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Swoope - Wake Up 2012 English Christian Rap Album Mp3

Swoope - Wake Up 2012 English Christian Rap Album Mp3Wake Up is the latest American Christian Hip Hop Rap album released by American Christian Hip Hop Rap artist from Ohio, Swoope. This album was released on March 20, 2012 and released under the label Collision Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Wake Up

Artist :: Swoope

Release Date :: March 20, 2012

Genre :: Hip Hop, Rap

Label :: Collision Records

Location :: Akron, OH, USA

Swoope - Wake Up 2012 biography and historyBiography ::
Born and raised Akron, Ohio artist Swoope is no stranger to music. Few artists have emerged on the underground scene with the originality and freshness of the multi-talented artist Swoope. As a cognitive lyricist with polarizing creativity that shapes his rhythmic flow, he truly crosses cultural and musical boundaries. His insight into various forms of music while staying true to hip hop, cultivates a unique sound. This unique sound provides a fresh and appealing backdrop for the source of his music—Jesus Christ. The Zoo, his first independent project was unlike anything you've ever heard, multi-layered with its infusion of witty words, eclectic expression, and personal passion. This debut was not your average run-of-the-mill Gospel music—The Zoo was an authentication of Swoope's endless talent and substance. This newcomer is already receiving notable recognition for his creative ability and has yet to reach his peak as an artist. Collision is excited about Swoope as an artist but more importantly as an ambassador for the Lord. Here at Collision it is definitely more than a label, it's a lifestyle, where quality music and life meet for lasting change.

Swoope - Wake Up 2012 Tracklisting and LyricsTracklisting ::

01. Ideality Prelude
02. Ideality
03. Fantasy
04. Schizo / Hollow Dreams Interlude (feat. Tedashii)
05. Blind Eyes [The Good American] (feat. Christon Gray)
06. Mirage (feat. Bleecker)
07. Dreamslave / Murder Me Prelude (feat. Christon Gray, Eshon Burgundy)
08. Murder Me / Eulogy Interlude
09. Faith Walk (feat. Nicole Serrano)
10. Time / Lullaby Prelude
11. Lullaby
12. No Impostors (feat. G. Skinn, Malachi)
13. Aesthetic / Beautiful Rise Prelude (feat. Christon Gray)
14. The Beautiful Rise (feat. Sho Baraka)
15. WLAK (feat. Alex Faith, Christon Gray, Sho Baraka) Wlak (feat. Alex Faith, Christon Gray, Sho Baraka)

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