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Haste The Day - Best of the Best 2012 English Christian Hardrock Album

Haste The Day - Best of the Best 2012 English Christian Hardrock AlbumBest of the Best is the latest Christian Metal Hardcore album released by American Christian Metal Hardrock band, a native from Indianapolis five-piece Metal band, Haste The Day. This album was released on April 24, 2012 and released under the label Solid State Records.

Album Details ::

Album :: Best of the Best

Artist :: Haste The Day

Release Date :: April 24, 2012

Genre :: Metal, Hardcore

Label :: Solid State Records

Location :: Indianapolis, IN, USA

Haste The Day - Best of the Best 2012 The Hard rock band biography and historyBiography ::
Haste the Day was an American Christian metalcore band signed to Solid State Records that was formed at Carmel, Indiana 2001. This band is named after a lyric in the hymn "It Is Well With My Soul." Haste The Day released their debut release, an extended play titled That They May Know You, in 2002, followed by five studio albums: Burning Bridges (2004), When Everything Falls (2005), Pressure the Hinges (2007), Dreamer (2008), and Attack of the Wolf King (2010). The group disbanded in March 2011.

The band released their live CD and DVD album titled "Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day", on September 13, 2011. That album features the original band members and the final line-up of the band performing at their show in Bloomington, Indiana on June 29, 2010.

Haste The Day - Best of the Best 2012 band membersBand Members ::
Final line-up ::

* Stephen Keech – lead vocals (2006–2011)
* Mike Murphy – bass, vocals (2001–2011)
* Dave Krysl – guitar (2008–2011)
* Giuseppe Capolupo – drums, percussion (2009–2011)
* Scotty Whelan – guitar, backing vocals (2009–2011)

Former members ::

* Jimmy Ryan – lead vocals (2001–2005)
* Jason Barnes – lead guitar (2001–2008)
* Devin Chaulk – drums, percussion, vocals (2001–2008)
* Brennan Chaulk – guitar, vocals (2001–2009)

Haste The Day - Best of the Best 2012 live performance tracks and lyricsTracklisting ::

01. Blue 42
02. American Love
03. Fallen
04. Walk On
05. When Everything Falls
06. Pressure The Hinges
07. Stitches
08. Chorus Of Angels
09. 68
10. Mad Man
11. Autumn
12. Dog Like Vultures
13. Travesty

Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day Trailer


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