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Cory Lamb - Safe In Your Arms EP 2012 English Christian Album MP3

Cory Lamb - Safe In Your Arms EP 2012 English Christian Album MP3Safe In Your Arms EP (Extended Play) is the latest American Pop Rock Album released by American Christian 25 Year old artist Cory Lamb. This album was released on March 20, 2012 and released under the label Black Sheep Entertainment.

Album Details ::

Album :: Safe In Your Arms EP

Artist :: Cory Lamb

Release Date :: March 20, 2012

Genre :: Pop, Rock

Label :: Black Sheep Entertainment

Location :: AR, USA

Cory Lamb - Safe In Your Arms EP 2012 Biography and historyBiography ::
Intoxicating lyrics with a powerful beat is what you think of when you hear Cory Lamb’s music. The music is contemporary rock with a production sophistication rarely found from today’s emerging artists.

Cory is not only a lead singer but a songwriter. Cory’s music is personal and relatable, telling life stories that brings back memories for virtually anyone who listens: there is a reason for that – many of the songs are about his own life, for that matter everyone’s life. “Tell Me That It’s Over” which Cory co-wrote talks about a relationship he was in but wasn’t sure where he stood with his girlfriend, and “Kate” another song he co-wrote, is a song about the perfect girl.

Growing up in a tight knit family in Arkansas helped form the basis for his music and sound. Cory can’t remember when he wasn’t singing and has always known that he wanted to be a musician. Like most musicians and singers, Cory performed for his family in their home until he joined a band at age 16. He was the lead singer of a band named “About Last Night,” and co-writer for some of their songs.

After high school graduation, Cory moved to LA to work with John Guess, a music engineer with years of experience and Grammys under his belt for his work with the Dixie Chicks. John has also worked with Rod Stewart, Donna Summer, Reba McEntire and many others. Cory applied for a studio internship with John, but instead of an internship, Guess sign on to produce Cory’s album. Cory was on the fast track to his dream.

After his first album, of which many songs were written without his input, he decided to put a band together thus beginning the development of his own sound. Cory’s Musical Director and Guitarist Alex Knoll and Co-Guitarist Tak Tanaka created the foot for the band that would later include Devin Lebsack (Drums) and Dylan Wilson (Bass). After meeting Andy Duncan, Cory knew Andy should produce the album and the production team was established. The songs are as complex as they are amazingly entertaining. The chemistry between Cory and the band is remarkable, both on-stage and in the music. Two years of working in LA and fine-tuning his music, playing local clubs in Southern California and opening for Ryan Cabrera, Cory has decided to base his music in Arkansas. Cory explains that some of his best songs were written based on his experiences in Arkansas and he wants to stay connected to the community. After being on the road for so long it feels good to “come home.”

Cory’s musical style has been established and his musical team is in place. In combination with Alex Knoll and Devin Lebsack, the band delivers a high impact sound and incredible energy required by Cory for his stage performance. Cory’s work ethic is evident in all aspects of his music and he works to perform his best show every time he steps on stage.

Cory Lamb - Safe In Your Arms EP 2012 tracks and lyricsTracklisting ::

01. Safe in Your Arms
02. Rescue
03. Won't Let Go
04. It's a Good Day

Cory Lamb - Safe In Your Arms (Track by Track)



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