts of the Innocent," was released on March 21, 2006. The band followed up with a tour, also featuring Stellar Kart, Disciple, and Falling Up.

On the March 28, 2006, an episode of NBC's Scrubs, "My Bright Idea," incorporated a significant portion of the song "All of the Words" from Sea of Faces during the final scene. The episode hit an eleven week ratings high, and was among the first Scrubs episodes that could be downloaded on iTunes. Laura Hutfless from the William Morris Agency said, "Placing the Kutless song, 'All the Words', on Scrubs was truly a team effort. We at William Morris were all very pleased with the way the song was incorporated into the television show and are thrilled that millions of Americans have now been exposed to this incredible band. I'm confident that this is only the beginning for Kutless as they continue to give their audience captivating and inspirational music and win new fans everyday." Kutless’s video "Shut Me Out" has been placed on an exclusive Microsoft/Wal-Mart DVD give-a-way. Consumers who purchase the new Xbox game "The Apprentice," featuring Donald Trump, will receive a copy of Kutless's new video. This is estimated to be in the hands of 350,000 gamers. Plus, Target Stores announced that the "Shut Me Out" video will play nationwide in all stores on Target TV (Red Channel) beginning in May (from Big Machine Media). Suzuki Motor Corporation announced that it will be the sole sponsor of the band's Hearts of the Innocent tour.

Kutless - Believer 2012 band members this year band managementKutless - Believer 2012 band members this year band management
Band Members ::
  • Jon Micah Sumrall - Vocals
  • James Mead - Guitar
  • Jeffrey Gilbert - Drums
  • Dave Luetkenhoelter - Bass
  • Nick Departee - Guitar

Kutless - Believer 2012 Tracklisting and Christian music lyricsKutless - Believer 2012 Tracklisting and Christian music lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. If It Ends Today
02. Carry On
03. All Yours
04. Even If
05. Hero
06. Identity
07. Need
08. Come Back Home
09. This Is Love
10. Gravity
11. I'm With You
12. Believer
13. Carry Me To The Cross

Kutless - What faith can do hd video from youtube



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The choosen One - Jesus Christ

The choosen One - Jesus Christ (a short article)The choosen One - Jesus Christ (a short article)
Welcome to the new season of Lent. As everyone knows that lent season is an temptation period for all of us. Be spiritual, be holy, be confident in lord Jesus Christ and he'll help in all the aspects to place in the kingdom of his own.

The passion Jesus showed in the garden is something Christians should never forget because it reminds us of How much He loves us. This write up just tells us a little about how it was put in Heb 5:7-9, and with a couple of John Wesley's side of it. Here's how a view to it.

It wasn't easy for him not because of the shame, the pain or the hatred shown to Him but the fact that He was to carry the sin of the whole world, and being separated from a holy God who was a God of Justice and could not behold sin, not even while His son was carrying the sin of the world.So just know definitely that if Jesus could it carry the sin of the world-your sin inclusive on His spotless soul, then there is nothing He would not be willing to do for you. Thank you Jesus.If you, then evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more your heavenly father would give to you..........Matt 7:11, Luke 11:13.

I will learn to trust Him with all my heart and live a Holy life, no matter what i might have done,He has paid the price for me, I can feel His passion, love and suffering for me, and I want to carry that burden too, so i can feel how much he aches for me to know him,to feel his love for me, drink it, He's calling to me(Rev 3:20), like a groom that is calling to His bride despite the fact she has done wrong and has been found guilty for acts of infidelity but is still looking for a way to reconcile her back to Himself like as if nothing ever happened.

Remember that Christ Loves us so much and wants to make you His immaculate bride. God bless you.

Alone with God - A short Bible Study

Alone with God - A short Bible StudyAlone with God - A short Bible Study
Hi Everyone, Today i want to share a story as a part of bible study. I recently read this article which is actually a letter from the LORD to mankind and it blessed me so much, I believe as you read this piece you will know more about God’s love to us. I believe that God desires more from us as His children, to live in Righteousness and Holiness, I believe that as you read through, you would be blessed mightily. One last thing could you please hold a bible close to you, so that you can read the passages listed below.

sharing bible study classes. hold the bible along with you in bible studysharing bible study classes. hold the bible along with you in bible study
Here goes-

My Child, you don’t have to be clever to please Me. All you have to do is love Me. Just speak to Me as you would to anyone with whom you are very familiar.

Are there people you want to pray for? Mention their names to Me, and ask of Me as much as you like. I am generous and I know all their needs. All I want, is to show My love to them and trust Me to do what I know is best.

Tell Me about the needy, the sick and the sinners and if you have lost the friendship or affection of anyone, tell Me about that too. Is there anything you want for your soul? If you like you can write out a long list of all your needs and read it to Me. Tell Me about your pride, faults, self-centeredness, Meanness and laziness. Don’t be ashamed there are many saints in heaven that had the same fault as you, they prayed to Me and little by little, their faults were corrected.

