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The Beautiful Refrain - Redemption Daylight 2012 English Christian Album MP3

The Beautiful Refrain_-_Redemption Daylight 2012 English Christian Album MP3Redemption Day Light is the latest American Christian Rock Album released by Christian Rock band from Horrisonburg, The Beautiful Refrain. This album was released on March 20, 2012 and released under the label Mosaic Artistry Group.

Album Details ::

Album :: Redemption Day Light

Artist :: The Beautiful Refrain

Release Date :: March 20, 2012

Genre :: Rock

Label :: Mosaic Artistry Group

Location :: Horrisonburg, VA, USA

The Beautiful Refrain - Redemption Day Light 2012 Biography and HistoryBiography ::
The Beautiful Refrain started their career in a most unusual way – three guys united with a passion for music and church planting. In the cozy Virginia town of Harrisonburg, Cameron Gwaltney, Chad Altenberger and Gabe Steelman met while attending both James Madison University and Aletheia Church. Cameron became the worship leader at this growing church, and has been writing worship music with Gabe... and Chad specifically for their church body.

“We came up with the name The Beautiful Refrain because our desire is for our lives to be lived in such a way that Jesus would be glorified in everything we do,” explains Cameron. “Whether it relates to us collectively as a band, or individually in our work or with families and friends; we want our lives to be this constant chorus (or refrain) of praise to the Lord. We want the way we live to be pleasing to Jesus. So that's where the name came from, from our hope that this music would be a beautiful refrain to the Lord.”

Now, the trio has taken their creative energies and began writing music for a wider audience under the name, The Beautiful Refrain. With the release of their debut EP Redemption:Daylight on March 17, 2012, the band is preparing to share their songs about faith, doubt, and new life.

“We write, record and perform rock music because we know that it is an avenue by which Jesus can receive glory in our lives. We hope that our music will be used to speak into the lives of people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, while also being an encouragement
to those who do. We are broken, unworthy sinners who acknowledge that we are nothing apart from Jesus and that He alone is worthy of our everything. Our music is simply another way that we can express this truth that we so strongly believe in.”

The Beautiful Refrain was discovered by Mosaic Artistry Group after producer Blake Easter saw the group perform at Band with a Mission. “We instantly wanted to work with The Beautiful Refrain after experiencing their extraordinary songwriting abilities and natural stage presence,” explains TJ Rogers. “At Mosaic, we strive to create environments for artists to stay true to their craft, while seeking to reach a broader audience in both the Christian and general markets. The Beautiful Refrain have an amazing ministry focus yet are focused on bringing hope to all through their music. We think they are a perfect fit for the Mosaic family.”
Redemption:Daylight was recorded at the Rhythm House Productions in Franklin TN and was produced by Blake Easter and Nathan Watkins; mixed by Tony Palacios. The first single – Page One – will be released 2/3/2012 and promoted through Shamrock Media Group.

The Beautiful Refrain Band MembersBand Members ::
  • Cameron Gwaltney
  • Chad Altenberger
  • Gabe Steelman

The Beautiful Refrain_-_Redemption Daylight 2012 Tracklisting and LyricsTracklisting ::

01. Page One
02. Run Away
03. Tiger Face!
04. Lowly Sound
05. You Said

The Beautiful Refrain - PAGE ONE lyric video



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