Don’t hesitate to ask Me for blessing for your spirit, soul and body: ask for health, wisdom, success and understanding. I can give everything needed to make your soul holier.

alone with God - a short story in a bible studyalone with God - a short story in a bible study
What is it that you want today? Tell Me, for I long to do good to you- Jer. 29:11. What are your plans? Tell Me about them. Is there anyone who maltreated you and failed to do the things expected of them? Tell it all to Me; for I care and want to do all that will benefit you. Don’t you want to do a little good to the souls of your friend who perhaps have forgotten Me or know nothing about Me. Tell Me about your failure and I will show you the cause of them. What are your worries and things you’re anxious about?

Who has caused you pains? Tell me about it add that you will forgive and forget and I will bless you.

Are you afraid of anything? Are you tormented by unbearable fears? Trust yourself to me. I am there, I see everything I will not leave you no matter what.

Have you no joy, tell me about it? Why don’t you share your happiness and success with Me? Tell Me what happened yesterday to cheer and comfort you. Whatever it was; big or small, I want to hear it.

Are you determined to remind your neighbor about My second coming? To take home all that love me for a reward. Well, go along now with your work; be more quiet, more humble and more submissive; and come back soon with a more devoted heart and I shall have more blessing for you.

Remember, all that I have told you My child, do not also forget that I hate sin, but I do not hate the sinner that is why sent My Son to die for you, that through Him you might have eternal life.

Don’t forget that the last days are here and My second coming is at hand so prepare yourself for it, because I want you to be in My kingdom. Remember My word says “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom” Luke 12:32. I desire to bless you, so speak to Me more.

Bible Passages:1 John 4:10, 1:8-9, Isa. 41:10-13, 1 Thess. 14:11, Rom 8:32, Matt 6:12, Luke 12:22-48

Now that you have this understanding, surrender yourself to God's hand. Be Born Again that you may be accepted to Him.

Pray this prayer:Lord Jesus I come to you today, come into my heart and into my life. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour, Amen.

I hope this post has blessed you tremendously, thank you for reading it, Hope you enjoyed it too, May God Himself keep you in His love and will and may His presence follow you always.Remain Blessed.

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Scott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 English Christian Album

Scott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 English Christian AlbumScott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 English Christian Album
Fight For Love is the latest American Christian English Adult Contemporary album released by American Christian Gospel Singer, song writer, artist Scott Krippayne. This album was released on February 21, 2012 and released under the label Pirk Music.

Album Details ::

Album :: Fight For Love

Artist :: Scott Krippayne

Release Date :: February 21, 2012

Genre :: Adult Contemporary

Label :: Pirk Music

Hometown :: Seattle,Washington, USA

Scott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 biography and historyScott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 biography and history
History ::
Scott Krippayne (the stage name is different from his legal name (Krippaehne) in spelling, and the complexity of the name was referred in a song of his) (born July 23, 1971 in Seattle, Washington) is a Christian music artist, singer and songwriter. He has released ten albums between 1992 and 2008. Krippayne is better known for his contributions towards other contemporary Christian artists. Over 150 of his songs have been recorded by other Christian artists including Point of Grace, John Tesh, Avalon, Jaci Velasquez, FFH, True Vibe and Sandi Patty.

In 2007, he wrote This Is My Now with his pastor Jeff Peabody which was chosen as the coronation song for the final of American Idol Season Six sung by the Top 2 Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis. Krippayne has also authored two books; Hugs for Teens and More Than A Story. More Than A Story is a daily devotional.

Scott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 Tracklisting and LyricsScott Krippayne - Fight For Love 2012 Tracklisting and Lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Heartbeat Drop
02. What If
03. Beautiful Escape
04. Sun Just Shine
05. We're All Broken
06. Beautiful To Me
07. Too Much For This Heart
08. Voyage
09. Why Do We Do
10. When You Cry
11. Something Good
12. Fight For Love
13. What Faith Can Do (Acoustic)
14. J.J.'s (Bonus)

Scott Krippayne why do we do original video



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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD Release

The Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD ReleaseThe Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD Release
The Mighty Macs is one of the best Christian Drama Movie released by Sony Pictures On October 17, 2009 (Heartland), October 21, 2011(USA). Carla Gugino takes the lead role of Cathy Rush, a Hall of Fame Women's Basketball Coach. This Inspiring True Story Directed by Tim Chambers presented by Sony Pictures group released its latest DVD version on February 21, 2012.

Album Details ::
Movie :: The Mighty Macs DVD
Artist :: Carla Gugino, David Boreanaz, Ellen Burstyn etc..
Release Date :: February 21, 2012
Genre :: Drama
Director :: Tim Chambers
Producer :: Tim Chambers
Music :: William Ross

Distribution :: Free Style Releasing(Theatrical), Sony Pictures Entertainment (DVD)
Budget :: $7million
Box Office :: $1,890,437

The Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD HQ screenshotsThe Mighty Macs 2012 English Christian Movie DVD HQ screenshots
Storyline ::
It's 1971. Cathy Rush is a woman ahead of her time, and she's about to embark on an adventure for the ages. A new era is dawning in the country and in collegiate athletics, where a national champion will be crowned for the first time in women's basketball. In the lead up to this historical season, major universities are preparing their game plans to win that first title. Meanwhile a tiny all-women's Catholic college in Philadelphia has a more modest goal: find a coach before the season begins. Providentially, Cathy Rush is about to find Immaculata College. Recently married, Cathy is dealing with the aftermath of a truncated playing career. While cultural norms would have her staying at home, she's willing to do the hard work necessary to help her new team reach their goals-or perhaps she's just trying to achieve her unfulfilled dreams through them. From the beginning...

The Mighty Macs 2012 DVD movie UHQ wallpaper releaseThe Mighty Macs 2012 DVD movie UHQ wallpaper release
Casting ::

Carla Gugino .......... Cathy Rush
David Boreanaz ...... Ed Rush
Marley Shelton ...... Sister Sunday
Ellen Burstyn ......... Mother St. John
Lauren Bittner ....... Mary Margaret O'Malley
Margaret Anne Florence ... Rosemary Keenan
Jennifer Butler ........ Nun (as Jennifer Wiener)
Phyllis Somerville ... Sister Sister
Jesse Draper ........... Mrs. Ballard
Christopher Mann .. Julius Moore
Ward Horton ........... Frankie Sharkey
Kate Nowlin ............. Colleen McCann
Malachy McCourt ... Monsignor
Katie Hayek ............. Trish Sharkey
Kim Blair .................. Lizanne Caufield

The Mighty Macs Trailer review

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Json - Growing Pains 2012 English Christian Rap Album

Json - Growing Pains 2012 English Christian Rap AlbumJson - Growing Pains 2012 English Christian Rap Album
Growing Pains is the latest American Christian Rap album released by American Christian Rap singer, Song writer, Json. This album was released on February 21, 2012 and released under the label Lamp Mode Recordings.

Album Details ::

Album :: Growing Pains

Artist :: Json

Release Date :: February 21, 2012

Genre :: Rap

Label :: Lamp Mode Recordings

Hometown :: St. Louis, MO, USA

Json - Growing Pains 2012 Biography and HistoryJson - Growing Pains 2012 Biography and History
Biography ::
Jason Json’ Watson was born and raised on the northside of St. Louis, MO. One of the most impacting events in his young life was the loss of his father which left his mother to raise him alone. Though Json’s mother loved him deeply her addiction to drugs affected their relationship and led Json to look for guidance in the streets. Throughout his adolescence and teenage years Json was exposed to the drugs and violence that are so common to many urban areas. He also indulged in and abused a lot of these drugs including, heroin, marijuana, and alcohol. At 15 Jason experienced the loss of his best friend Gaylon, and the pain of this event sent his life into a downward spiral. By the age of 16 Jason had been kicked out of school, served jail time, and become a member of a local gang. Being fully immersed in this lifestyle he couldn’t imagine life no other way. At 18 Jason caught a drug case that left him incarcerated for several months and this is when God began to deal with his heart.

Once Jason was released he did not immediately relinquish his old activities, but he understood that God was real and knew there was more in life than what he had been used to. Jason continued to experience everything that comes with a life that isn’t completely surrendered to Christ. At 19 he met LaWanda Childress. Through this relationship Jason would hear God’s call and then answer it. Neither Jason nor LaWanda knew at the time that this was God’s providence because later they would both surrender their lives to Christ and join in Holy Matrimony.

Json has been saved for 5 years now. He now uses his many talents and gifts to exhaust himself in the things of God. Along with being a husband, father, minister, & teacher Json is also a Gospel Rapper. In being a gospel rapper Json uses the art form of rap set to a beat to relay the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This gift of rap has been a lifelong passion of Jason’s. And just as he put all of himself in everything he did in the world Json does that now also. And whether that’s teaching, preaching, evangelizing or rapping it’s all done to the Glory of God.

Json - Growing Pains 2012 Tracklisting and LyricsJson - Growing Pains 2012 Tracklisting and Lyrics
Tracklisting ::

01. Growing Pains Intro
02. Making Me Over feat. AD3 & Tedashii
03. 2 Human feat. Lecrae
04. GP (Interlude1)
05. Held It Down feat. Butta-P & Ron Kenoly Jr.
06. It’s Alright feat. Mikes Chair
07. I The Beast
08. Brand New feat. God’s Servant & Steve-T
09. GP (Interlude2)
10. My Joy feat. Jai
11. Behind The Clouds feat. Christ Lee
12. We Not Folding feat. Trubble & Blacknight
13. Statistics (Interlude)
14. Secrets feat. J.R.
15. Credits Roll feat. Benjah
16. GP (Interlude3)
17. Goodbye

Watch Json video preview from the album Growing Pains

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